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This is not a campaign, this is a Challenge!

ONEWAYS - The Boy Who Murdered Love

Remember a while ago when everyone cried out:

Admin heard us, Plato is alive! we've got a challenge related to... staying home?! 😁 in fact:

For the packers, it just took an epic to collect'em all! Poof... WC completed.

But for the others and non-packers it is like:

Hmm.. PH medal... what's that mean?
We were expecting something like Lana with mask or special pack o some kind of creativity,

then Plato surprised us:

Good for tanks. Same as always!

This week's challenge is creepy anyway, just an excuse.

Not that most of us can go further than 4.5 k pp without losing eb. 😂

But then, why carrot?! I think because in Plato's vision we are all:

Happy carrot chewing while staying at home!

If enjoyed, hand me a sub! thx, I will sub back if you comment.
Let's enjoy the game, even with a click. 😁

Stay strong, stay motivated!

megahack, Day 4508 of new world - 03/24/20