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Day 1,903, 17:44 Published in Lithuania Lithuania by Akviliutte
Hi, My dear friends,

My new comik and Migasss Story:

And my interpretation:

Massive Polish army, supplied with deadly hi-tech weapons, are marching towards a little but well organized group of soldiers.

They have large numbers, they are well armed and they have allready killed our citizens and allies. But they don't have something that we've got. That's our fighting spirit, determination and will to sacrifice! Charge!!

Respectfully Akviliutte

P.S.- If you know a good story which would be fun to ilustrate - text me with a personal message or write in the comments.
Also, if you think that my work is worthy, please support me financially or with items, you could even take an order from me.

Orders ideas:
🙂 Avatar;
🙂 Promotional stand for you article in my newspaper;
🙂 Banner;
🙂 Drawing with your article;
🙂 Anything else...

Thanks to:

🙂 Miggasssfor ordering an avatar, support and for comics idea...
🙂 Sigerrisfor ordering an avatar and support.
🙂 Giedrius-Wraith, for comics love story...


BlMBA Day 1,903, 19:31


Evil Rudolph
Evil Rudolph Day 1,904, 23:30

International edition

neriustLT Day 1,904, 23:39


Adolf.H Day 1,904, 06:25

ten tie kareiviai lenkai ?

Migasss Day 1,904, 08:15

Vote. Kaip smagu, jog dar kažkas atsimena mano kažkada rašytas istorijas. 🙂

auris0 Day 1,904, 11:59


elAngelo Day 1,904, 13:04


Sharass Day 1,904, 14:32


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