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Samproidz running for congress.

Day 1,643, 03:09 Published in Japan Netherlands by 2.D.G

Yet another person that's making a canidacy article.

I am not going to write a wall of text explaining why I would be the best canidate, so I'm simply going to say this:
If you are willing to let an active and involved member of the community into congress, vote for me.

I will be running in Hokkaido for the party Moriya Jinja.

I will also hand out cookies if I am elected.

Oh also: ⑨


Dave Brinkman
Dave Brinkman Day 1,643, 03:16

07 and voted

KllausJohn fon Ainsbern
KllausJohn fon Ainsbern Day 1,643, 03:18

I like the pictures))

Kurdt   Fradenburg
Kurdt Fradenburg Day 1,643, 04:00

go go go

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,643, 06:22

Good luck!

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,643, 10:44


ahava3233 Day 1,643, 10:44

Go proidz see you there!

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,643, 11:10

Good luck!!

Kagami Hiiragi
Kagami Hiiragi Day 1,643, 12:37

good luck : )

ReisenUdogne Day 1,643, 17:50

good luck 😣!

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,643, 22:06


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