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Day 1,947, 05:00 Published in Albania Albania by jonkastrioti




III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,947, 05:04

Desert Hamster did it!! : D

Tripkovic Day 1,947, 16:56

Hahahahha kralju desert kao Tole u fudbalu hahahhaha xD

wsdwqs wqwq
wsdwqs wqwq Day 1,947, 18:20

Its easy to get 1000 cc after 15 mins of gameplay, you just pray to the God of local curency and sacrfice 2 young goats and you get rewarded with 1000 cc

TroyannForc Day 1,947, 05:06

how they win 1k cc that is interested

it's more interesting how you got to lvl 54 with that kind of knowledge. xD

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,947, 06:12

well actually it means he is not using multies
new players get 1k cc when they log in? or they have to exchange gold?

Portofoli Humbur
Portofoli Humbur Day 1,947, 07:40

0rinda do not act like a smart ass , you can not use Monetary market while being a "Young Citizen" , and all the players mentioned in the article are "Young Citizen".
And how is it possible for a "few hours old player" to get 1k CC without selling gold?

Here :

And this means that TroyannForc has more knowledge than you do 😉

TroyannForc Day 1,947, 08:11

0rinda u are very kidding boy gril idk but u tell us what are u how they can can u tell me only from donate ohh i foret with new rules in erepublik u can't sale ur gold with 0.00 str if u forget that "? only with 50.oo str

Backoovan Day 1,947, 19:46

Why would Serbia use multi to attack itself?

Backoovan Day 1,947, 19:52

This man:
Who is the Albanian minister of education
Wrote this article:

There you have a guide, as official Albanian strategy, how to create multi accounts.
The purpose of multi accounts is military strenghtening of their D1, D2 and ultimately(on the longer run) of D3. You have the entire setup there telling people how to cheat(using alternate IP, other PC or even simultaneous conections(PC+lap top)).

So you have a government official, a minister of education, educating people how to cheat.
With detailed info.

You have more on that matter in my last article.
Now thats cheating !

Backoovan Day 1,947, 19:54

The article was deleted but i have pictures of it:

So why dont you ask your minister of education he seems to be the pro when it comes to multis and I am sure he can clear up this dillema for you.
Who knows maybe these rw babies you speak of are his?

Eni05 Day 1,947, 05:11

Sapo e vura re dhe une. per ca dreqin po e bejne kte? 😮

millyi Day 1,947, 05:20

it's a shame for this game

millyi Day 1,947, 05:22

i think it's the way to exchange fakes cc ... they are opening a RW and someone is paying their owner.. maybe not the whole 1k, but a part

jonkastrioti Day 1,947, 05:30

How is possible new acc 1st day can support 1k cc ??

millyi Day 1,947, 05:33

with missions ... cc that are thought by admins to be invested in production

oldvujo Day 1,947, 05:41

munesh si te shkojsh ne lvl 15 hin ne monetary market pastaj Fraps oney jo me shit gold po me ble all me gold edhe qatu i ndrron pa kan adult

srsly dude, go on wiki and read some rules

oldvujo Day 1,947, 08:07

Orinda you can try DUDE

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,947, 05:23

as always 🙂

Andiroid Day 1,947, 05:26

United Multies of Serbia... -.-'

Serbia helped from admins? What does this even mean?

And why would Serbians make multies to support their own resistance wars (they have more wars opened already)?

It is even funnier that you pictured every multie supporting it. If someone ask me, I'd say it was you who made multies and you are now blaming Serbia.

millyi Day 1,947, 05:36

ahaha Orinda, who who but you are speaking about the opening of own RWs?!

When it comes to returning region, ofc people will support it. But making accusations without proof that Serbians supported their own RWs with multies, is ridiculous.

It's clearly that one and only purpose of this article is to upset Serbians.

jonkastrioti Day 1,947, 05:44

that means serbia can do everithing and not reciving bann in 30 min 9 multi 😮 how they can support a RW in first day? from where they take a cc ? serbia has 1000cc when they go in game? Admins cant control serbiens ? or they helpet from them I SEE LIKE THIS

Ever heard of selling gold on the monetary market?

TroyannForc Day 1,947, 05:51

The questions is wher they get 1k cc that is question man

millyi Day 1,947, 05:52

oh and i'm noob on a first day of my life know what is RW, that i need 1k, cc how to sell gold, what is MM ... i'm begging you

TroyannForc: Basic rules of erepublik - you get 1 gold for every level. Now take a look at pictures in the article. All are lvl 15+. Whih makes it 14g+. Sell it on the Montary Market. Now do the math.

kushtrimzz Day 1,947, 06:52

Comment deleted

LmBigger Day 1,947, 08:27

0rinda, has the rules changed?? Can a YOUNG Player sell gold on the market ?

jonkastrioti Day 1,947, 05:51

How is possible in 30 min 9 multi and admins sleeping or give favor for serbia ??

jonkastrioti Day 1,947, 05:58

we cant make a articel for Kosova they delete for 5 min and serbia can make 9 multi in 30 min this is a justice ??

Stratonik Day 1,947, 06:10

jonkastrioti all albanian D1 unit is multi

look this article Ministria e E Edukimit MoE


jonkastrioti Day 1,947, 06:16

Multi??? they are not multi my friend read better or translate beter 🙂

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,947, 06:14

maybe eden have some plan to open all rw's at the same time, and they are trying to avoid it by opening rw's right now with multies?

Stratonik Day 1,947, 06:19

why the article was removed from Ministria e E Edukimit MoE

silent192 Day 1,947, 07:02

who the hell would sell all his gold on his first day of playing just to support 1 rw??

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 1,947, 11:37

0rinda would apparently... and the admins ... 😛

Mr. BadAss
Mr. BadAss Day 1,947, 05:31


LiLo1 Day 1,947, 06:42

i have reported from the begining and all still not banned

tuPole Jr
tuPole Jr Day 1,947, 05:35

Shame on Servia

ljubisavljev Day 1,947, 05:36

opa idemo !!

Ferata Day 1,947, 05:38


carpet15 Day 1,947, 05:39

United Multies of Serbia... -.-' х2

A3naos Day 1,947, 05:40

Multies ?
Bots ?
In this fair Game ?
I dont thing so !!!!

MDejzi Day 1,947, 05:41

0rinda We have seen many pro-Serbian moderators still now so its ok if u are also one of them.
Dont talk us about multies and stuff like that,this is serbian strategy to catch us unprepared by opening the rw before we planned.
This is something that was used before by many countries like serbia,we didn't or they didn't invent nothing.
Its just weird to see moderators supporting serbia even here in the articles.

Fritanga. Day 1,947, 05:58

what you say is 100% true, it doesn't matter if some people try to hide what is obvious: they wanted to open the RW just in the right moment for them, everyone can see that.

BacoST Day 1,947, 05:41


The People of Justice
The People of Justice Day 1,947, 05:45


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