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Russia declares war on the United States of America.

Day 602, 08:27 Published in Norway Norway by Notelitten

At 16:00 (4 PM) Norwegian time, the state Alaska was attacked by Russia along with its 9 alliances:

USA has 14 alliances:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
North Korea

At 03:00: The Canadian Prime minister moved to several countries and posted a news article promoting support in various forms, one being moving to Canada. and the sale of "war bonds"[1],
It is certain that the article has been posted in the following countries: Norway, Spain, Malaysia, Australia, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uruguay, Israel, Ireland and India.

UPDATE the Canadian prime minister asked that attacks should be directed to defend Alaska.

According to the American president, the battle of Nova Scotia was lost within the last 20 minutes, due to an extreme amount of players online, reaching the amound of more than 2500. The American president also put the blame on the aministrators and himself, as he apparently "wasted" 200,000 damage in a training war in Ireland,

"For the love of god, fight where you're told. We wasted 200k in damage in the UK for their training war!"

"[...]Current battle orders are wait until your last login and check here for further details. If nothing else is written, defend ALASKA."[1]

At 17:03: Admin announced that this might be the start of a world war.

Main article

The battle of Alaska currently appears to be in the favor of USA, possibly due to the different Timezones. USA is expected to make a comeback later today.

Earlier; the president of the United States has announced that they did want soldiers to defend USA, but to keep on defending Canada until this battle ended!

This is one of several attacks launched by PEACE GC nations within the last few days.

It is believed that this attack on the United States is a so called "dummy attack" where they attack to reduce the attention on the current war in Canada, seeing that the United States are one of the major parts of this war.

Another of the "dummy attacks" is believed to be the attack on the United Kingdom by Hungary, Hungary widthdrew later on.

After the attack on the United States, Canada suddenly lost their upper hand; their total damage is currently decreasing dramatically compared to the French (with 7 allies). If this should continue, the war for Nova Scotia will be lost by the Canadians, and France will conquer it.

Another scenario is the attack on Canada was an attack to make all Americans spend their resources on saving Canada, then going in for USA afterwards.

To the Norwegian people

The people of Norway are encouraged to help out in this war, but not to waste any resources, because they most likely will be needed in the imminent attack and possibly invasion of Norway

By all means the Norwegians should go to war, they should fight, but do not deplete yourself of wellness or weapons, because this will be needed when the time comes for the attack on Norway.

Hungarian News

The Hungarian news agency Hadugyi kozlony announced the 12th of July that they would aim all their major attacks at Nova Scotia in the battle for Nova Scotia.

The Hungarian article also reads that the main targets will be Scotland, Canada and USA due to their high Diamonds and high wood resources. The war against Sweden, Romania, and Poland is also being discussed the article reads.

According to the Hungarian news agency Hadugyi kozlony, the main target after Nova Scotia(Canada), the next main target will be Prince Edwards Island(Canada). If the attack on Alaska(USA) is a dummy attack is still unknown.

Resistance war

Hours after the war on the Canadian territory Prince Edwards Islands started, aresistance war in Burgenland in what currently is Hungary territory, if this war was to misdirect the attacks or to fight Hungary is still unknown.

The war quickly went in favor of Hungary, at 12:30 today, Hungary was in the lead with 100,000 points.



Aerion Snowpaw
Aerion Snowpaw Day 602, 10:21

A world war.
This is going to be interesting, and all areas with full hospitals will enjoy those now.
Over here in "Vestlandet", we have Q4, but that's close enough.
To all you new citizens out there reading this, remember that you can use the hospitals after fighting once, so your first 4 or so fights each day will basically be "free", and DO use it to fight (you wouldn't be able to keep an overly wellness anyhow, the more you have the more it takes to increase it, so you might as well build military rank with it)

Racerro Day 603, 14:33

Do you see your error in here ?
Ireland and UK aint the same country !!!!

The American president also put the blame on the aministrators and himself, as he apparently "wasted" 200,000 damage in a training war in Ireland,

"For the love of god, fight where you're told. We wasted 200k in damage in the UK for their training war!"

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