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Day 2,175, 06:23 Published in Romania Romania by trotuar
I don't know how was the Halloween for you but for us eRomanians was full of shivers, fights won on the edge, a lot of CC and gold changed hands and I'm very sure that somewhere in his crystal palace Plato is rubbing his hands and counts his pile of money. Somehow it was very important for eRomanians to keep eBulgarians occupied despite the fact that in real life we are quite close and the only thing that we are competing for is for being the poorest country in EU (which taken in a worldwide context is not bad at all). But enough with the introduction, here you have my first attempt in English writing and horror story and is having absolutely nothing to do with the promised gold by Plato in this contest.

Moon light was falling over the cemetery giving it a eerie view. The silvery white of headstones together with the long shadows created strange shapes which gave the cold night an ice feeling. Near the tombstones laid a house smaller than some of the crypts in the vicinity, a small square house with a small chimney giving out a white smoke which in the light of the moon seemed to be frozen. An old man was moving slowly between the graves towards the house using a shovel as a walking stick. In the other hand was having a small bag made of hemp. The old man is the keeper of the cemetery, his real name nobody knew it any more, so everybody was calling him Keeper.

The old man opens the massive door made of old oak and slowly enters in the house. Carefully he puts the shovel behind the door and sits in the ancient chair next to the fireplace. Next to the chair is an odd box which is having the shape of a house. Small obsidian windows are encrusted on the sides and in the place where a door is sculpted an old iron latch is locking the lid. Keeper put the sack on the table and started to open it carefully revealing a white skull. He caressed it gently with his hands and started to remember.

Seven years ago Maria was a girl deeply in love. Unfortunately her lover did not share her sentiments and was looking for another girl. Maria desperate asked for help from an old gipsy fortune teller. The old woman offered to help in exchange for a gold coin and asked Maria to bring her seven white flowers with seven petals which can be found only when the moon is full. Maria started to search for those flowers and every night with full moon. What she didn't know was the flower which she was picking were soul flowers, which appeared only when an innocent child suffered a brutal dead. If the flower survived for one full night then the soul was saved, if not was coming back to haunt the living. For every flower which she collected she was committing a sin.

When Maria collected the seventh flower Keeper was there behind the shadows and creeping closer he plunged a scythe in her chest. The blood tainted the gentle flower and Maria felled to the ground with her eyes open. What Maria didn't also know was Keeper had also an arrangement with the old women, an arrangement which will bring him eternal youth and wellness if he will collect the skulls of seven girls with seven sins. Keeper put the body of Maria on the stones at the base of a cliff and the villagers believed Maria killed herself because of her sad love story and later on the buried her in the cemetery.

Now after seven years Keeper collected his reward and opened the strange house shaped box. There were lying other 6 skulls. Gently he put Maria skull next to the other ones in the place marked by a dried flower with a brown stain. He closed slowly the lid and looked at the small house box and then at clock. The 12 o'clock hour was approaching and he waited eagerly for the the time to pass.

When the big clock started to strike the midnight the house started to shake. The Keeper was looking at the box when a light entered from above. When he looked up he saw the roof of his house rolling on on side like a giant lid. A huge hand appeared and took him with a force which left his lungs empty of air incapable of screaming. Looking into the face of the huge monster he recognised the old gipsy woman and behind her his house looked very similar to his old box. The voice of the old woman thundered through the air “FINALLY, MY COLLECTION IS COMPLETE, I HAVE THE SEVENTH PUPPET!”.

So here it is, my short Halloween story. I stopped the urge of rewriting the final with something like “And the huge Plato grabbed the small trotuar in his hands and said: YOU ARE MY PUPPET while gently removing the Visa card from the pocket of frightened trotuar”

O7 SEEEVEeennn …... BOO!!!

Halloween Community Contest
PS Plato, it will be nice to give the winners or participants a kind of medal. It does not cost too much money 😛


nagant895 Day 2,175, 06:35


Alina V
Alina V Day 2,175, 07:39

second 😛

Niccla Day 2,175, 09:15

Boooo 😁 third 😛

emanuelap Day 2,175, 10:19


IntoOblivion Day 2,175, 11:34

what if trotuar, in his turn, has grabbed our tiny hearts?

PelasgianWarrior Day 2,175, 15:03

altul care rupe binishor limba materna

JohnCV Day 2,176, 10:23

good story! I'm glad i found you in english also:D

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