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Save eWorld economy vol.1

Day 1,615, 21:18 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Dear eRepublikans,

Few days ago, player named bojler989 wrote an article about problems in eWorld economy. Pls vote his article to reach TOP 5 international. Problems are not local or specific for any of citizens groups, but this problems are reflecting on the whole eWorld. We understand that trough this situation only Admins make profit, and that in the near future they will not change anything. So...we will !!!

This is republish of that article...

As you all know over the last few months the prices of all products are dropping, it seems it is a trend that will continue over the time beingm, my estimate is that in 15 days the price of raw materials will drop below 0.1cc which is a drop over 200% in last 2 months.

The reason for dropping the prices is that BOT keeps droping his price at which he buys the overproduction of materials. BOT forms his price based on the world average.
We are hopeless arent we??? Well not. With a little of sacrifice we can do a lot and we can control the price and not BOT.
In all this the most important is the price of raw materials which forms all the other prices: if raw is more expensive the food and weapons must be more expensive too.
So the plan is: DONT WORK IN YOUR RAW COMPANIES we should pick 2 days in a week and in those 2 days no one will work in their raw companies (you would think that would be a loss) well not, you will gain a lot. There will be a shortage of raw materials and the price will go up thus the BOT will have to form its price again, based on the average price. You will lose in those 2 days that is true but you will gain more over the next days since you will be selling the raw at a higher price.

My estimate is in 15 days: raw 0.1cc, tank 20cc.
If we do according to my plan my estimate is: raw 0.3cc, tank 40cc.

You can also see that we dont control the price of gold and we cant do anything to change that but we can raise the prices of raw and weapons so that it wont matter that gold is 2000cc since we will have bigger profit becouse of selling at a higher price.

All of the eCountries should deal with this plan, if not we are doomed to failiure. The people must realize that they will gain more by NOT WORKING rather than working in their companies. It seems funny but as you can see it is true.

Write suggestions and critics in comments, this is becoming a big problem and we should all deal with it.

This article get 650+ votes in eSerbia, and I think the whole eWorld should see it. Pls vote and shout so many people can see it.

Everyone is free to republish article in his own country. It is only important to be seen by many people.

Save eWorld economy part 2

For shout:
Save eWorld economy + edit: NEW COPANIES ON DAY 1627 !!!


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,615, 21:42

Voted first.

Molly Emma
Molly Emma Day 1,615, 22:02

How about Admin just re-balances all the production equations and stays the hell out of the economy.


polarpriest Day 1,615, 22:09

plato said "to bring the fun back in the economy module".
i am sure he has fun...we dont

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,615, 22:14

They will ruin this game if we dont stop them. With this article we need to inform ppl about problem and solution. After this, we will organize a day without work. After that everything will be diferent in eWorld...i hope...

Batoas Day 1,615, 22:32


bojanstojanovic Day 1,615, 22:40


MightyMike1 Day 1,615, 22:45

Voted and agree

TrepleXXX Day 1,615, 23:34

vote 🙂

mafima Day 1,615, 23:47


papandreas Day 1,615, 23:51


Don Ori
Don Ori Day 1,615, 23:52


Yapdo Day 1,616, 00:00

I saw this coming and dissolved ALL my raw material buildings long time ago.

dayerus Day 1,616, 00:02


VVayman Day 1,616, 00:03


Agathoklis Day 1,616, 00:03

its logical to hae these prices!
the proper price of WRM and FRM its 0,01 cc, as much as its cost...
raw materials companies destroy the economy...
every "avarage" player , without any knowlage of economics could built 20-30 wrm coms....
and then pull gold every day from the market!
this have to stop!

drop the prices into 0,01 !!!!

sasapg Day 1,616, 00:05


oglia.dendroglia Day 1,616, 00:05

great article !

Mikrobi Day 1,616, 00:09

I vote it, but IMO it won't work.

Zara Mala
Zara Mala Day 1,616, 00:16


mostates Day 1,616, 00:17

I highly doubt that bot determines own price based on market average. Bot is the primary buyer in every market, so it dictates price. Bot is not only here to get rid of overproduction but also as an instrument to control market.

Admin tries to adjust prices low enough to increase consumption for average but yet still convince people to invest gold in companies. Because Admin knows that 'non-paying players gonna be non-paying', so by this gold value and low prices, they achieve multiple goals.

1 - Incentivizes gold buying
2 - Make majority consuming more (especially with medal golds)
3 - Make masses more formidable opponent for 'whales', so they have to spend more money to compete them.

vogonfirst Day 1,616, 00:17


AdmirK Day 1,616, 00:19


mdjole Day 1,616, 00:22

vote and shout, nice

Lemessianos Day 1,616, 00:25

These are not solutions. These are just pills for the pain !!!

The solution is to FIX the economy module in TOTAL.

It is funny to talk about economy which is 100%, ok 99% controlled by the bot. What game is that? The bot makes the prices in goods, the bot also buys part of the currency it brings into the game. The combination of the two bots increases the value of the gold and decreases the profit from the companies, making harder and harder for people to train without buying gold.

Some months ago, eGreece tried to make GRD stronger. People were requested to remove their offers under a certain exchange rate and brought more gold in the MM to make GRD stronger. The result was a very termporary control, with some people making profits in the backs of those trying to help the currency.

I have some thoughts about this, but I don't care any longer about this used-to-be game.

Elijah Abbot
Elijah Abbot Day 1,616, 00:27

It`s not only that... it was too common to create raw companies to make profit and now the conclusion of it - overproduction and low profits. I don`t blame it on the players only, as admins (and BOT) have their share too in this crisis. NOT working is a good idea, but we need more efficiant method to fight the crisis. Unfortunately, for such method, we ought to rely on the admins : /

MDejzi Day 1,616, 00:29

This new situation is good for two out of three kinds of players.

It's good for gold buying players - their gold is worth more, they can buy food and wep a lot more with it, and the gap between them and others is rising

It's good for "poor" medals dependable players - now with gold they get from Plato, again, they can buy more food and wep, thus be involved in more battles, finish DO's, use almost all well

It's bad for "economic investers" - stuff they produce in companies (wep/food or raw) will still be profitable, however the CC they get is dropping, and ratio to gold is rising. No more booster training, no more fighting. (ex.: 100 q4 and 1 q6 wep 2 months ago would bring to owner somewhat of 11-12 gold per day (10 as max buying + rest for food and wep); now it brings (with 10/10) - somewhere around 3.8 gold - 320% decrease-

BlasterXL Day 1,616, 00:41

Comment deleted

HonoreDeBalzac Day 1,616, 00:42

q4-trojan horse 😛

Mr.Rock Day 1,616, 00:45

Economy? What economy? Does it exist?

It would be a good way to declare one-day worldwide strike in the game and spam on Facebook and ingame.

If do you ask me, I would like demanded changes:

- terminate self production and introduce employment
- restore work experience and establish a new labor market
- terminate bots
- restore monetary market
- global gold market is not bad idea and can remain simultaneously with the monetary market
- better control and emergency banning Multis

This is eUtopia!
eUtopia because it is one another game than eRepublik.
Apparently, the business is going well and in this way for Admins.

WintersFury1 Day 1,616, 00:45

The economy in this game has never made sense. The profit made from working in a q5 wrm company is almost as profitable as working in a q5 weapon factory. This has always been a problem since its much cheaper to build raw material factories and therefore their is a extremely over population of them. It's much more expensive to buy weapon and food factories but since you can have 10 people work in each factory it brings a over production of tanks and food as well. One of the major problems with the economy module is clearly the ammount of workers allowed to work in each building. Reducing that number may help alot but another problem is that the dumb admin bots value raw materials so high that they make working in a raw material factory almost as profitable as working in the tank shop. The bots control the market and are the cause of this inbalance.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,616, 00:46

Lemessianos i agree with u, and 90% with players beelow u !!!

i know this is not solution, or maybe is...who knows...but this is way we try to push admins to make some changes...

if we just stay and whatch whats happening admins will ruin game more and more...

they only care about gold buyers !!! others r collateral dmg...

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,616, 00:49

q4 trojan horse x2

panvot Day 1,616, 00:56

Nice ideas, but very difficult to be applied

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,616, 01:00

@pavnot thats true..its verry hard to do...but we must try...worst option is to do nothing ?!

WintersFury1 Day 1,616, 01:01

Of course the ultimate economy fix is to remove health and bring back infinite fighting which removes the need of admin bots and puts total control of the economy into the players hands.

mostates Day 1,616, 01:06

Admin can't revert these changes, it is more than too late. They just chose their path. Point is there are whales spending money and rest is here to give them pseudo feeling of winning. Plato just ensures that ordinary players shows some resistance to them ie sell more.

The game you played before (V1,V2) is gone, consumed by dark side.

davidutz Day 1,616, 01:08


armbeno Day 1,616, 01:22


Norbengo Day 1,616, 01:51

Good article

IDF Soldier
IDF Soldier Day 1,616, 02:43

Makes no sense, the bot will just stop buying if there will be a product decrease.
And of course the prices will remain the same.
As long as we have one currency, there is no real economy, meaning we can't do anything.

Maybe one day admins will wake up and realise that they ruining the game completely... 😕

I Mes
I Mes Day 1,616, 03:00


fredrikz Day 1,616, 04:10

This makes no sense, you clearly don't know shit about the problems. Stop working 2x a week. HAHAHAHAHA:P

fredrikz Day 1,616, 04:11

The price has dropped 200%, please explain how a price can drop more than 100% from price X.

Ebolamonkey99 Day 1,616, 04:22

Not to be cynical, but I think that a lot of people are right about the bot--there's really not much we can do. There's a blatant imbalance of supply and demand naturally resultant from materials created by the system but consumed by the players, so admins naturally have to clean up the margins.

They're also obviously leaving it to rot so far.

Just buckle down and wait it out.


GonzoVeritas Day 1,616, 05:51

The Admins should return to Worker Skill Levels. Small factory owners could employ workers profitably and more raw materials would be consumed. Lower level weapons and food would be used more. The economy would receive a boost across all sectors.

Savonrepus Day 1,616, 05:51

The only way to save the eworld economy is to stop free goods in competition bazookas and boosters. Next you need to increase the number of products available so the workforce can be effectively utilised. eg Moving Tickets, Housing and Gifts. Finally you need to stop the bot so that you get gold value for your work. In the end though this is too much hard work and it wont be done and erepublik will die a slow death.

Swoosh. Day 1,616, 06:03

"don't work in your raw companies"
how on earth can you be so naive that this is going to actually happen ? 🙂

The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Day 1,616, 06:11

Well..Maybe we should try it. I haven't heard anyone coming up with any other workable idea.

TribulusBL Day 1,616, 07:25

S 1125 V 298

STOP CENSORSHIP! Sub,shout and vote!

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