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Today i will not talk a lot in this article. I made few avatars for our little but strong army in our country.

We don't have a lot of fighters in our little divisions ! You are welcome 🙂
Our dear Commander Director9 (and a good one ! He maybe reads in this moment) :
★☆ Made here one article about the MU Saligia ★☆

Avatars can be more for women or men... or if you prefer to make one with your favorite picture, it could be done.

The avatar can be the reflection of our personality.

I'm not one expert but i love the creation.

If you are interesting, don't hesitate to write a message to The Commander of Saligia MU.

Second point today, i will run this month this 15th "elections (president of party) for The Belgian Dream".

¤ Don't be afraid to join us too here :

You can find on the press this week some good articles in ebelgium :

◕ Last article from Mittekemuis : declining population and mpps.

◕ One article of fun by Chihiroh.

Those players need their "media megul" without this "voters club" :

¤ Het vlaams pershuis ! Director9 ¤

¤ Olv007's thoughts. ¤

Thanks for your help and for them ♥

I will give 20 weapons Q7 for the best music again !
I will add it tomorrow .... give me some ideas in comments