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SERBIAN STORY #3 - Personal View

Day 1,281, 18:27 Published in USA Serbia by Jovan Tekelija

To my eSerbian readers, ово је посљедњи чланак о еСрбији у овом серијалу. Лијепо је било видјети да су неки од вас били заинтересовани да прочитају чланке једног Србина на енглеском. Први чланак је посебно наишао на одобравање код америчке публике, и надам се да су вам њихове реакције биле интересантне колико и мени.
Ово су моја мишљења. Ако се нечија поклапају с мојим-супер. Ако не-исто супер. Свако има право на мишљење па и ја 😉


This is the last Serbian Story article.
Here are the first two:
SERBIAN STORY #2 – The Country

In the first article you could read about some basic stuff. It is a mixture of personal views and some that are not so personal.
Second article was about eSerbian political scene, domestic mostly. Some basic things about Top Parties was discussed, some famous people were mentioned, and that’s it.
This article, which will, once again, be a mixture of different topics and views completes this series, which, hopefully, you found interesting.

I must mention the article that disturbed this series, and it is about the eSerbia-eCroatia peace agreement. It wasn’t trolling, but for real. Check it out if you want(it’s short XD )

So philosophical, eh? 😃
Now, seriously…
eSerbian population rose to such levels after it was almost completely wiped out by eCroatia, right after eSerbia’s introduction to the game. eSerbia was first TOd, and then attacked when the CP of eSerbia, who was in fact a Croatian started retreating from eSerbian regions.
This action led to the first real BabyBoom which was organized by ‘the father of eSerbs’ Lipec, who used the Croatian attack to advertise the game in Serbia.

The reason why Serbs(Lipec) were able to pull this off can be found in several facts:
-Serbia is a small country, which means that information travel REAL fast around the whole country. You don’t need that many TV/radio stations to spread the word.
-Serbia is a very internet-literate nation, especially when we are considering Balkans. Yes, like everywhere-using the internet=using Facebook and Youtube, but thankfully, eRepublik is not that hard to handle, right? 😃
-Serbia has had a rough and long history. This has created many enemies for our nation, and yes, Croatia is the top one. Many of the eSerbs are in fact refugees from Croatia, so that might explain the rivalry.
To be frank, out of its neighbors, and some countries that are pretty close, the only country Serbia has never had a war with is Romania.

I think it started before eSerbia was introduced into the game. In that period, Serbs that played this game were countryless, so they quickly learned how to integrate themselves into different societies.
After that, PTOing became sort of a habit for us. Many of us thought that robbing small defenseless countries was, in fact, lame, but to be honest, we did gain from some PTOs.
Some were just for show. Or they were done out of sheer boredom.
I don’t know. I wasn’t a PTO-supporting man until I moved to eUS. XD

Serbs are pretty good at languages. After studying our own, most popular languages(English, Italian, Spanish) look like a piece of cake. That is especially applied on English.
Serbian TV stations/cinema, thank God!, have not practiced the lame art of synchronizing everything. So we get to see/hear foreign shows in their own mother tongues(we put subtitles in Serbian, of course).
That’s why we’re better at English than most ‘progressive’ nations of the Western World 😉

TOs bring us to our next subject- Why taking power in Bosnia is not a TO.

Bosnia and Hercegovina is a really complicated country.
In order to avoid the deletion of this article, I’ll explain it very quickly.
BiH is in RL divided into two internationally recognized entities: Federation of BiH and Serb Republic.
Federation of BiH is inhabited by Croats and Muslims(Boshniaks), while Serb Republic is inhabited by Serbs mostly(more than 90%).

Even in eRepublik we can see the RL borders between these ‘countries inside a country’ where:
Federation of BiH=eregion called Federation of BiH
Serb Republic= eregions: West Srpska Republic+Brcko+East Srpska Republic.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a Harvard degree to realize that Srpska means, in fact, Serbian.
Serbian logic-Serbs live in Bosnia. You can’t TO your own country. Taking political power in BiH is not a TO.

I, Jovan Tekelija, actually, live in Bosnia. 😉

You might have noticed by, for example, opening my articles by mistake (😛 ) that Serbs use two types of letters.
The ones that look familiar to you originate from Latin, and are therefore called Latinica in Serbian. This type is also used by Croatians and Slovenians.
The ones that look completely random to you are called Cyrillic in English.
These two alphabets are completely equal in Serbia(and Serb Republic) and you can use any of them whenever you want(except when you’re writing in some foreign language XD)

The way Serbian language works is unique. One sign=One sound. Always! In every situation. T is always a T. It can never be something else. It is always pronounced the same.
That’s why there are no spelling bee contests in Serbia.
Tom is always Tom. He can never be Thom or Tomm.
When someone says his name is Johnny, that creates a confusion when you write it in English as you don’t know if it’s spelled Johnny, Johnnie, Jonny or some other way. In Serbian, however, it is always Џони/Džoni.

Here are some examples of popular American names in Serbian Cyrillic:

Serbs love talking about history. Almost as much as about politics. And one rule is applied: the less they know about history, the more they will mention it.
To be honest, we have a long history. Eventful, to say the least.
Also, like every other Balkan people, we are prone to exaggeration or in some severe cases, plain lying to ourselves or to the world.
As I said, the less a Serb knows about history, the more he will talk about it.

He will mention it everywhere, where/when it is need and where/when it is not needed. This sort of people, the ‘history-geniuses’ know that Serbs are the strongest people in the world. They know that Serbs are the smartest people in the world. They know that Serbs can drink/drive/sing/f***/play/work better than any other people in the world. Hell, we’re the Heavenly people. God’s own.

Sadly, there are many history geniuses where I come from, and I think everyone in eWorld knows that XD.

We love competing. It doesn’t matter against, in what discipline. What matters is that it’s a competition.
And we have favorite opponents, too-Croatia(surprise,surprise) and USA.
Whenever we’re about to play against these two countries, a massive craze is generated among the population. We would be able to watch any sport/discipline when we’re about to compete against these two countries.
Both victories and defeats are remembered as something historic.

Why USA, you ask.

eUSA is the enemy. It has always been, and always will be.
(^this is something I always write in my ambassador reports. Yes, I’m the ambassador of eUSA in eSerbia XD)

It is mostly due to RL issues existing between our nations. I will not go into that, but I will say that most eSerbs would be more willing to accept a eSrb-eCro alliance in eRepublik, than the eSrb-eUSA one.
That’s how deep it goes.
Not even my long and undercover spy work for eUSA helped bridge these obstacles XD.
For more information, check out this article.
Most of these things can be applied to most of our neighbors.
We are all pretty similar when it comes to these matters-from Turkey to Slovenia.
One more thing, Balkan has the hottest girls. Only in Spain have I found girls that could maybe compete with ours. No BS. This IS the TRUTH!


You may wonder why Serbs stay up all night to defend something which is in fact only a few pixels on some godforsaken Romanian server.
Serbs are passionate. Be they smart or stupid, patriotic or eurofaggotic, traditional or modern…they love their country. You may think it’s bad. You may think it’s fanatical, and we might even agree with ya, but this is the way we are.

That’s it.
This concludes this series.
I hope you found this interesting.
If you don’t know, I have already written a series of articles about eUSA, in Serbian, so don’t worry, I’m not that biased(ask my fellow Serbs).
In the near future, I might will draw a parallel, and write an article where I’ll compare these two great societies of the New World.



Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,281, 18:29


Glove Day 1,281, 18:32


Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,281, 18:34

3:34 am

stEndEc Day 1,281, 18:34


Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Day 1,281, 18:43

Ко ти је дао дозволу да мислиш? : Р
Глас, свака част за овај серијал, трилогија коју је вредело читати : )

3:43, одох на кунт о/

Raziel_Blaze Day 1,281, 18:48

3:48 (Мојне да ме носате :Д)

M I N O N Day 1,281, 18:48

03:47 back from pub and...

"drink/drive/sing/f***/play/work" name it :😁

Alex.L Day 1,281, 18:49


Glove Day 1,281, 18:52


Thats me 😃

Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,281, 18:53

yup : D

Raziel_Blaze Day 1,281, 18:53

Comment deleted

Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Day 1,281, 19:42

Great read. I found a lot about Serbs from it. What a great bunch. I can only wish I was a Serb : )

The Other One
The Other One Day 1,281, 20:38

05:37 : P

...this is the way we are. For real : )

ea10 Day 1,281, 22:29

Unban Gary Peyton! Great article once again John.

soydani Day 1,281, 22:35

"One more thing, Balkan has the hottest girls."
Prove it, I want pictures!

BeDva Day 1,281, 23:20

"Many of the eserbs are un fact refugees from croatia"
u mad bro?
I onda mi jos u istom textu mrtav ladan spominjes kako srpske regije u BIH imaju 90% srba...

Jesmo dotle dosli da se ti i ja sad oko RLa svadamo xD

Arssen Day 1,281, 23:47

All good stories are trilogies. Well done.

"u mad bro?"

He's probably not, but I might be ;😉)

Rusici Day 1,282, 00:09

It is mostly due to RL issues existing between our nations.

what issues?

Ludooki Day 1,282, 00:10

Balkan has the hottest girls. No BS. This IS the TRUTH!

Stvarno odlični tekstovi. I ovi o nama i oni o njima.

Isaile Day 1,282, 00:11

You can add perhaps that one of the reasons of successful baby boom was that Lipec knew how media works due to being RL TV entertainer for some time...

Really good story : )

We need one Tekelija in every e-country

Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,282, 00:35

lol at the comments 🙂
thanks (eto, da potvrdimo da znamo engleski xD)

BeDva, doleti u BL na piće, pa da ti pokažem dokaz za ovu demografsku tvrdnju, a odmah i za ovu tvrdnju o curama : D

enFalse Day 1,282, 00:52

BeDva nube

BeDva Day 1,282, 00:54

stvar je u ovome: kako je postignuta ta brojka od 90%?
odgovor: etničkim čišćenjem...
znaš da ja nikad ne potežem RL u erepu, al ne mogu ti ovo prešutit jbg...

Rusici Day 1,282, 00:57

"stvar je u ovome: kako je postignuta ta brojka od 90%?
odgovor: etničkim čišćenjem...
znaš da ja nikad ne potežem RL u erepu, al ne mogu ti ovo prešutit jbg..."

Hrvat prica o etnickom ciscenju ... LOL

Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,282, 00:59

isto važi i za hrvatsku.
ali kao što rekoh gore, upravo zbog ovoga nisam zadirao u te teme dublje.
odmah bismo amerima dokazali koliko smo srčani xD

BeDva Day 1,282, 01:07

nisi zadirao dublje al na kraju si dao jako jednostranu sliku - srbi kao izbjeglice i srpski entiteti kao čudesno etnički čisti (tu nema spomena izbjeglica)...
nego, dođi ti u zadar na pivo bolje, imamo i more i svašta xD

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,282, 01:12

@BeDva: 'ej, ovo je erep. O tome rasprava na IRC!

Odlican Dzone!


iKoren Day 1,282, 01:16

Great series of articles! Enjoyed everyone of them. o7

funky_ribar Day 1,282, 01:17

jojojoj etničko čišćenje, homogene balkanske državice, najveći kurci na cijelom svijetu, najveći ratnici, najpametniji majstori, najbistriji izumitelji, najbolji cugeri, najbolje trebe, najveći prijatelji i neprijatelji itd..ovo se odnosi zna se na koje države.. znate li? Jovane prijatelju malo si ga zaružil preveć, a o RL istini neću jer naravno svatko ima svoju.. pozzz iz pripizdine

Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,282, 01:27

mislim da sam sasvim jasno istakao da ovaj članak može biti primjenjen na sve i jednu balkansku državu. bez izuzetka.
mislim da nije neka uljepšana slika srba, ali da sam krenuo o raznim genocidima, masakrima, protjerivanjima, em bi mi članak bio 100 strana dug, em bi se mi ovdje svađali i pokazali da su ameri upravu u vezi s nama(tako bi izgledalo), a opet vi i mi ne bismo postigli bilo kakav dogovor.
jel RS postoji takva kakva je? da
jel HR postoji takva kakva je? da
tu meni ta priča na erepu završava.

poziv ću vjerovatno da prihvatim, kad budem imao para za zadar xD

M I N O N Day 1,282, 02:02

Ko sto rece Arssen "All good stories are trilogies. Well done."

Za sve vas koji uvlacite RL ovde, postoje neki drugi vidovi komunikacije, da zaobidjemo komentrare... Bezvaze je, svako ima svoju pricu...

Dzon \o/

Koja 92
Koja 92 Day 1,282, 02:03

odlican, sedi 5 xD

conlosteroristas Day 1,282, 02:04

vidis da si pre tri clanka trebao promijeniti temu : p

Rusici Day 1,282, 02:08

"They know that Serbs are the smartest people in the world."

As a saying goes:
"Serbs invented Germans,
Germans invented everything else"


Jon Show Day 1,282, 02:15

Comment deleted

Vyseris Day 1,282, 02:36

Lepe clanke si ispisao, procitao sam sa odobravanjem i uzivanjem, sve je tacno 😃

samo, Gabriel-Габриел, nije Gabrijel, nego Gavrilo 🙂

Mladen987 Day 1,282, 02:44

Well done Americano...

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,282, 03:00

@Вајсерис: ноу, ју гот ит ол ронг. Хи дидн’т транслејт д нејм, хи џаст транскрајбд ит. Ит олсоу изн’т „Џон“ ит из „Јован“, нор ит из „Џорџ“ инстед ов „Ђорђе“ иф ју уиш ту транслејт д нејмс. Бат, иф ју уиш ту транскрајб дем, ден ит из Џон енд Џорџ. Енд олсоу Гејбриел (синс ит из нот пронаунсд Габриел, ез фар ез ај ноу).

Mare Magare Day 1,282, 03:22

Comment deleted

ZIaPavlakAsMrti Day 1,282, 03:29

Auuu bre....

Sjajni clanci...

i onda ih useru komentarima...

bilo bi lepo kad bi ispostovali tekeliju i kliknuli na ono DELETE dugme/gumb 😛

Jbs mu mater volim da koristim rec GUMB 😃

ZIaPavlakAsMrti Day 1,282, 03:30

Valjda je to od citanja AF!

ServerMan Day 1,282, 03:47

Требао си написати и да је по уставу службено писмо у Србији ћирилица 🙂

Nessko Day 1,282, 04:08

No me, no vote :😁
Salu na stranu, sjajno, za svaku preporuku

Vojvoda Chedo
Vojvoda Chedo Day 1,282, 04:24

Great articles, really enjoyed reading them : )

Zaeban Covek
Zaeban Covek Day 1,282, 04:29

Well done!

Vasojevic Stevo
Vasojevic Stevo Day 1,282, 07:18

Cita li ovo neko osim balkanaca ? :😁

Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,282, 09:20

ај болан... нема расправе о томе на мојим чланцима.
баш то није била поента.
ал ај, као што рекох, и то смо ми : )

Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,282, 09:22

хостилиан, овај габриел је богами габриел.
мехикано, јбг.
ето га, јави се сам горе х)

Vogon Jelc
Vogon Jelc Day 1,282, 09:40


Miljicaa Day 1,282, 09:41

Kaman bejbi lajt maj fajr

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