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Scam alert

Day 1,933, 09:01 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

Scam alert

reshout of original :

Apparently a user called "Security Alert" is stealing users and passwords claiming that "voters club" is illegal and asking to give password in another off republik site.

Reshout it.



Saiwun Day 1,933, 09:04

He's banned........

Alphabethis Day 1,933, 09:13

but the damage or any other fake user may be around...

Kravenn Day 1,933, 09:17

That kind of scum never stay long in erepublik

BigAnt Day 1,933, 12:12

Why you still here then?

Betafoxtrot Day 1,933, 12:24

Could ask you the same question

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,933, 12:26

Ask Sir Scott Williamson.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,934, 07:55

unwarranted hate much :3

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 1,934, 11:15

I lolled sooo fucking loud. OMG

Orinocco Day 1,933, 12:55

nice to see BigAnt is being his lovely self.

Dr_True_Love Day 1,933, 09:28

gee, the guy can't spell.

Badass Dave
Badass Dave Day 1,933, 09:34

"[...]inform you that you account[...]" LEGITNESS OVERLOAD!!

ViciousDeeds Day 1,933, 09:39

im not being funny but if you reply to that message you deserve to have your account hacked!

Luke Braferd Day 1,934, 00:08

Comment deleted

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 1,934, 00:11

only idiots who will reply to that message.

Strength and Honour

Carlini8 Day 1,933, 10:54

The admins can't spell either so he might have done it on purpose!

Professor Evil
Professor Evil Day 1,933, 11:20


Will reshout

helpmeslack Day 1,933, 16:04

someone should buy votes for this article :3

Jude Connors Day 1,934, 23:25

Comment deleted

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,934, 01:26

Obvious fake.
It doesn't have enough grammar or spelling mistakes to be from Admins.

wigibob Day 1,934, 11:30

lol, so true

Marathir Day 1,935, 02:42

I love people who fall for these scams! They are the digital equivalent of darwin award winners!

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