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Save eWorld economy vol.2 + TG upgrade issue

Day 1,618, 07:35 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Dear eRepublikans,

My last article received over 1300 votes and for a while it was #1 INTERNATIONAL article. I'm very glad that the topic interested you and thank you for that.

In a previous article you have commented a lot and even made ​​some concrete proposals for the solution of problems of the eWorld economy.

Author of the previous article wrote a new one, and this time theme is what admins can do, while the first article talked about what we as a community could do. I will, with his permission, to republish this article too, with small changes, because the main goal is that this theme reach many people around eWorld, so we together try to influence the game.

Before we start, pls read this comic maden by James McNamara. Explains everything.

This is edited republish of that article

In my the last article I presented a plan about how we can influence on eWorld economy and to reduce the trend of falling prices on the market, I think the only way next to boycott .(If anyone has some other plan pls say).

Let me introduce ways that are much easier, but which unfortunately do not depend on us. Depend only on the Admins and they will have to do something as soon as possible if they want to keep this game alive. The ways are:

First is adding larger amounts of gold in the game:

We all know that gold mostly going on tanking or training (so that the gold directly goes to Admins). Players rarely put the gold into circulation so that the purchasing of gold will not improve the situation. There are two simple ways to do by Admins and they are:

a) Increasing the value of the medals from 5 to 10 or 15 gold.
The reduction of Medals complexity. HW medals would be given for 10 days work, and ss for 100 str.

(These models will not directly affect the price increase, but will strength the currency which come to the same)

Another problem came with new Training Center ugrades. As i said, players spent more gold, and all that goes only to Admins, and not in game. That means more cc in game, and less gold. That means, in few days gold will have 2000+ rate.

2.Decreasing overproduction:
Overproduction is (Simply said) – producing more products than we can spend.
I think this is realistic and what the admins will do, what will lead to greater demand of products. That mean no more overproduction.Here are the ways:

a) Increasing the amount of raw required for a unit of product.
Simply introduce change for expamle, q1 bread will need 3 raw units instead of one and all that to increase the x3 which will lead to greater demand 3x
(This is a problem for low ranked players, they could not fight with q6 wep and would not even have enough bread to hit the whole ff, but when I started with a game I did not know what q5 tank looks like, it was a luxury)

Increasing the daily limit for health redovery.
The simpliest would be to increase the limit from 550-700 on 1500 + and that every hour we can recoveran additional 300 well instead of the current 100.
(This would also be short-term solution cuz for 3-4 months, we will face again with overproduction, cuz people would not have the q4raw companies x100 but the q4raw Companies x 1000).

c) This solution is, i think, the best of all, stop working as manager in Companies, and many people agree with that.
Trough this way, every player can have as many Companies as he like, but cant produce in them infinitly. This mean less raw materials on the market, and consequently to a complete economic order has changed

These are the ways that I can think of right now, if I remember something else I will edit. And do not think that Admins don’t count us, ordinary players who do not spend gold. Every player is an important player for the simple reason that when I hit his modest 300k Romper on the other side needs to buy 15 gold to compensate my dmg. So we must fight together to change something. Write tickets, spam them. We can handle this anymore.

For next article i have prepared text about eRepublik issue at all. You will like it.

Untill then, pls vote and shout this article, so many people around eWrold can see it.

All credits goes to bojler989 for making this text !

Stelios Trojan wrote 4 minutes ago
Upgrade to Q40 (Quality 40).
How? Buy more gold!!!

Coming soon,
Your lovely admins.

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-Dear Plato by RizonPT
-What would it cost to the admin by Klaziades

For shout:

Save eWorld economy + New Companies [Q7}


TrepleXXX Day 1,618, 07:39

v 🙂

cc1432 Day 1,618, 07:40


Sir Spi
Sir Spi Day 1,618, 07:40


armbeno Day 1,618, 07:40


Caelo Day 1,618, 07:44

Comment deleted

DevilsBreed Day 1,618, 07:45


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,618, 07:45

The articles make me laugh.

You assume that admin or the owners of eRepublik are sympathetic to the economy and balance of gold in the game, they aren't. This is a business, the more gold they make available within the game itself, the less likely people are to buy gold with RL dollars. RL dollars pay the bills for server costs and programming so don't expect any "sympathetic" changes to the game environment.

R. W. Reagan
R. W. Reagan Day 1,618, 07:49

29 votes in 15 minutes! Cool!

Zugi Day 1,618, 07:50

I quit

Roman Daco
Roman Daco Day 1,618, 07:50

Trying to revive a dead body. Good luck!

Mesquita Day 1,618, 07:52


mostates Day 1,618, 08:05

@Addy Lawrence

I agree with you about stance of Admin but they are going too far. Current situation is more like Miss Sunshine ( ) .

Cow is almost dead, imo. : /


I don't think Admin will help about natural gold influx and for overproduction problem, they can't revert back to no WAM , what will happen to countless of companies? Nothing but serious underutilization will occur.

DomCobb Day 1,618, 08:06

stop working as manager in Companies

You got it 🙂 V already Sub

DomCobb Day 1,618, 08:08

By the way stop saying that admins won't change because they need gold.
If they make a better game, they will maybe gain less on short term but on long term there will be more players, and more money made.

Dragan711 Day 1,618, 08:08


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,618, 08:14

@DomCobb that was true on the begining of this game...but for now, everybody see that only they do is addapting this game to make more profit.

m i right ?!

Tel me one thing they did to improve this game ?!

Tell me one thing they did on demand of eRep Comunity ?!

WarMachin3 Day 1,618, 08:19

The new updates are an insult to older players. Players that has played for, let's say, 4 years, with 16,000 strength. With the current updates, I could achieve that in one year or less.

And I'm sorry, if anybody is actually paying good money just to buy gold, then you really need to spend it on REAL games. Skyrim, Starcraft and COD for example. People that actually buy gold are pathetic.

Admins, need more income? Try advertisements. I'm sure none of us mind.

Aurelian Z
Aurelian Z Day 1,618, 08:21

All the problems in the game happened because admins gave away too much free stuff.

gold from medals, free companies, energy bars, bazookas etc.

xohzzwn6kcj9 Day 1,618, 08:31


mdjole Day 1,618, 09:36


Ludak021 Day 1,618, 10:20

admins don't want to improve anything, they want to further reduce the gold income. Do you really think that they don't know how to fix things in a way that the community would appreciate? They do, but they don't want that. They want this, what they are making now. (yes, they are doing it on purpose because they can and because people still buy gold)

Ludak021 Day 1,618, 10:23

btw what server costs? This game can be hosted on 2005 laptop. There would be no problems with the game they actually had server costs. I think they use the server on which the game is hosted for tons more stuff. And bandwidth? It's a joke. If their server and bandwidth costs exceed 2000$ per month someone is ripping them off.

vrpanch Day 1,618, 10:31

@WarMachin3 I have bought gold in past, and it was so that i can get myself a Q5 company and be able to fight with tanks and train to get try to catch up to players that have been here for 4 years. It also made the game more interesting for me, by giving me something more than just fighting once a day cuz i cant afford to food or weapons. However, I will never buy gold again, because their greed is slowly just killing this game. no need to spend my money on them, if they are gunna ruin the game!

vrpanch Day 1,618, 10:34

Also i completely agree, that the admins should just get advertisements, thats how big companies like google, yahoo and such are able to stay afloat in this world. I wouldnt care if there was an ads on the sides telling me to buy, i see that every where, and i def wouldnt mind if it, they it were to help keep this game interesting.

armbeno Day 1,618, 10:36

I think the time has come. It's time start a revolution against the current modules in the game.
We demand a fixed economic module and a fixed military module.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,618, 10:50

@RizonPT that is just suggestion what to do, to solvev this problem. Nobody said thats good....

@armbeno dude thats our main goal. Better do anything tryuing to make things better then nothing, just sitting and watching them ruining this game

ZdravkoBGD Day 1,618, 11:09


Klaziades Day 1,618, 11:20

Thanks for adding my article.


ByK DS1989
ByK DS1989 Day 1,618, 11:24

One more thing, prices are going down, admins just lower the bot prices.....

gnasher.armorer Day 1,618, 11:52

Plato must love those articles 😃
Vote hard.

Janad0 Day 1,618, 12:09

Plato must love those articles

Shockedyci Day 1,618, 12:20


mcbaron67 Day 1,618, 12:35

bros plato bought a new bugatti lets help him to upgrade training grounds

misko022 Day 1,618, 12:44

v222 sub 1279

Mucifikatorul Day 1,618, 12:49

Hmmm... sorry for voting this... it's just crap...

CII venom
CII venom Day 1,618, 13:03

why increase medal gold when players could just buy all their gold?

369th regimenten
369th regimenten Day 1,618, 13:55


Nickst07 Day 1,618, 17:21

introduce condition to wam - to fulfill DO first - to consider increasing DO fights from 25 - 35 - increases demand
so we have limited theoretical no of companies to 100 -140 - decreaces suplly
to increase raws needed to produce products - ratio 3:1 - decreases raws suplly
state orgs should be able to donate only food and tanks to players not higher than lvl 25 (who could not be allowed to donate anything) - decreases suplly of products (food & tanks) buying surplus on local markets...

screamingslave Day 1,618, 17:33

right now sadly the admins are falling down the road of financial vampirism. instead of making a quality product that people enthusiastically spend money on like call of duty they are making a cheap simple addictive productthat requires you to keep spending to enjoy yourself.

gold buyers are the junkies of gaming (free players are just 'high functioning' addicts. we could slip any moment for the right offer) and sadly the junkies are pushing the entire market into free to play as they....

screamingslave Day 1,618, 17:34

... all chase the money looking for the easy profit.

can you blame them? most would do the same in their shoes.

vrpanch Day 1,618, 17:43

No, most people would listen to the cries and complaints of the people playing the game that They are running. The part that I'm most unhappy about is the removal of the bots, that kept the economy at a stable level.

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,618, 18:19

I hope they will wait few more months with q7 companies

Import Export LTD
Import Export LTD Day 1,618, 18:39


[ЛТД/LTD] Апгрејд система за гласање / Voting system upgrade [SRB/ENG]

vrpanch Day 1,618, 18:44

There is only one solution to this problematic trend!

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,618, 18:52

Asklepije. Exact date of their release is not known to my source....

I only got information with "SOON" !!

Lukaz Day 1,618, 19:00


Phitio Day 1,618, 19:01

I didn' upgrade to training grounds q2 and I will not upgrade to q3. What i really choose, was to stop completely to fight. And i didn't hit the fight button since the time of q2 upgrade.

And I'm pretty happy of this decision.
Running and spending only to keep up with credit cards players is not having fun, is just an exercise of frustration.

A game should give fun, this is only a circus for addidcted-to-fake-strenght players.

No brain, no politics, no economy, nothing at all.

SERBCOSSACK Day 1,618, 19:20


Roberrto Day 1,618, 19:21


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