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SHINSENGUMI - Update for Janurary 2013

Day 1,873, 15:23 Published in Japan Japan by Auraborus


Greetings and Congratulations to my fellow warriors AND patriots!
Since my article last month, the Shinsengumi is back in the Top Five party's in eJapan. We have 4 congressmen in the eJapan Diet, and both our Military Unit and Political Party have shown growth. December was a good month for us.

As we head into the new year, 2013...
I look forward to increasing our efforts to rebuild the Shinsengumi back to a formidable power within eJapan. We have several members of our clan that have stepped up to take on leadership roles and help put their individual talants to work for the good of our beloved clan. It is my intention to make a strong, self sustaining MU/Party that will foster impressive growth and development of our members... from the new to the old seasoned warriors.

Our Distribution Plan has worked for a very long time... ever since our conception. As we move to the future, we will continue to rework, enhance, and try to make our distribution a system the best in the game. I think it already is, but we have a long way to go before it is perfected.

New Members are welcome to join us, from the brand new-born in eJapan, newly immigrated, to old friends that are looking for a positive change. We try to take care of our own, freely help each other with what other members need, and work to grow our members experience, rank, strength, and self sufficiency.

Any player that is willing to help increase our distribution plan by having your company participate in it, please PM me, AURABORUS and we can discuss different ways that you can help.

Once self sufficiency is established for weapons and food, other programs will begin to form. Programs targeted to different levels and types of play our members enjoy taking part in. There are several types of players in eJapan, and the SSG is in need of all types. The polititian, warrior, business owner, media mogul, graphic artist, and the average citizen soldiers that make up the core of our group. Each person's talants are needed, whether you can contribute a little, or a lot, lets all work together to make our beloved clan the best place to be in eJapan, and the New World.

We will always support and fight for the legitimate and recognized government of eJapan, and will fight tenaciously to defend her against corruption, overthrow, and domestic attacks that threaten it.

The Shinsengumi welcome's Akki, our newly elected president, and we offer our sincere support!

We look forward to working with the Minister of Defense, and we will fight according to the guidelines and orders that are given.

Those interested in joining the Shinsengumi need only apply.
Go to the Community TAB at the top of your screen.
From the drop down list, click on My Party or Military Unit.
Make sure to PM me, AURABORUS to let me know you've decided to join and add me as your friend!

Hail eJapan!
Hail SSG!
Ten Thousand Years!

President Commander
Shinsengumi Political Party & Military Unit


Five To Nine
Five To Nine Day 1,873, 15:34


ahava3233 Day 1,873, 15:35

新撰組万歳!日本万歳!I endorse this article. ^_^

Clawed Day 1,873, 15:48

Hail SSG!

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,873, 15:49

Good luck to you in new year 🙂

Squibeel Day 1,873, 16:17


ardishabutaro Day 1,873, 16:36


Anyway, as i can see, all people here like to see some boobs or some girls in article.
it would better if you add it to your article. i am sure many comment and many people will come xD

ahava3233 Day 1,873, 16:44


By your logic, I'll have to remind you that SSG is not made of sellouts. If we want that internally though, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. ;)

Oraizan Day 1,873, 17:00


B00oo Day 1,873, 19:29

Thanks Ardishabutaro (# 5) and Auraborus (#6) for keeping the fire alive!
Great MU and Party.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,873, 20:59


Darshu Day 1,874, 03:36

Very nice and organized. I still liked the Kenshin stories Ishin Shishi better. 😛

Twilight Blue
Twilight Blue Day 1,875, 11:09


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