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savage for the win !!!!!

Day 808, 05:07 Published in Ireland Ireland by binksy

Last night i asked our own miss savage for her own perspective as to why we as individuals should vote for her re-election

and this was her reply

(note i am not a writer 🙂 )

This was the Presidents reply.

I have maintained the security and independence of our fair isle. Our IDF has grown by 91 recruits. We have placed 13 new citizens with mentors. We have guided 91 new citizens to adolescence. We have restarted the State loan scheme. We have reworked our State companies to create a modest profit. Our Ministry of Health has been revitalized. Ministry deions are up and available for view. We have started an Alliance Committee. Continued to foster an active and vital Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Increased security to the Private Dail, MoImm, and the API. And continued the grand tradition of the MoComm Lottery and Community Awards. Oh,and we broke our neutrality with the passage of the proposal to MPP with the US. Now we just need to follow through after the elections.

Take from this what you will but it is this PPs personal opinion the miss savage has the full support of Independent Voices and her people 🙂

VOTE SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a lil extra 🙂

What makes me better than my candidate?
I am very serious about continuing to lead us out of neutrality and into a new era of action. I have the support and backing some of the best military minds in our country. People that will be in my cabinet this term.

From miss edana savage

Soon to be in her second term !!!



SHANE10 Day 808, 05:10

Vote Edana Savage

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 808, 05:15

Vote Edana!

Donovan Thomas
Donovan Thomas Day 808, 07:14

Edana Savage... The civilized choice 🙂

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