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Day 2,001, 14:18 Published in USA USA by LordRahl2

Americans: Yesterday while reading some media published overseas I stumbled on an unbelievable fact that may shock and amaze you.

In fact, if you have a weak heart read no further.

As you know there is always mud slinging in politics. Accusations and counter-accusations fly across smokey rooms of elitists. IRC logs can be rewritten, photos shopped, etc. Who is to say when something is true or false. Except of course when an accused party openly and publicly (in this case IN GAME) admits to something. What's more is that this person is bragging about this offense and using it for personal gain in an election in his home country.

Who is this you ask? None other than eSerbian presidential hopeful HANIBAL LA. I know this is as much of a shock for you as it was for me!

Oh, yes.

Lets see the evidence before we get ahead of ourselves.
First the Article:
Where he states:
"Тренутно сам један од координатора нашег ПТО тима у еСАД"
(But its in Serbian you say?) Never fear google is here:
"Currently I am one of the coordinators of our PTO team at eUSA"
(Here it is in latin characters: "Trenutno sаm jedаn od koordinаtorа nаšeg PTO timа u eSAD") Yes "SAD" translates to "USA".

That's right folks Hanibal LA just admitted, in writing, that a) there is a Serbian PTO team in the eUSA and he is one of its coordinators.

But why should you care. Hanibal LA has Serbian citizenship right. He recently did not. In fact he was the presidential candidate in the eUSA:

(Is that an AFA seal in the background? Why yes it is.)

We know that story. Hanibal lost. But do look at his %.

So why should we care today? Mr. Hanibal is back in Serbia and no longer a threat so all this is irrelevant. Wrong. A bit complex but bear with me. Not that complex actually but here you go:

The leader of the American Freedom Alliance is a gentleman by the name of Ronald Gipper Reagan (RGR) -

RGR has stated, what feels like a million times, that the AFA is NOT a political take over (PTO) party. But who actually clicked the button to run Hanibal LA in an attempt to take over the eUS? Well, the party president of the AFA did. And who was that?

Why it looks like RGR not only lied about what is going on in the AFA but actually took action to support a direct attack on the eUSA.

I have asked RGR for comment. His only reply:
"little do you know we will get the last laugh. 😉"

Ronald Reagan, the real one, must be rolling in his grave.

PTOs are nasty things. They destroy communities if successful and are far from pleasant even when they fail. eAustralia has horror stories of their PTO (those who are left).

So if this was tldr see below:

It is no longer debatable. Hanibal LA admits that the AFA IS a eSerbian PTO party. Ronald Gipper Reagan knows this and actively supports this attack on your Freedom.


LordRahl2 Day 2,001, 14:21

I am still Shocked.

ElvenCRO Day 2,001, 16:14

I recognise the origin of that translation :PPP

Vladimir M. Vasiljevic
Vladimir M. Vasiljevic Day 2,002, 08:59

A ovamo se pravis da ne znas cirilicu : D

Dillan Stone
Dillan Stone Day 2,002, 00:46

I'm shocked too. I heard there was gambling allowed in Las Vegas. I'm simply shocked! -- oh, and that RGR is a PTOer, that's new news too.

Viarizi Day 2,002, 01:05

Oh MY GOOOOD! I will have to leave AFA now, I cant speak Serbian!!!!

badez Day 2,002, 02:34

these serbs are trying to overcompensate in cyberspace for their country's real world military failures, I almost feel bad enough for them to give them Alaska, almost...

Colonel Landa
Colonel Landa Day 2,002, 08:35

OMG! What a shock!

KOSOVA Batoa Day 2,002, 12:00

Well there is nothing new here my friend 1.Hanibal is Servian and 2. RGR is a puppet of Hanibal LA.

eCentral Intelligence Agency
eCentral Intelligence Agency Day 2,002, 12:44

@BATOA,let me say something to you,1.hanibal is serbian in BIH.2RGR isn't a puppet of HANIBAL LA because i know him

LordRahl2 Day 2,002, 17:31

Oh? eCIA?

It sure seems clear that RGR is in fact a puppet of the PTO.

Just read the article.

Depak Chopra
Depak Chopra Day 2,002, 18:46

@LR2 1. you don't understand the language, so you can't be sure what it says (google translate sucks and the guy/s/girl/s that translated to you could be wrong)
2. he doesn't mention anywhere in the text that AFA is a serb PTO party he says only that there is a movement and that he was 1 of the cordinators
and last but not least
3. the eSerbian gov issued an article a couple of months back (I could have provided you with a link, but I'm too lazy : P) saying that they do not support the people in the eUS and called us back home...
Now that things are clear your article just looks like a bunch of whining that Hanibal left... T_T

LordRahl2 Day 2,003, 09:40

Darko Dulic you are a funny guy. I am absolutely positive what it says but nice try.

If it does not say what I say it does then what does it say?

I expect no reply to that.

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 2,003, 07:37


Othere Day 2,001, 14:24

Shocked indeed.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,001, 14:26

Shocking! Can't be! Must be spelling mistake : D

Viarizi Day 2,002, 01:07

I was able to light up my house for an entire hour using only my hands!!! Now thats shocking!!

MDejzi Day 2,001, 14:27

AFA IS a eSerbian PTO party
We albanians of afa told this 100 houndred times,we left afa for this reason,they want to completely destroy USA.
They are not interested in any other things,but we albanians will remain warriors of American Freddom until we kill the devil that is trying to take Americas soul.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,001, 14:30

kiss some more, it's tickling xD

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,001, 14:40

actually there are like 10 Serbs in all of AFA right now 😉

LordRahl2 Day 2,001, 14:55

Don't Worry Ajay. I will address the Shoe People and the AFA soon enough (maybe you should read Hanibal's article).

Number11 Day 2,001, 15:40

rgr its bullshit im rl Serbian and hanibal say thers 300+ serbians in AFA

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,001, 16:03

you are a traitor then... and it is 200 or so and they are in USWP

LordRahl2 Day 2,001, 16:07

RGR are you are now admitting to controlling 200 eSerbians attempting to PTO the USWP?

Number11 Day 2,001, 16:24

no im not im eborn in the USA in the past i was Serbian tank but i dont like pto noobs and im now loyal USA citizen.

Number11 Day 2,001, 16:29

i belive in victory on the battlefield ,pto is for chickens

D E A N M A R T I N Day 2,002, 09:23

We are not trying to PTO USWP, we were disappointed by RGR so we left AFA and joind USWP. More than oncce I said that nobody in USWP even tried to contact us and at least ask us why did we came to USWP. If Saunday and rest of the lidership continiune to ignore us we will transfer to some other party that will know how to use new members. I was a congress member when I transfered to USWP and I even asked Rainy Sunday more than once how to vote because even I was confused with some laws. We are here to stay... We are here to help...

LordRahl2 Day 2,003, 09:41


Stop lying.

Viarizi Day 2,002, 01:08

No, you left because you couldnt TO us!

Viarizi Day 2,002, 01:13

And btw


eCentral Intelligence Agency
eCentral Intelligence Agency Day 2,002, 06:30

only in your dreams

WhiteRiver Boy
WhiteRiver Boy Day 2,002, 07:31

Only noobs think this way nowadays..Check recently polls, even in Serbia, they don't believe in this shovinist idea anymore 😉 mate, read..

Emerick Day 2,002, 07:41

is Kosovo

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 2,002, 08:14

Sometimes educating one's self before spouting idiocies can keep one from proving they are what they spout... Don't bring RL here... You will lose again.

Winter Night
Winter Night Day 2,002, 08:33

Kosovo is Serbia! : p

theAbsynthius Day 2,002, 14:14

Like Servia is China 😃:D:D

MDejzi Day 2,001, 14:27


Viarizi Day 2,002, 01:32

Go back to Albania, you can help with the energy problem there!

chickensguys Day 2,001, 14:27

LordRahl2 your next article should be about Benghazi, Who pushed the video? Why was support refused? Was Clinton trying to help Egypt kidnap the ambassador out of Libya so they could get the release of the Blind Sheikh. Idk Rahl, the truth has no agenda.

LordRahl2 Day 2,001, 14:28

Hey CG

chickensguys Day 2,001, 14:30

Refusing the Questions. ahh

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 2,001, 18:18

Oh look, it's chickensguys.

Slayer85 Day 2,002, 05:54

Fringe propaganda))

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 2,001, 14:28

I was so shocked after reading this, I"m pretty sure I could power a small city for a few days, at the very least.

Who would have thought that the AFA was a PTO party? o.O

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,001, 16:20

Never would have guessed 😛

kavinaugh Day 2,002, 20:09

i mean they were so nice to us, with all the random NEs on allies when war is about to break out!

Obama.Putin Day 2,001, 14:31

just lol

no vote

LordRahl2 Day 2,001, 14:40

I know you are shocked Gregor, is the evidence confusing?

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,001, 16:20

He may just be speechless

Viarizi Day 2,002, 01:12


rronirroni Day 2,002, 03:50

you mean in game is because you have admin in RL is not 😃:D:D:D:D so .........

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