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Short letter to my Greek brothers!

Day 2,250, 13:50 Published in Greece Serbia by Kheshig
EDIT: fyromian crybabies will be ignored.

Hello brothers, I'll make this short. 🙂

First of all, Serbian gov is NOT negotiating with Bulgaria or FYROM (why the hell would we do that?).

I was really happy when Serbia and Greece formed an alliance. It was an honour to be Greek citizen and fight alongside you. And I'd like to be able to continue fighting on the same side. I hope that Serbia and Greece will still be brothers,friends and allies. That is my only wish, to make world tremble before our feet!

Hail Serbia!
Hail Greece!
Hail brotherhood!


Credits for picture goes to Dio Maximus.


Nerazuman Lavirint
Nerazuman Lavirint Day 2,250, 13:50


poletarec Day 2,250, 16:41

AAAANNNNNDDDD the first place took...................SERVIAAAAA!!!

Asslicker of the year

Kheshig Day 2,250, 17:32

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk fyromian of the year 😃
Alexander III of Macedon who build numerous monuments to Zeus - fyromian leader of all time :'D
Vardarska ❤

PRC PRC PRC Day 2,250, 18:50


Ivan Gundulic

"Od Lesandra Srbljanina,
od sveg cara cara slavna,
Aleksandro to svidoči,
kralj veliki svega svita".

Spartan Total Warrior
Spartan Total Warrior Day 2,251, 03:33

Посети гроб Филипа у Вергини, свуда пише стари грчки. Дакле, шта више да ти кажем.. Ваша пропаганда неће проћи. Александрос, Филипос. Олимпија, сва су та грчка имена и не можете ви да објасните шта значе.. Јадни сте мозгови, Титове жртве.

Letva Day 2,250, 13:53

e ovo ja zovem dobra diplomatija. bravo torima o/

Kheshig Day 2,250, 13:51

Necu da se borim protiv Grka. Moram se potruditi da ostanu sa nama. o7

Goceski Day 2,250, 15:15

Comment deleted

Kheshig Day 2,250, 15:27

lizete vi nas,cujem dolazite po dva puta nedeljno i preklinjete da opet potpisemo mpp 😃 Ali ne vredi vardarac 😃

ONE Q Day 2,250, 15:57

Comment deleted

Kheshig Day 2,250, 17:07

potrudi se da ne budes neotesana seljacina,balvane jedan zatupasti

n e v e r C G
n e v e r C G Day 2,251, 04:21

With ability to choose your allies like this, no wonder you lost kosovo, montenegro and soon vojvodina. and when you lose egreece to epoland in the new alliances, you will be left all alone ><
Wake the fuck up and pull your head out of the gutter

poletarec Day 2,250, 17:16

Greece is NATO

Kosovo is Kosovo

Serbia is joke 😃

Kheshig Day 2,250, 17:30

Go build monument to Ataturk and Philip II, genius 😃

Theseus2013 Day 2,251, 09:37

Serbia isn't a joke, just a tragic victim of the treacherous banksters, the only ones who tried to keep Yugoslavia together when the Rothschilds & their puppets decided it was time to destroy the union. Since then every state that was part of Yugoslavia went from enjoying one of the most prosperous standards of living in Europe, & being respected, printing & controlling the issuance of their own currency, to a comparably poverty stricken group of states where Mr Rothschild controls the banks now as well as much of the real wealth. They managed to foment the division that ultimately stifled the voices of reason & instead gave voice to the warmongers & the seperatists. If there is a "joke" in the outcome of the tragic agression by the bankers' proxies it'd be FYROM (Vardarska), but their lot is far too sad to even be seen as a joke. All part of a plan that has profoundly harmed every nation in the Balkans. Many are too afraid or brainwashed by the media to care to look into the truth even still. To them I say ignorance is not bliss...

IncognitoX Day 2,251, 11:07

Fyrom is the balkan eurodisney!!!DEAL WITH IT PSEUDOMACEDONIAN

Theseus2013 Day 2,251, 19:24

Comment deleted

Theseus2013 Day 2,251, 19:28

fyrom the balkan eurodisney? *Only* in the minds of some very twisted & neurotic propaganda filled sick minds. No one in the world cares about the farcical imagery or statues or any other accompanying idiocy the puppet state of fyrom has spent in the hope of helping to lay the foundation for its history thieving indoctrination, as well as in the hopes of attracting tourists (epic fail with that)... The only ones who believe any of it matters are the pawns of this cruel hoax: the Vardarskan people themselves.

Erecting a few statues, naming an airport after an historical figure that has nothing to do with them, changing the school books to make students into extremists who are eager for war & hateful of ALL their neighbors (not just Greece), teaching them that that stealing the indisputable histories of their neighbors to claim as their own isn't merely ok, but their right.... changes NOTHING & only goes to show how stupid the banksters believe the people of FYROM are. That they'd gladly ignore their own problems & poverty & exchange control of their own destiny for one that has been chosen for them by the enemies of all mankind.

Marcus Nerva Traianus
Marcus Nerva Traianus Day 2,250, 13:53

Hail Serbia!
Hail Greece!
Hail brotherhood!


Nik7deputa Day 2,250, 13:53

Hope this is true..

poletarec Day 2,250, 16:43

Of course not

Macedonia is Macedonia !

Alexander The Great Macedonian King is Macedonian and never greek

Kheshig Day 2,250, 17:10

and you are not macedonian,you are a mixture of serbian and bulgarian tribes who inhabited former hellenic kingdom of macedonia 🙂

poletarec Day 2,250, 17:15

if you know what i mean...i have traveled in 5 continents with this passport...only fool believes in opposite....Probably you still believe that Kosovo is serbia?

Guess what ? 😛

Kosovo is Kosovo 😁)))))

Nik7deputa Day 2,250, 17:21

vardaska banovina

Kheshig Day 2,250, 17:28

tell me stories of "macedonian" history...exclude antic Macedonia,cuz you have nothing in common 🙂

Plaka Mekaneis
Plaka Mekaneis Day 2,252, 03:37

I hope you realize Alexander couldn't read none of the languages writen on that passport ; )

Bogi Day 2,250, 13:53

Hail Serbia!
Hail Greece!
Hail brotherhood!


Drawback Day 2,250, 13:55

Hail Greece!
Hail Serbia!

Cerberus Hellas
Cerberus Hellas Day 2,250, 13:56


mcmoox Day 2,250, 13:56


MCMOOX je bio ovde !!!!

elminjo Day 2,250, 13:56

Hail Greece!
Hail Serbia!

Kheshig Day 2,250, 13:57

Comment deleted

Marcus Nerva Traianus
Marcus Nerva Traianus Day 2,250, 14:10

Urban cohort best unit 😛

Kheshig Day 2,250, 14:11

Maybe if they have a chance to outflank the phalanx. But I try not to allow them that. 😛

Hyperiwn Day 2,250, 13:59

Hail Greece!
Hail Serbia!

machine9898 Day 2,250, 14:00

Hail Greece!
Hail Serbia!

Harfoot Reborn
Harfoot Reborn Day 2,250, 13:58

Idemo pravoslavna braco! facepalm

Unicorn Hellas
Unicorn Hellas Day 2,250, 14:00


costin1989 Day 2,250, 14:01


Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,250, 14:01


bibermk Day 2,250, 14:03

dosta pushite bre ! xD

Kheshig Day 2,250, 14:07

hi,mighty descendant of Alexander the Great,why do you speak Bulgarian?

Letva Day 2,250, 14:12

sisaj sargarepu biberu !

bibermk Day 2,250, 14:11

your sister teached me

Kheshig Day 2,250, 14:14

go steal some historical fact. Try Mongolian,they raped in middle ages. They are cool.

bibermk Day 2,250, 14:15

zosto ne pisuvas na hrvatski za da te razberat grcive a pusac ? xD

Kheshig Day 2,250, 14:16

Cuz croatian language does not exist,as well as "Macedonian nation". 🙂

bibermk Day 2,250, 14:33

hehe ama me razbiras neli ? xD si cical i makedonski osekam jas xD

Vojvoda Prijezda
Vojvoda Prijezda Day 2,250, 14:37

Makedonci su Srbi sa golemata govornata manata

Openote Day 2,252, 11:24

Srevus legius gi vikale Srbite do 1870AC, Vojvoda vie ne vikate Vojna, vikate rat i tvojto ime e makedonsko Voj Voda ili Boj Voda e na makedonski. Duri i imeto ne ti e srpsko. RIMSKI SLUGI koi stanaa narod 🙂 toa se Servusite=srbite. Slugi.

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