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Running for Congress in South East of England

Day 1,646, 04:55 Published in United Kingdom Spain by Lord Reincarnate

Hello All,

Want to keep this short and sweet.

I will be running for congress under the Every Single One banner, in the South East of England region.

I am running for congress as i have been active since I started playing and would like to give something back to the community. If i get in I would like to look more at what Woldy said about a more active congress.

Please move to South East of England on the 25th and vote for me if you want a more active and responsive congressman.

Find me in #eso with the nicks Reincarnate or Rein|work if you want to chat.

Thanks for reading.



Snugz Day 1,646, 05:29

baoted + subbed.

Although Rein is rarely working at work, being in ESO IRC all the time, other than that he tells troof and would thus be an excellent MP for the SEoE.


ApronChef Day 1,646, 05:47

Good Luck!


Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,646, 14:54

It is true - DO YOU WORK REIN?

you're so active it even scares Apronchef

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