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Day 1,266, 17:26 Published in USA Serbia by Jovan Tekelija

To my Serbian readers, овај чланак је о нама. Можда нећете бити сагласни са њим 100%, можда вам неће изгледати тачно уопште, али то су моји ставови. Да сам хтио да пишем шта други људи мисле, постао бих члан неке политичке партије 😉


The subject of this article will be eSerbs. Not Serbs or Serbia, but eSerbs.
It is quite possible that I will make a series out of it, if there’s enough interest in it. If I make a series of articles, it is quite probable that not all of them will be about eSerbs.
As I have already mentioned in Serbian, this article contains my views, not those of other people, but my personal. In some matters I will be comparing eSerbs with eAmericans, but I won’t be writing about eUSA here, as it might be regarded as trolling 😃

eSerbs are a complex group of people, but I’ll try to keep this article as short as possible. That’s why it might seem a bit shallow, but we’ll get to the bottom of things eventually 😃


I think everyone in eRepublik is familiar with the eSerb babybooms. Most of you probably know that we were able to acquire so many players because of two facts:
1. our RL animosity with Croats(we were almost completely wiped out by Croatia when the 1st major BB happened)
2. some of our players’ media connections(Lipec and others)-Serbia is a small country, so having 5 minutes on air of some popular TV channel or an article in the newspapers means the word WILL spread around.

What is not such a well-known fact is HOW we managed to keep so many of the noobs alive.
It is not just the game, or the battles that happen. To be honest, the game itself is not that interesting. Quite opposite- Battles are boring and unrealistic, politics is very RLesque, economy is lame as hell…

*Definition*-Babyboom is considered successful if at least 10% of the noobs continue playing after the initial login -by Jovan Tekelija
( XD )

So, how did we manage to keep those players here?
Yeah, like everybody else we published tutorials, opened a special for-noobs chat channel, gave out free stuff to them and similar.
There is one more thing. We HUNTED noobs. There were lots of players that literally looked for new players in the Online-Who? page. Then they would start mentoring them, giving them stuff, and what is extremely important, they did it independently. That is important, coz in that way a bond between two players establishes, the new player has an impression of other players as very hospitable and friendly, and those are the things that make up for all those moments this game (itself) lacks.


Lots of them, and they happen quite often.
Thus, a whole new connection between players is created.
A new meeting is set to take place on the historic site(WW1)-Mount Cer on May the 15th. According to some, this one will be the most massive ever.

ако неко има још бољу...


eSerbia has the strongest army in the New World. This is mostly due to the fact I mentioned above-huge population. Also, what makes eSerb military even stronger is Serb fanaticism when it comes to this game. In RL, Serbs consider themselves as great patriots. Those beliefs are transferred into this game too.

That’s why you get 400 eSerbs online even though it’s 3 a.m. in Serbia 🙂


If there is one thing that (e)Serbs suck at-it’s being led. One of the main characteristic of the average Serb is that 90% of the time he is convinced that his views are the ones that are correct. Mere 85% of the time our average Serb thinks that he could do things better than the current leaders of the country.

Serbs LOVE politics. That’s a second thing we’re fanatical about. In certain moments one is not sure what is the priority: eSerbia’s interests or someone’s political beliefs.


It’s not good for our mentality. It seems as though Serbs hate success. If it’s a military one-after that brief period of time when we’re celebrating some epic victory(thru spamming with our 2pics+one bad-English sentence articles) inevitably comes a long period of political struggle. Peace doesn’t sit well with the eSerbs as we tend to get nervous when it’s all peaceful.
If we don’t have any legitimate reasons to fight about, we make some new ones up!
The only thing that unites eSerbs is a direct threat!


I’m all for implementing a possibility of civil war in eRep!
You think eTurkey-eGreece war or eCroatia-eSerbia war is intense? Wait till you see Serbs fighting eachother. If there was a possibility of civil war, Serbs would forget about their emnity with both the eCroats and eAmericans a long time ago! They are not worthy opponents! XD

^yup. Two heads=two opinions

Also, if secession was a possibility in this game, instead of eSerbia with 7 provinces you’d have 7 new countries! That is owed to the fact that I already mentioned in the Leadership bit of the article.


Although it mostly contains spam articles or just plain stupid articles, although it contains bunch of political boring-as-hell-and-dirty articles, although in average it is worse than e.g. eUSA media, I’d say that individually eSerbia has better writers. eSerbia has some of the smartest and most artistic people you’re able to find. Personally, eRep has given me hope for Serbian RL literature(seriously!).

There are only two things that I regret when it comes to that:
1. great articles are incredibly outnumbered by the stupid ones
2. these authors write in Serbian only, so It’d be useless to promote them.

Newspapers were used for one more thing too-gold harvesting. Massive MMM actions were organized, where people were subbing listed newspapers so that those author would get the MMM medal and 5 golds which they would donate to the country. Although the idea behind these projects is good and noble, it is my view that it has done more wrong than good, as nowadays we have scores of writers with 2K+ subs that they didn’t deserve.


Yeah…we got them in record-breaking numbers. Mostly cause of huge population and the fact the I mentioned in the Leadership part. eSerbs HATE changes. We start criticizing them even before we are able to try them out. Sometimes, whiners are right and changes really do turn out to be lame, but sometimes they are wrong which makes them look terribly stupid.
The point is, a lot of eSerbs, in general, criticize almost every change and mostly they overreact.
Blame our numbers for it, as these are not the representative examples of our eNation 😃

When it comes to trolling-our international trolls are just terrible! I’ve already mentioned them: those that publish 2 pics+one sentence articles or spam with some c/p comment and call it trolling. Unfortunately, these are the loud ones, and they (try to) write in English. Do not judge us based on their attempts. We have some great trolls too, but they tend to write mostly in Serbian.

There you have it. The first article about eSerbs. I will be publishing more articles concerning this subject and they will be more in-depth than this one.
In the next article, I will be writing about parties, elections, RL-spam and many other things.
I may even decide to draw a parallel between eSerbia and eUSA, but that is not for sure 😉


Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,266, 17:27


Ilija Bozic
Ilija Bozic Day 1,266, 17:31

I approve this article as a chairman of Texas-Novi Pazar interregional comunnication body

Roberrto Day 1,266, 17:31


Neuricius Day 1,266, 17:35

"^yup. Two heads=two opinions"

Epic win...true essence of this article :😁

c224 Day 1,266, 17:38

Yea, I can't wait for the resistance or Civil War Module to come out.
I can see it now......... The Confederate States of America!!!!!!! lol.Although most of the Owls are based in the south, so we might have turkish as our offical language 🙁

Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,266, 17:38

c224, dont forget the serbs.
we're down in texas too xD

RazorSRB Day 1,266, 17:42

supported by RazorSRB

Great job Jovan


Stealth Line
Stealth Line Day 1,266, 17:45

2:45 VOTE


Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,266, 17:47

all your base ARE belong to us, igore : PPP

Davison Rockefeller
Davison Rockefeller Day 1,266, 17:47

That’s why we get 400 eSerbs online even though it’s 3 a.m. in Serbia 🙂

It's now, it's now! : D

c224 Day 1,266, 17:51

Jovan: Course not xD, yall can have Texas. Although I was looking forward to the epic Serbia-USA battle of Texas, but maybe one day.

I wonder if alot of countries will divide when/if the new module comes out? There will be at least 2- factions coming out of America, then you can most likely expect Quebec to split from Canada.

Ong-Bak Day 1,266, 17:52

It is based on true story. : 3 2 : 52

Gillighan McGill
Gillighan McGill Day 1,266, 17:52

votado :😁

DaMaZz Day 1,266, 18:07

3:06, gladan sam

AntiPirat Day 1,266, 18:09

Syntax error

Blokovi Day 1,266, 18:10


Zaeban Covek
Zaeban Covek Day 1,266, 18:12

I approve every word, but I'd like to add some things : )

The main reason why Serbs are terrible trolls is the huge difference between our language and English, and our sense of humor compared to American. Our cultures are complete opposites, and we will never understand eachother completely.

The second thing which I would like to mention is the reason why eSerbia is the strongest country for months, or why we have such good tennis players, why we were 5 times World Champions in's simple - SERBS LOVE TO COMPETE, and it's not important what competition we take part in, the only important thing is TO BE FIRST AND THE BEST. Unfortunatelly sometimes many of us forget about fair-play and because of our uncontrolled emotions become whiners, trolls and lousy players.

But generally, I am proud to call myself a Serb. : )

AntiPirat Day 1,266, 18:12

Comment deleted

The Other One
The Other One Day 1,266, 18:15

Bravo, Jovancha...
Clanak je istinit! xD

M I N O N Day 1,266, 18:17

What? Only two?
I'm the third head :😁

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 1,266, 18:18

Very interesting. Thanks for the English version

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 1,266, 18:19

Also I was just wondering this. Why do Serbs get so angry when we call them Servs?

Agop Ocalan
Agop Ocalan Day 1,266, 18:23

@turd fergusen

because they are balkanians , they are always angry

RazorSRB Day 1,266, 18:26

Turd Fergusen

Who told you that? I'm not angry, this is nonsense for me

ArciMatori Day 1,266, 18:26

Comment deleted

Alex.L Day 1,266, 18:28

03:28, reporting in o7

I fully agree with this article and zaeban covek

Krindendo Day 1,266, 18:29


Goxi HN
Goxi HN Day 1,266, 18:30

3:30 am

Ilija Bozic
Ilija Bozic Day 1,266, 18:32

Take this as my thought about Servs. First Jovan stated two things about eSrbs and Serbs generaly. Emotinal and Competative, if u tell someone that he is serv u strike in both of mentioned characteristics. for one who likes to compete conecting him with servant is hmmmm emotional for him. UK calling us citizens rednecks would be good to compare.

Lokslius Day 1,266, 18:34

So very true..

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,266, 18:36

The eUSA will never get a babyboom because eRep is boring to American gamers. If you were a 15 year old kid, would you rather be blasting zombies on Xbox Live or sitting in an irc room for hours waiting for someone to tell you to click a 'fight' button? Most of our active people are college students or people who are bored at work.

We seldom have RL get-togethers because of the massive size of our RL country. The rare regional meetups that happen are usually only like 2-4 people.

Most of our players are immune to trolling. This is because we're so accustomed to the idiocy and garbage in our RL media that we're numb to it. Trolls will usually only agitate our younger and stupider people. Trolls who speak poor English will be laughed at, and we will poke the troll to get more laughs from them.

We also constantly fight amongst ourselves, but we know what needs to be done. We'll all complain, but follow the orders anyway.

Splindza Day 1,266, 19:10

Hmmm very nice man i will give it to the kiwis to read vote man o/

weasel2 Day 1,266, 19:20

You write great articles

Sharkskin Day 1,266, 19:24

But generally, I am proud to call myself a Serb. : )

Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Day 1,266, 19:29

"Turd Fergusen Day 1,266, 18:19

Also I was just wondering this. Why do Serbs get so angry when we call them Servs?"

There is interpretation by which name "Servia" is offensive one, taking root from the word "servant".

EduRaptor Day 1,266, 19:31

Eto sto sam vrucc

Exiled Emperor of eChile
Akasuna Itachi

Ankesenamen Ra
Ankesenamen Ra Day 1,266, 19:40

Super ::DDD

Thedillpickl Day 1,266, 19:58

~pickle takes a deep breath~

@Ilija Bozic, REDNECK!? I resemble that remark. (Inside joke, Jovan may get it.) I'm a fat, balding, old fart American of Polish decent. When people make fun or ridicule me for those traits, I respond with, "What's your point?". As far as Limeys calling me a redneck... 😛:P

@Jovan, congrats bro, I know you write a lot to your friends, but some English only people like to hear what you have to say. Some folks may call it American arrogance that people like me speak only one language. I call it American stupidity. I am fairly old, I have tried to lean some Spanish and French, it ain't happening. We should teach our school kids, at least the basics of a second language. I appreciate the English articles, please do more.

@Dell, you hit the nail on the head. No babyboom for us with a lame game. It was hard enough to keep US player when their was fun stuff to do here. :~(

Finally, I love the 'get together' picture! I am not much to travel, but between some e-mail friends and depici I actually think Europe would be fun, especially if I could track down people I know from on-line. I'm not much of a tourist, I live in a tourist area. I would rather come to Serbia and hang out with a group like that than go to some old stuffy museum or something. Plus, that looks like the woods (forest) around my home. (BTW, smart move hiding the beer keg out of the shot.)

Glove Day 1,266, 20:13


Cavalcanti Day 1,266, 20:50

"There is interpretation by which name "Servia" is offensive one, taking root from the word "servant"."

Well, it's Sérvia in portuguese so I see no problem calling it that way.

Keelin Day 1,266, 21:01

Voted, the best is gatherings!

Cavalcanti Day 1,266, 21:02

tl;dr servians are perfect

Maegalodonus Day 1,266, 21:50

Your avatar says it all Jovan, though cheezburgers won't get it.

Serbs and Spaniards, we're very much alike, except for the Army thing.

mkey Day 1,266, 22:04

"That’s why you get 400 eSerbs online even though it’s 3 a.m. in Serbia 🙂"

Well, there are a few other factors here (;

RaccoonGoon Day 1,266, 22:39

Good article Jovan.

There are a lot of similarities between us, but also a lot of differences, most of the reasons for which were touched on by Dell Fargus.

In the long run, I think the Eastern European countries are better suited for eRep than the US. We have a lot of disadvantages because we're cover a larger amount of territory, are more ethnically mixed, and as such, can be more apathetic in general.

If there's anything we have a leg up on, it's probably intelligent trolling, but hey, I guess having native knowledge of English has its own advantages on an international stage.

Pokac II Reinkarnisani
Pokac II Reinkarnisani Day 1,266, 22:41

Great article. Nice comments.

ea10 Day 1,266, 23:05

Seems legit. I wanna be one of the smart ones. Can i has it? T.T

Mifdefacto Day 1,266, 23:08

Hvala! best article i ever read about Serbian.Volim Serbia ( : Voted

Miljicaa Day 1,266, 23:39

Hvala Tekelija : D

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