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Day 1,901, 03:41 Published in Ireland Ireland by Liam Tatlock
I'd like to start off by making it clear this is a personal opinion and has no connection to any political party or military unit.

We're all well aware how the robbery by sawc hit the nation, closely followed by the robbery by person or persons unknown, which hamstrung us and is still dragging us down to this day. We need finances for MPPs, Boot Camp supplies, IA materials (though that's a different story), not to mention tanks/mercs should we ever go to war. In fact, I'd suggest it's nigh on impossible to wage a successful war with our finances as they are i.e. a "real" war and not a TW. Appleman's doing as good a job as possible with the limited funds at his disposal, but it's an uphill battle, particularly with the markets as they are.

What I'd like to suggest is a concerted effort by the people to improve that situation. I'm aware that some donate behind the scenes and that several Congresspeople donate their gold from the achievement to government and thanks go to those individuals, and to those who run national lotteries, but I've been wondering if we could go a step further?

Even a two-clicker gains at least 10 gold a month from Hard Worker and Super Soldier awards, though a lot of us will gain more (I'm at roughly 25 a month, for instance), not including any other "free" sources. Let's be optimistic and say there are 200 active people in the country, based on CP results, and say that those 200 could donate an average of 1 gold per person each month for a six month period. That equates to 200x290 (current price) = 58,000 IEP per month, or 348,000 over a six month period.

While that's not going to repair our finances, it would enable us to sign an additional five MPP's a month, or stockpile the money for future use and would, at the very least, help aid a recovery.

I'm aware that some people will find their gold resources scarce, but I'd hope that would average out by others, myself included, who would be able to contribute more (I would vouch at least five gold a month, probably more). We've suffered from these robberies for months now so maybe it's time we bit the bullet and looked to our own monies to help the recovery. After all, in the long run, more money in the State coffers means more action for us.


Danilo Garcia
Danilo Garcia Day 1,901, 04:55

O7, you can count on me and my humble contribution 😃

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,901, 05:04

Or Conway can return 200 000 iep he forget to return ater robbing state funds...remember he admited he took part in robbery.
Malbekh (Death&Taxes) said Canway returned 100 000 ieps but we never saw the evidences.
And it was Malbekh, together with moo, one of the strongest supporters of selling Dublin to brits not so long ago
A snake is more trustworthy then Malbekh....
And as long this facts are ignored, especially by governments a don't trust a single iep to states.

Cpt Jackson
Cpt Jackson Day 1,901, 05:30

Instead of just donating to the govt, wouldn't it be better to buy from Irish marketplace? Paying taxes and helping other citz at the same time.

I joined around when sawc stole. A lot of people donated money after that. All that did is give the new theif more money to take. What will stop it from happening again?

MUFC992 Day 1,901, 08:56

Someone will rob it anyway as soon as kunts gets back into power so what's the point of this?

Even our CP said kunts can't be beaten..not sure if that's his wish or just his opinion, but still...

asecondchance Day 1,901, 10:40

I like the idea and agree we can fix our problems better than the government which is why I think we should be lowering taxes on income and weapons/food sales to give more money into the hands of the people then do donation / lotto drives to get money into the system. Now, people are broke, overtaxed and still the government has no money... it isn't working.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,901, 10:51

Viktor : Yes, it would solve the financial problems if the thieves would return the money they stole, but that's pretty unlikely, isn't it? The country needs money to finance itself and it's citizens and donations of some sort are the only realistic way at the moment. Yes, there's always a risk, small though it is, that we could suffer another theft, but what's the option? Keep bottoming along unable to engage in a real war, if we wanted to and have almost no MPPs, while seeing Boot Camp struggle to supply it's young citizens.

Cpt Jackson : Yes, it would be good to see an active Irish marketplace - I have 100s of Q6s in stock, the sale of which would help me and the government, but that's not happening. Add to that demand will be low if we're not involved in wars, which we can't afford with so little public money and it's not easy.

Bhane Day 1,901, 12:12

I would not ask all the average citizens to ante up just to build the nest egg into a giant lure for the next theft. We already took taxes from all the citizens for a year, only to see them snuffed away in one swoop by an unscrupulous player. The little man should not be continuously made to pay so much for the mistakes of a few people at the top.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,901, 13:17

There is a way to return money from kunts but it would require rl influence from my when i "made" a certain ICA captain to kick out all members from his regiment...without any silly hacking.

But that i will leave for the last resort....must PTO fake libertad first to test my astral abilities....still semi-grounded...

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,901, 14:08

Bhane : If you can think of an alternative way of refloating the country, I'm all ears. I appreciate the concerns, but the country's finances impact on the people. As I said, with no money we can only have a small number of MPPs and a smaller choice of battles to fight in without moving countries. With little action, there must be a chance of citizens either leaving the game entirely or moving to other countries. It's not as much of an issue for the older players with resources behind them, but the younger players will benefit as much if not more. I did say average in the article meaning that the younger poorer players wouldn't have to contribute if that was offset by more from richer players.

It's something that I thought might work and make the country interesting again. Maybe I'm wrong, but if it creates some discussion, it's been worth it.

Bhane Day 1,901, 14:19

The country has no interest in my economic preferences, Liam.

Every time I espouse my thoughts, I am slammed by the people in charge. The people who benefit from our current system where there are ample opportunities and skim of the top. There are people of influence that benefit from feeding off the taxpayers labors. Those people will work fervently to keep the benefits the feel entitled to, rather than benefits they would have to earn.

I know of at least 2 people (and there are more I cannot confirm) that have made serious personal profits at the expense of the taxpayers, while all fair business is forced to operate at a loss.

eIreland has created a lure for the unscrupulous, and that is exactly what we have attracted to leadership positions. If you want a change, Liam, then you must get rid of the incentive for corruption. But the corrupt will never allow you to do that, now that they are entrenched in the system.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,901, 16:29

"If you want change, Liam, then you must get rid of the incentive for corruption. But the corrupt will never allow you to do that"

True stuff, especially in RL. While in RL I think that as the human race matures, generations from now will be on their way to removing that incentive, but here we're stuck with the people of current generations lol

So the only choices we have are to:
1. Keep building finances at a slow, but secure rate.
2. Raise taxes, and we all think there has to be a limit somewhere
3. Give more money to the govt, for those who can spare. (which is what Liam is asking for) and learn from our recent mistakes: Never get loose with Org security, and don't vote for any of the suspects in our past robberies.

What else can we do? I'm sure you have some fresh ideas as well Bhane, but as you said and as I've noticed, some people are waiting for you to come up with an idea so they can shoot it down. I guess it makes them feel more economically intelligent or something.

MUFC992 Day 1,902, 03:50

Bhane run for President.
Unite healthy part of our society 🙂

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