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Day 924, 05:08 Published in Bolivia Bolivia by Miracle

This is my first article and at this article i want to advertise my self.

I want to start a new eLife here at Bolivia. But it seems so hard to get Bolivia citizenship. I'ts been more than a month i moved to eBolivia and my citizenship application was ignored twice. But i'ts okay. I believe to start a new eLife is not that easy.

By the way, i'm advertising myself as en employer too.

My land Skill is 10 right now. Anyone want to hire me and willing to pay higher salary, just PM me, and i will move to your company.

Thank You.





Asilo de ancianos
Asilo de ancianos Day 924, 08:22

You should register on our national forum to ask for citizenship:
<a href=""></a>

Vasylyshyn Day 924, 08:36


Konzern Gazer
Konzern Gazer Day 925, 09:41


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