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Serbian Special Forces

Day 2,302, 12:58 Published in Serbia Serbia by Vladan87

SSF (Serbian Special Forces) is a corps sized tactical group comprised of 4 elite brigades: Front of Heroes, White Eagles, Vukovi (Wolves) and Guardian Angels. The corps was formed on March 22nd 2011. by four strongest Serbian paramilitary units of that period. Several months later they were joined by Tesla Troopers who were part of the group until November 2013 when they left.

How does SSF work?

SSF is in constant state of awareness and has at least 15 soldiers with 35.000 - 80.000 Q7 hit prepared to intervene at any moment. Others are assembled via SMS, system tray notifier, erep script and shout. Every SSF unit has its own IRC channel and its own internal organization but they all fight together as soon as they are alarmed for assembly. SSF officers can be found on public #ssf IRC Rizon channel where various presidents, MoFA’s or MoD’s can contact them and ask for help. When SSF gets the call, officers alarm their units and allow access to war channel where they distribute equipment and issue orders. Upon entering the war channel, soldiers fill out their equipment form, and logistic officers then distribute weapons to their soldiers. Since there are four different units with four logistics officers on just one distribution document, every unit is covered even if their logistics officer is not present at the moment. Statistics are carefully monitored and any glitch in the mechanism is soon repaired. Nothing is left unchecked and nothing depends on the mood of officers. Entire mechanism is carefully planned to provide the best possible results.

SSF is one of the strongest military groups of the New World and is capable of overrunning entire armed forces of some countries. THEIR INFLUENCE IS THE CHEAPEST in the whole New World and is NOT PAID BY CURRENCY OR GOLD but purely by providing tanks for fighting. They are not in this game to earn money. They are here to play. If you need their influence you can come to above mentioned #ssf channel and in 10-20 minutes you’ll get the job done without searching for fighters all over the web. No more bothering with fishy dudes on mercenary channels and checking if they fought where they were supposed to. No more endless equipment distribution to hundreds of mercenaries while trying to lead the battle. SSF soldiers are highly trained veterans from v1 and v2. They follow orders without a question and are led by experienced officers who were in charge of massive operations with hundreds of soldiers during battles of Slavonia, Rhone Alps, North of Brazil and Liaoning in v1 and v2. This version of the game is merely a child's play for them. Your only job is to provide them with tanks and link of the battle. After that just sit back and watch history being made.

Don't forget one important thing. By hiring SSF you don't hire just those 40-50 soldiers who answered the call. You also get DAILY ORDERS of these four units and that gives you FREE influence of soldiers you didn't provide weapons for. That can double and even triple your overall influence on the battlefield during entire campaign and it amounts to several hundred millions and even billion in influence.

SSF Units:


Formed: 06.04.2009.
Founders: sakal_ks and Ljudislav.
Number of soldiers: 55 + 21 (Reserve battalion)
Average strength: 46.000
HQ Officers:
Commander Marko I Stojkovic
Chief of Operations Don Lazo
Chief of Logistics Dimitrij Ivanov
Chief of Personnel serbianscorpion.
1st battalion bOlja afc
2nd battalion ClairV0yance
3rd battalion Lord Haldir
4th battalion Behula.
*HQ and other officers are elected every month through internal elections within the unit.
Communication: forum, website, #we IRC channel.
Recruitment: Constant and ongoing. Minimum strength 25000. After initial interview, candidate is being checked out by chief of personnel who gives his report to other officers. All officers then vote and candidate enters the service within 48 hours.
WHITE EAGLES – September 2012.
WHITE EAGLES – January 2011,
WHITE EAGLES – Elite unit,
History: White Eagles are the first Serbian paramilitary unit and one of the oldest in the world. Serbia got its first Fieldmarshal during WWIII and invasion of USA. He was a member and WE commander Milojica. During PTO operations against Croatia in may/june 2009. White Eagles were the main body of Serbian PTO team and sakal_ks became the president of the strongest Croatian party. In their prime, White Eagles had 140 soldiers with another 60 in reserves (not very active) and until September 2009. were practically only Serbian paramilitary unit worth mentioning. In January 2010, nine officers and soldiers left WE and formed another famous unit - Guardian Angels. In late 2010. WE implements the system of monthly officers election and this system is still active. After 3 months in service every Eagle has a right to candidate for officer position and is being elected by his comrades. In march of 2011. together with other 3 strongest paramilitary units of Serbia, WE formed SSF.


Formed: March/April 2009. as 2nd Serbian army brigade (Wolves)
Founders: Serbian MoD
Number of soldiers: 80
Average strength: 48.000
Officers: Pegica, Konstruktivac, Bgajic, Aspri Eklesija, Idefix11, The.Hound.
Communication: #vukovi and #vukovi.public IRC channels.
Recruitment: D4 50.000; D3 35.000; D2 25.000
Media: VUKOVI - VeS, VUKOVI - promo, Vukovanje
History: Unit was formed in march 2009. as a 2nd brigade of regular Serbian army. The first commander was geopaja. A month later, an army was reformed and the unit got new name Wolves and new commander Desert Hamster. After assuming political leadership as MoD and President of the country, Desert Hamster withdrew himself from commanding structure within the unit and that position was taken by Shumor. During his time at the head of the unit, Wolves started becoming economically more independent and in December 2010. they left regular army and became independent paramilitary unit. In March 2011. they became co-founders of SSF.


Formed: March/April 2009. as 3rd Serbian army brigade / 19.02.2010. as Front of Heroes
Founders: Serbian MoD
Number of soldiers: 45
Average strength: 50.000
HQ officers: Commander Alex.L, deputy commanders coorajber, Djilkosh i iKoren,
Officers: logistic officer brabus
Communication: IRC channel #front.public on Rizon
Recruitment: There is no open recruitment or minimum requirements to enter. You can become a FoH soldier if someone within the group wouches for you and even then you’ll have to wait for couple of days until your application is reviewed by officers.
Media: FRONT of HEROES, FRONT of HEROES channel
History: They were formed as 3rd battalion, later brigade of Serbian Army. They participated in every Army campaigns from liberation of Serbia, 7 Slavonia offensives all the way to WWIII and invasion of USA. After military reforms they got the name Tigers and they would carry that name until breakup with MoD in February 2010. That’s when they formed a new unit called Front of Heroes. Soon they were joined by small but deadly tank unit called “5CTO” (five hundreds) which had only 5 members with great strength. Combination of FoH logistics and 5CTO’s firepower made Front of Heroes the strongest and most powerful unit in Serbia and one of the top units in the world. In march 2011. together with White Eagles, Guardian Angels and Wolves they created Serbian Special Forces – at that time the tactical group with the highest influence in the world.


Formed: 03.01.2010.
Founders: electric.mojo, soonchica, oddyZR, Ivan Orestijevic, Vojko Mrdic, Tiberie, DjoxaKv89, Dragutin Dimitrijevic Apis
Number of soldiers: 50
Average strength: 43.000
HQ officers: Savo Derikonja
Officers: Dragutin Dimitrijevic Apis, Vladan87, uveta, elveon ZeRo_CooL, ssam, starca.jna.
Communication: Forum, website (under construction) i IRC channel #guardianangels
Recruitment: There are no specific strength requirements and candidate is required only to be active and to fit in. Candidates fill out recruitment form, and then their application is being reviewed by officers on forum. Entire process lasts 2-3 days.
History: Unit was formed by ex members of White Eagles who left WE in December 2009. Guardian Angels were formed on 03.01.2010. and by January 8th the number of soldiers went up to 24. Within a month they got an invitation from Brazilian government to move to Brazil and become an integral part of Brazilian defense system. They stayed in Brazil until August 2010. when they decided to come back to Serbia and continue their economic development. Following the initiative of their commander gid they started negotiations to create a confederacy of the strongest Serbian paramilitary units. Initiative was finalized in March 2011. and SSF was formed.

Updated on March 10th 2014.


Dimitrij lvanov
Dimitrij lvanov Day 2,302, 13:02


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Zeljko82 Day 2,302, 13:07


Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Day 2,302, 13:10

Gde su Tesle?


Vlada 505
Vlada 505 Day 2,304, 01:57

Nema gejsle

nema vote

coorajber Day 2,302, 13:11


Sehi Van
Sehi Van Day 2,303, 10:13

Iskoriscavam ti komentar da bih bio sto blize vrhu < 4

Ovaj панишер logo je kao neki тинејџ bunt, emo, токиохотел....
Ali zato onaj na vrhu je bas profi...

Napred SSF!!!

coorajber Day 2,303, 10:45

< 4

To Shiba
To Shiba Day 2,302, 13:11

Pisete gluposti.

Marko I Stojkovic
Marko I Stojkovic Day 2,302, 13:10


Vlajko delija
Vlajko delija Day 2,302, 13:11


PRC PRC PRC Day 2,302, 13:16

Dje su Tesle?

Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 2,302, 13:16

SOS o7

Dimitrij lvanov
Dimitrij lvanov Day 2,302, 13:17

Your souls are beyond saving : D

River Rover
River Rover Day 2,302, 13:16


Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Day 2,302, 13:15

WE are so sexy, WE are so special


ZenTale Day 2,757, 18:19

Legenda živi...

Anthony John Tony Soprano
Anthony John Tony Soprano Day 2,302, 13:18


Anominan Day 2,302, 13:18

Pijavice ove divne zajednice.

Capone91 Day 2,302, 13:19


Dio Ville
Dio Ville Day 2,302, 13:22

Serbian Special Faggots! o7

mrle1982 Day 2,302, 13:22


elveon Day 2,302, 13:23

vr' /\

SaIiery Day 2,302, 13:23

Vladica ♥

New-and-Now Day 2,302, 13:27


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TheJakal Day 2,302, 13:29

Bravo devojke

GVOZDENI Tihi glas
GVOZDENI Tihi glas Day 2,302, 13:34

a muskih nema ?

TheJakal Day 2,302, 13:42

Sve su to moje devojčice

TrigerSRB Day 2,302, 13:33


BG Pobednik
BG Pobednik Day 2,302, 13:36


crvenacvekla Day 2,302, 13:37

e da gde je sada gid?

ZeRo_CooL Day 2,302, 13:54

dig'o ruke odavno 🙂

elveon Day 2,302, 14:05

sve je OK dok ne pocne da dize noge 😃

mnesa Day 2,302, 13:40

Bravo Vladane!!! SSF ...

bozimano dorks
bozimano dorks Day 2,302, 13:46


Nemaanjaaa120 Day 2,302, 13:49


Nemaanjaaa120 Day 2,302, 13:51

+ Mislim da ipak treba da se napise clanak i na nasme jeziku..

xDesertHamsterX Day 2,302, 14:00

HAIL SOS... mislim SSF!!!

Konstruktivac Day 2,302, 14:08

Samo jashi svi smo nashi !!!!!

mcmoox Day 2,302, 14:10

MCMOOX je bio ovde !!!!

ZIKA BG Day 2,302, 14:41


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Marko RMS
Marko RMS Day 2,302, 15:33


war 0408
war 0408 Day 2,302, 15:55


drfreeman Day 2,304, 12:23

to pozdravljanje i supkanje ne mijenja cinjenicu da smo vas naguzili na takmicenju 😃

Apollon the Magnificent
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GeneralSM Day 2,302, 16:00


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