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Day 2,169, 05:57 Published in Austria Slovakia by hanibal la 3





Cyberkoc Day 2,169, 12:34

eee.. dumm!!!

Schwrzwolf Day 2,169, 14:46

Same old story - we've rented Burgenland & Styria to our good friend Slovakia. eAustria does not want to win RWs there!

Anthony Tony Soprano
Anthony Tony Soprano Day 2,170, 14:31

That is clear , but someone players don`t want to respect agreement 😉

yst31 Day 2,169, 15:07

You don't even deserve a rational explanation:
Si tu eres soltera y estas solita para mi, vamos a darnos candela, pegaditos ahi ahi.
Una vaina loca que me lleva a la gloria 🙂

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