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sedih juga bacanya

Day 1,990, 08:40 Published in Indonesia USA by j4k4rt4

The End of A Great Adventure ...

buat yg males ke tkp, ane kutipin aje ye:

What is already assumed, viewfinder, frightened and speculation has finally came. Starting all from the Romanian leaving, things were clear and inevitable.
Not finding a common solution, external pressure and dissatisfaction among the remaining members was the final blow and led to a joint decision that is given to Congress as a decisive body, the decision about closing the alliance completely.
Decisions were discussed and brought to a conclusion and was mutually agreed that Croatia, Greece and Turkey will put the leaving vote together. Now former EDEN countries have completely free will to decide their fates and what's the best way for their country.

meski lo musuh, tapi I o7 You



j4k4rt4 Day 1,990, 08:49

no pertamax gan

Arcelven Day 1,990, 09:29

Respek buat EDEN o7

AudiiduA Day 1,990, 09:38

respek buat EDEN o7 2x

Alvandy Aryadinar
Alvandy Aryadinar Day 1,990, 09:49


MRizky Day 1,990, 10:05

respect o7

j4k4rt4 Day 1,990, 10:06

makasih kaka-kaka
makasih juga buat pa ketcong, udah nyempetin mampir
& selamat menempuh hidup baru bersama kaka rafi nya

/me menunggu hasil kerja cong, buat menyejahterakan rakyat eindonesia

Allea230112 Day 1,990, 17:54


Warank Day 1,990, 18:57


def0 Day 1,990, 20:28

respect o7

Lunar Crusade
Lunar Crusade Day 1,990, 21:31

For one of the greatest alliance. o7

edwin muharamsyah
edwin muharamsyah Day 1,990, 23:48

EDEN bubar? ganyang secepatnyaaaaaaa!!! hahahahaa

RyGnwn Day 1,991, 05:18

I witness EDEN born
I feel old already

Respect o7

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Day 1,991, 05:40

yeyy.. gk kerasa udh lama bgt maen game ini 😃

angky Day 1,991, 14:38

ini yg namanya SEJARAH

o0n3m00o Day 1,991, 16:19


OdagiriJoe Day 1,991, 18:58

aliansi yg paling bertahan lama tuh ya, jaman2nya phoenix

Rasyides Day 1,992, 01:59

dah lama juga ya ...

Bang Sat
Bang Sat Day 1,992, 06:22

Meskipun mereka musuh, saya respek para petarung2 yang gigih (veteran invasi eIndo ke eUSA)

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