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Shame on you Geezus

Day 1,842, 14:49 Published in Japan Brazil by bobbySAURON

Dear eJapan, it's with great sorrow that I bring you this news.

Two days ago, it has come to light a scheme Geezus tried to put in order, wanting to sell citizenships to foreign players, clearly not obeying our imigration law or any sort of law for that matter.

As you can read in here, Geezus has promised to sell citizenships for some serbian players.

The negotiations unfolded as follows:

I am Robert E.Lee 1861 ex Serbian MoFA and one of the representatives of united Serbo-Bulgarian army (MrCoder from Bg side) that was fighting for Japan and want to come here and help u with rebuilding society.
After i publish a few articles about situation in Japan and how we can help many people liked the idea so now we have a lot of requests for joining Japan in war against all your enemies.
Idea of becaming japanese soldier and build new and stronger Japan was exciting for a lot of people.
So many people from Bulgaria and Serbia want to come here and stay,fight for Japan and for glory.
We do not seek for medals and stuff all that we (me personaly and group of people who want that this idea comes to life) have in Serbia and Bulgaria.
We are friends of Japan and we want to prove that,Japan is weak and without help from outside and bringing more active people Japan dont have a chance to survive.
So i want to ask you as a president of Japan do we can have some help from your side with giving cs to new people who want to come here and became Japanese citizens?
And just one more thing all people that you accept here will be obligated with rules and everyone who breaks it will be excluded from the society.
1.Every citizen who receive japan cs became Japanese not serb not bulgarian.
2.We all fight for Japan and for one society

We want to cooperate,became japanese citizens-soldiers and prosper

If you have something to add please do so
Its hard to say everything through this message but this is basic

This message will be sent to your prime minister too



Sorry for the late answer, but your offer induced a debate in my government. First of all, you should know that eJapan was always an international community, and it was always afraid of PTOs (I know very well, I was also an "evil PTOer" when I had arrived a few years ago).

From the other side: we need more active player, to develop and also protect the country. As you can see, the population is very low, the economy doesn't work, so yes, we need you (the Bulgarian vMoFA suggested me Mr Coder personally).

I hope, we can find the fair terms of your immigration. I offer the following terms:

We shall approve your citizenship requests, but not everybody together, just slowly and by degrees. The requests of the older and stronger players will be approved fist.

We ask you to do not found an own party (or try to conquer one). Everybody is free to choose a party from the current supply. You will be welcome e.g. in the Dai Nippon Party:)

We will ask all the new citizens (not just you) to pay a lesser sum as "contribution of defence". We don't sell citizenship, but we have no money to sign the MPP-s to protect ourself.

I'm very interesting what you say.



Ok I agree with your proposal its a fair one.

but can u tell me how much cs u can give to us and understand one thing now we have a chance to made big and respected Japan and to support that i got a 100 requests from serbs only if u give just a few cs people will be dissapointed and i could not convince them to continue to support this idea if u as representatives of Japan dont beleive in us.
Now i see that i must slow this thing down to many people wanna join and we cant fulfill all requests.

btw i dont expect that u give 100 cs right now u cant do that because of game mechanics,but u should try to give as much cs as u can so that others who will stay and wait cs for months have at least a hope to became Japanese citizens-soldiers and when Japan is under attack i can always call them to help.


I saw Your cs request. I don't offer this term for everybody so try to keep it secret.
There is our conditions for people who will get japanese cs:
- Be friendly with the old japanese and use english
- Join Dai Nippon Party
- Join Nippon Power (You can get an own regiment)
- Dont leave Japan

I ask 10k deposit from everybody and i give back 1k every month if not breached the promise. So you get back all Your money later!
Can You accept these rules?
Dai Nippon PP

Robert replies in anger:

This is just the opposite of what we have agreed.
and one more thing this proposal is not a secret anymore i was on nippon channel yesterday they alredy know everything...he send this message to some guy and he send to them

This is what happened in IRC some time ago:

0:38 Tyrranus 04:40] * that1 ( has joined #nippon
10:38 Tyrranus [04:40] Geezus to that 1 | 48 minutes ago
10:38 Tyrranus [04:40] HI!
10:38 Tyrranus [04:40] I saw Your cs request. I don't offer this term for everybody so try to keep itsecret.
10:39 Tyrranus [04:40] There is our conditions for people who will get japanese cs:
10:39 Tyrranus [04:40] - Be friendly with the old japanese and use english
10:39 Tyrranus [04:40] - Join Dai Nippon Party
10:39 Tyrranus [04:40] - Join Nippon Power (You can get an own regiment)
10:39 Tyrranus [04:40] - Dont leave Japan
10:39 Tyrranus [04:40] I ask 10k deposit from everybody and i give back 1k every month if notbreached the promise.
10:39 Tyrranus [04:40] Can You accept these rules?
10:39 Tyrranus [04:40] Geezus
10:39 Tyrranus [04:41] do you guys charge people money for CS?
10:40 Tyrranus crazy shit like that is why I lurk and log

so he is in some trouble or something they were pretty mad
We offer u our help.
We spend our money on tanks and soldiers and now he ask me money for cs?
That cant be accepted and we dont want to political army too we run away from it in srb and bg.


So basically Geezus was trying to sell citizenships and, apart from that, forcing the players who wanted the eJapanese citizenship to join his party and his Military Unit.


Hizaya went to hear out the serbians who helped us RW regions and got this reply from Robert:

The catch is: Was it the first time? I doubt that. I for one have lost faith in Geezus when we had our Bank banned while under his tutelage, but this proves that there's no point in trusting Geezus.

He plays dirty and he puts this country in danger. I am not saying the serbs shouldn't be granted citizenship, as I agree with Koppanyi, we need more activity around here.
But with the due process of law. They request citizenship, the Diet votes and citizenship is granted.
There's no such thing as selling citizenships!

Geezus, here goes my message:



2.D.G Day 1,842, 14:52

Implying geezers has good enough english to even know the definition of shame.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,842, 14:59

Shame on you koppanyi! and shame on you geezus!

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,842, 15:13

TWO Days ago?? that1 dropped that into our IRC room on Nov27 and I posted it in our forums

You can see for yourself what the reaction was, I also made sure to post the follow up screenshot.
The CP defended him, other congress and PP defended his actions, and Geezer threw another tantrum like always

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,842, 15:17

If thats true about deal made by government,as eJapanese I feel ashamed for having representatives that don't keep their word... seriously people, you shouldn't look for wealth, but keep your promises....

Even though I am not too trusting about soo many new people coming (surely some bad guys will come as well), but deal is deal, and Im sure most of them would be fine citizens...
Also denying problems won't solve them, so congress ppl, for Pete's sake, start doing your job seriously....

bobbySAURON Day 1,842, 15:24

What do you mean "if that's true" ?

There's enough proof there already to make a veredict, no?

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Day 1,842, 15:27

If i got the right info (that Japan side dont want to cooperate any way with us) i would not even come here and lie to my people about it.
I didnt push anyone to give us cs i first ask for them
and i accept the terms of your government but i got only slap in the face.

No one knowed about Japan until i wrote a few articles after i did it support for Japan was increased rapidly but after this move by your government,support will fall.

bobbySAURON Day 1,842, 15:32

Nobody said eJapan doesnt want cooperation, and I don't mind you asking for citizenship.
This article is solely condemning Geezus actions, not yours.

Shiro Yasha WD
Shiro Yasha WD Day 1,842, 15:33


just like pizza-cartman lee

Geezus Day 1,842, 15:37

You understand nothing.

bobbySAURON Day 1,842, 15:37

Feel free to explain, chap.

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Day 1,842, 15:41

I know...just saying the whole chronology of events.
I thought that u all have info about us and our talk with the president but obviously you dont.

Geezus Day 1,842, 15:45

I never promissed anything to Robert E. Lee.
The deal I was offer were rejected by him.

bobbySAURON Day 1,842, 15:50

Geezus, we can all read, you know?

There is our conditions for people who will get japanese cs:
- Be friendly with the old japanese and use english
- Join Dai Nippon Party
- Join Nippon Power (You can get an own regiment)
- Dont leave Japan

I ask 10k deposit from everybody and i give back 1k every month if not breached the promise. So you get back all Your money later!
Can You accept these rules?

bobbySAURON Day 1,842, 15:52

1st of all, you do not speak for the country, you speak for yourself and you Party (not even sure why anyway)

2nd It is crystal clear that you tried to sell citizenships. It doesn't matter if he accepted your offer or not. What it matters is that you made such a proposal.

And apparently you think that's a normal thing to be done.

No Geezus, it is not. We have rules for immigration and they should be followed. You MAY NOT do as you please.

Also, explain how you got our bank banned 🙂

Fuyumi Day 1,842, 15:54

bobby, why are you posting this 😕 we already have an article about it, are you doing it to make geezus mad?

bobbySAURON Day 1,842, 15:58

No, I am doing it for everyone to see the kind of player he is.

Koragi Day 1,842, 16:22

I feel that all of us as eJapanese players should all feel ashamed of Geezus's actions, for it was "some"(His stupid party) who put him in power and look at what he is doing, he is just making the situation worse and worse. The immigration needs to be sped up and i say this, all of those who are coming to eJapan do not join DNP, Join a different smaller party for the sake of this country to spread out power to the other parties and not just Geezus.

Lonqu Day 1,842, 16:31

Well, you can't say this was unexpected?

Fuyumi Day 1,842, 18:09

everyone already saw "what kind of player he was", we already have an article AND a forum post all about it, as i said before, why did you post it again? you clearly didnt post it for the above reason you mentioned, as everyone already knows (assuming they read newspapers, and if they dont, yours is just as pointless), so ill ask again, why?

bobbySAURON Day 1,842, 18:15

Because my freedom grants me the right to write about whatever I feel like.

Last time I checked, there was no limit for articles per subject.

Now stop making derp comments, vote, subscribe and leave.

Shiki.N Day 1,842, 19:24

OPPA Geezus style.

SakiNight Day 1,842, 20:27

lol ^

Oraizan Day 1,842, 20:32

I just don't like that it's ruining relations with countries, and a large ammount of players who have been and/or may be in government one day. But I hope that these people understand that such a thing was not discussed by eJapan, and only two people as well as whoever they trusted with the information.

If people want to derp around internally that's fine, (though i'd prefer we all get along) but when it hurts us internationally I lose a lot of respect.

FA is important for small countries.

h idenshi
h idenshi Day 1,842, 22:06

( ´_ゝ`)

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,843, 23:34

this article will bringe again hate into japan... thx 🙂

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,843, 00:10

All right guys, lets fight each other like barbarians who had just recived their freedom, but they cannot do anything with it...

@Natsu 2x
@Fuyumi 2x

Hail eJapan!

Keiichiro Day 1,843, 00:31

Great, just when I thought it is going up with eJapan, something like this happens...

I'll be blunt: Geezus' withdrawal from all his public obligations is the least to keep the damage to eJapan at a minimum! Otherwise eRoCs picture of us is right and who of you wants that?

Despite that, I hope we can solve this matter without dividing us, but sadly its a matter that involves other countries and might influence their opinion of eJapan... (Thanks to the Serbians for their will to help us!)

Stefan Hellsing
Stefan Hellsing Day 1,843, 02:51

Mr Coder was very serious about the thing with eJapan and he organized alot of strong bulgarians that wanted just to fight for eJapan ... whatever it's not the end of the world you know 😉

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,843, 04:35

The 10k cc is to keep players in Japan, alot of players come an go. So if you stay in eJapan you get your money back, if not then your money is gone.

@Natsu 3x
@Fuyumi 3x

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,843, 04:39


Japan built up a new way and was doing well until you came and started spreading your hate.
Good job!! How much does eRoC pay you?

Then I rofl'd even more. I saw SS of E.Lee talking to Hizaya, lmao. Hizaya was like the biggest failure of Japanese politics, and somebody who hates serbs, bulgarians, etc..

In short words: This article is full of sh!t. ^^

Auraborus Day 1,843, 05:12

This is nothing new from Geezus. He always weasels out of it.
He only works for his own interests.
He has banned our bank twice.
Sucked as president.
And uses his government position to only benefit his party.

Ashamed of Geezus is an understatement.

I did not know of this untill I read this article...
so, thanks bobbySauron for the post.
@Kelichiro x2
Get Geezus out of the government altogether.

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,843, 05:32

This is nothing new from Geezus. +1

What did you wait from Geezus really? LOL.

Konomiya Tamaki
Konomiya Tamaki Day 1,843, 05:33

Disappointed again and again. *sigh*
@Auraborus x2

Keiichiro Day 1,843, 05:35

@Aurabonus: I just hoped I could change my overcritical point against the japanese government and then this...I only hope that the mentioned people above who wanted to fight for us are not backing off now.

SBergen Day 1,843, 05:52

like always if we raise a little bit the head our politicians start an internal war for power.

we need to archieve an union of purposes not an eternal division of our small comunity...

shame on our leaders all togheter.

bobbySAURON Day 1,843, 06:13

@SoFresh: The worst blind is the one who refuses to see.

B00oo Day 1,843, 06:17

Geezus is usually at the heart of any corruption.
@auriboris x 3

2.D.G Day 1,843, 07:11

bobby, it's pointless, sofresh is a serb.

Narlindir Day 1,843, 07:27

Let me tell u something...

Serbs know to be a bad guys... But , Robert E.Lee 1861 is one of the most honoured persons in 3 years of playing this game. PTO is not his way of game, and he was really there to help, and only few persons who lead and give their best for small countries like Japan, knows how he feel now after he try everithing to help u, and some guy didnt respected his wishes.

My opinion is that Japan after this doesnt deserve Robert E.Lee 1861. Shame on u.

MjoyReborn Day 1,843, 07:57

My opinion is that Japan after this doesnt deserve Robert E.Lee 1861.
Shame on u. x1389

2.D.G Day 1,843, 08:00

Good, off you go, serbs.

Mire tica Feniks
Mire tica Feniks Day 1,843, 08:02

Shame on you Geezus

Top damage in a campaign
15,686,118 for Japan
Achieved while trying to conquer Tohoku from Republic of China (Taiwan) on day 1,828

Mass destruction weapons history
Rockets used5 Bombs used0 Last used: Rocket for Japan in the battle against Republic of China (Taiwan) on day 1,837

Black..Silver Day 1,843, 08:26

Shame on you Geezus, we trusted you.

Top damage in a campaign
20,751,500 for Japan
Achieved while trying to conquer Tohoku from Republic of China (Taiwan) on day 1,828

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,843, 08:26

@Petar and Mjoy, pls don't that everyone in Japan is the same as Geezus and other dark people in Japan. And think we know too that not every serbian is a pto who want to steal Japan.

And people... pls stopp now with this topic... it takes us to nowhere...

lo lets drink some tee...

Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 1,843, 08:28


@Petar Why would we care whether you think eJapan deserves someone?
It's his choice, he can do as he pleases.

VIadaaa Day 1,843, 08:37

to bad things end up this way

Dusan Nastasijevic
Dusan Nastasijevic Day 1,843, 08:42

Hi all!
I was following eJapan press, for some time and I have a decent idea what kind of community you have here. I hope other players will have oportunity to see that first hand.
I did around 15 milions last in 7 days for Japan and I don't feel bad about that. All in all, you are bunch of good good folks. 😉

Fuyumi Day 1,843, 08:57

the original reason i posted on this article was to stop bobby from breading more and more hate, we already know what geezus did, and aura, if you didnt see this that means a few things

you havent been looking at articles for the past few days
you havent been on the forums recently considering we made a thread about this
you havent been on irc, because someone would have said something about this at some point in time

all this article does for us is spread hate, basically useless

Fernando Colunga
Fernando Colunga Day 1,843, 08:58

Serbian PTO-ers bla bla bla,
12,064,620 for Japan
Achieved while trying to conquer Tohoku from Republic of China (Taiwan) on day 1,828

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