Secret erepublik Civic Revealed

Day 4,354, 15:08 Published in Ireland Ireland by Sweet Drinker

So we don't have a CP now.
Which is pretty cool; we can delete the Executive Branch.
We already know how to delete congress, it often takes care of that itself..
And erep has always had no court system.
That means we can unlock the political module's secret Pure Anarchy civic type.

It would take a bit of coordination, but I believe together eIreland can achieve this. Anarchy in our eLifetime!

We'd be doing something that's not really been done, in a game with nothing left to do.

90% certainty we descend into basically Lord of the Flies factionism in like a month. Teetering indefinitely between authoritarian militarism and bureaucratic suffocation. ie: back where we started.

More Pros:
With no government there is no war button. Therefore war is deleted; Checkmate losers.

Next year the eWorld news could light up about some other eNation as it celebrates the world first true eAnarchy. You'd know "that could have been us".

Express your eBoredom by disconnecting as many game features as humanly possible.

eIreland has the courage
eIreland has the craic
eIreland now has the technology