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Show me the Money $$$

Day 2,846, 19:28 Published in Australia Peru by Bank of Rusty D


Hello eAustralia,

Some of you might know, some of you might not know. But the Bank of Rusty D is ran by one of Australia's citizens Rusty D. I have used this Org for almost a year now, to generate money in the MM, which is inturned used for CO's via my MU Cowboys From Hell, used to help boost production in my factories which enables Q7's to be provided at lower then market rates to groups like the ADF, also producing food to be used in government food drops and used for AS funds.

Now enough hub-bub, and let us get down to the nitty gritty....

As you might of seen in previous articles, there was a discussion about high wages and the effects it has on work tax. Basically:

High Wage = More Avg Work Tax for the country
Positive = More money for the country
Negative = More tax for small business, which makes it harder for them on an avg wage.

Low Wage = Lower Avg Work Tax for the country
Positive = Better for the small business owners, the whole countries work tax is not increased.
Negative = Less work tax income for the country.

With this in mind, and with an idea on trying to compete with the international job market (currently paying the low 70's cc/day). I have decided on trying to find a middle ground.

I will be putting jobs on the Australian Job market (for Australian Citizens only). These jobs will have a daily advertised wage of 40cc/day. This is a low wage, but will help keep the Work Tax avg in a reasonable area. However to make up for the loss compared to the open job market, I will individually transfer the difference to the employer. That will push your daily wage up to 70cc/day.

uggghhh???? you lost me....

Rusty D job in the job market = 40cc/day
You work 1 time, company pay = 40cc/day + a transfer payment of 30cc/day = 70cc/day

Potential earnings = x15 o/t

40cc/day x 15 = 600cc/day Job market pay
30cc/day x 15 = 450cc/day Rusty D loves Australia bonus payment

Total potential earnings = 1050cc/day

So what are you waiting for eAustralia... it is time for you to roll in the cash. Time to help work for an Australian company providing for Australia.

Rusty D
Loyal citizen of eAust.
Commander in Chief Cowboys from Hell

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Guagature Day 2,846, 19:39

Show me the government money that HT8 stole in conjunction with J Seemore

Rusty D
Rusty D Day 2,846, 19:49

Well 1050 a day at max earn.... work 666 days and you will earn 700k.

mmmm 666 days = the missing money, now that seems suss.

But all honesty it would be good for young Australians, so if you happen to know someone in touch with them, someone working in the JDS or something 😉 😉

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 2,847, 00:30

Show it to me too, it would be pretty impressive if I actually had it considering I never had the org email & password 😃

Guagature Day 2,848, 01:10

Not according to your brother-in-arms 😛

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 2,848, 05:25

What brother? He was MoF and had the details, I was never given them, if I had them I would have moved 500k in my 1st term .....

Rusty D
Rusty D Day 2,847, 02:47

Your point? The current jobs being advertised as I wrote the article was paying (at most after tax) 74.88cc/day.

Last time I was offering high wages here in Australia, people complained that effects the work tax too much. So I picked a nice round number to make easier for my 'uneducated math' brain.

J Seemore
J Seemore Day 2,856, 15:35
That is my point! If you want workers you have to set the highest salary.

If you want to make commune working then your offer should be more attractive than the highest salary on the market.
Images are broken, but basically 10 Q7 wps daily while working on minimal wage:

Emerodh Day 2,847, 01:32

That's even more profitable : the 30 cc that completes the salaries won't be taxed o7

Rusty D
Rusty D Day 2,847, 02:47

Just trying to help the youth of eAustralia

Emerodh Day 2,847, 03:04

Rusty D 4 Dictator ! 😛

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