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Shame on the Government

Day 1,821, 01:38 Published in Belgium Belgium by Jofroi

As some of you may know, I am currently a governmental advisor (although shouldn’t last long^^) and I used my special forum access to obtain true information about the governmental activities. As such I would like to tell the truth. Indeed, the governmental propaganda/lies I’ve seen over the last couple of days made me sick and I will explain you why with a small review of their publications.

Ministry of Home Affairs

The only achievement of the MoHA this month is the poll that has been organized. In the private forum, the true numbers have been published and there are some surprises:

We can see that the government is modifying the truth such that we think that the majority agrees with him and that he has the support of the citizens. This is the first evidence that the government cannot be trusted!

Ministry of Finance

According to the official numbers, we are losing around 230K BEF/month mainly due to BNA/Citizen packs. A Q1 weapon cost 0.4 CC in Poland. Therefore 230K BEF represents 575K hits. Assuming that we have 50 citizens asking for citizens packs + BNA members (yeah that’s overestimated) and 30 days/month, it would make 380 hits/persons/day… I’m wondering why nobody has made this calculation before…

Nobody could use all those weapons without spending insane amount of gold so the question is to know what is this money used for. I observed that the recent MoF have all been members of the BNA. Therefore I changed my IRC nickname to SX80 and begun a discussion with Lily the funding of the BNA. I discovered that there was a Black Box (let’s call it BB Lily*) where more than 50% of the BNA funding was sent. This BB has no other purpose than allowing the CP to use it for personal use (like corruption of congressmen or so).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

According to the MoFA “We’ve managed to finish the TW”… Really? We have been waiting for a TW for months and now that we have one, the government end it in no time… Yay, congratulations, you ruined months of work!

Moreover, with some other persons a TW (Total War) has been negotiated with our forever allies from EDEN to wipe Poland out of the map and several attempts of Natural Enemies proposal has been made by patriotic citizens to keep our NE bonus (that gives a strong boost to both our economy and the influence made by our citizens!). However the CP has pressured the congress to refuse it. Maybe that the BB Lily mentioned above has been used or that our president is a puppet of Polish state, I do not know.

As this article is already too long I will not speak of the other ministry but if I can find enough material, I may write another article.

Kind regards,
Member of the Opposition

*For those who are never afraid and speak French (actually no need to), you can write BB Lily in youtube and enjoy… or not^^.



SX80 Day 1,821, 01:46

Wondering how many people will actually look up BB Lily in youtube ...

BrunoCND Day 1,821, 01:56


Kravenn Day 1,821, 02:02

Si je pouvais voter 20 fois ton sublimissime article : je le ferais !!!!

myurek Day 1,821, 02:07

sx80 after your comment nobody:)

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,821, 06:28

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,821, 06:45

I approve of this article.

MCKitkat Day 1,821, 07:40


Jeiry Day 1,821, 08:46


Chihiroh Day 1,821, 14:28

Murder the government!

Ely.nea Day 1,821, 15:07

funny ^^

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,821, 16:09

I am mad, 50% of the BNA funding, and all I got was.....( oops almost told it)

Phillip Desaix
Phillip Desaix Day 1,822, 23:52

Voted! Nice Article and totally agreed in regards the NE affair

shadowukcs Day 1,822, 05:04

Voted, you had me with the first part

SabatonBIH Day 1,822, 08:05

Comment deleted

Olv007 Day 1,822, 11:49

If it come from Jofroi then it has to be true!

Kaad Day 1,822, 13:12

Lol it didn't seems strange at all! I was thinking as the official poll.....

Dendraad Day 1,822, 15:40

Jofroi for prez !

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