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SFH Issue 2: Catching Ladies and Tossing Trees

Day 1,877, 21:23 Published in New Zealand Australia by Ginny Tory

Anything for the Ladies

India, a country with a notorious son-prefered culture which in 2011 had a gender ratio at its most imbalanced since the country’s independence in 1947: 914 girls per 1,000 boys.

What is an all grown up boy to do when he wants a wife then?

Wear a shirt of gold why of course!

At least, that is what Datta Phuge, a 32-year-old money-lender from Pimpri Chinchwad, did to catch the ladies' eyes. Phuge spent a total of $22,754.00 to have 15 goldsmiths working 16 hours a day for two weeks to complete one solid, shiny, gaudy gold shirt.

“I know I am not the best looking man in the world but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt? The gold shirt has been one of my dreams. It will be an embellishment to my reputation as the ‘Gold Man of Pimpri,'” - Phuge

All of the golden threads, 14,00 gold flowerings, and Swarovski crystal buttons weaved together on a white velvet base totals to a 22 karat gold shirt weighing 3.2 kilograms.

Left over gold was also used up to make matching belt, necklaces, cuffs, and rings.

Phuge could out bling any rapper on the stage and out sparkle Edward Cullen in the sun with this get up.


Ladies, would YOU pursue Mr. Datta Phuge if you passed him on the streets of Pimpri Chinchwad, India?

Gents, would you feel threatened if you were another Indian man on the singles market?

Goodbye Christmas

Now that the jolly season is over...

Ate too much over the holidays? Need to lose that weight? Have a dead Christmas tree you need to chuck? Well is this the event for you or what!

Weidenthal, Germany hosts the annual Christmas Tree Throwing World Championships! Or ‘Knut-Fest’ as it is known by to the locals.

The festival adopts the Scandinavian custom of tree tossing to give participants a creative fun way to discard their Christmas trees.

Around 70 competitors un-tinsel their trees and haul it out to Weidenthal this past Christmas for the 11th annual Knut-Fest. The trees fly by Weitwurf (javelin-style), Hammerwurf (hammer-style), or Hochwurf (high jump-style) throwing. The winner is determined by the total distance thrown by all three disciplines.

“Klar, a 43-year-old railway worker from Ludwigshafen, was able to heave a Christmas tree over a 3.75 meter high pole. “Not bad considering it’s my first time,” says the man laughing proudly. “But,” adds his friend with a smile, “you did practice at home.” It was a point that the competitor needed to clarify. “Okay, to be honest, I did throw our Christmas tree out our window,” he says giving a wink. “That’s actually how they practice in Sweden.”” -

The spectacle draws over 1,000 visitors each year to witness the tree tossing while enjoying a nice mug of Glühwein - a warm spiced wine.

Video of the competition can be viewed HERE.

2012, Frank Schwender (48) of Frankeneck, Germany came out on top again for the 3rd consecutive year by throwing a total of 22.45 meters.

So, next year. When you’re stuck with a tree in your house and need it gone...toss it!

[In all seriousness though, evergreens are a lovely snack for most animals. Zoos will accept donations of old Christmas trees (as long as they are not covered in too much tinsel) as a nice tasty treat for their occupants. Call your local zoo to see if they will accept your trees. Bon appetit!]

Ginny Tory
SFHerald Owner


EDMONDTOT Day 1,879, 16:10


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