Save life to erep player. Donations done , thanks everybody

Day 5,419, 11:37 Published in Ukraine Ukraine by M 9I Y

Hi all . I'm a player from Ukraine, I've been playing erepublic for many years since the tops have 20k strength ) I was 3 times the president of eUkraine, worked in the government for years, so it's quite possible that some of you know me. But now it's not about the eRepublic, but about the fact that I need your help in real life.

I live in the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which was occupied by the Russians on March 2, and now the time has come for the male population to urgently leave it. A fake referendum will take place before the end of the month, and after it the male population will be caught to throw against Ukraine as part of the Russian army, as the same thing happens in Donetsk and Luhansk. Men will be hunted down as if they were hunting, they will go from house to house and catch them on the streets. I hoped that the referendum would not be held and the Ukrainian army would liberate the city, but yesterday these hopes were dashed. The only way to get out of Kherson now is by bus through the Crimea on the territory of Russia to Latvia. The price of the trip is 400 dollars. I have been in occupation for half a year without money and I have nowhere to take this amount, so I need help to stay alive . A have a one week to escape before mens still can go out through crimea

my card for donation
5168 7520 8024 6369 - usd (IBAN UA223052990262096400938715966 )

4149609013915220 ua

Now collected 120 percents . You are amazing ppl evererybody thank you very much.