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Ronald Gipper Reagan for President of the United States: A Dream of Spring

Day 1,985, 00:59 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

My Fellow Americans,

I am once again throwing my hat in the ring for the Presidency of the United States. Someone has to take a stand for the disenfranchised and oppressed, and to take a stand for all eAmericans. Our country has endured a long winter, and we dream of the ground defrosting and our nation springing back to a life of liberty. Below you can read my in-depth plans for our country's future.

Also, before I get to my platform, I want to raise awareness for a very important issue. The gray wolf population in the lower 48 states is just beginning to recover from near extermination, and the Obama Administration's cronies in the U.S. Department of Interior have drafted plans to lift protections for them. You may notice the "global warming alert" under the new missions. It is quite ironic that they put so much effort and thought to fighting an imaginary problem that kills no one and no thing, but they are so eager to see the mass slaughter of a species which we have a duty to restore, not to undo all the conservation efforts which have been done so far. Anyway, I just wanted you all to be aware of this, and if it inspires one person to take some sort of action, then it was worth it. You can find my platform below. 🙂


For those of you interested in a position with my Administration, simply contact me privately to discuss what sort of position you would like, and why you would be an ideal choice for it. My Administration will not consist of the same recycled elites from every other month. I will pick the smartest, and most capable individuals around for these posts. There will be some familiar faces, and some new ones, but we will need a dramatic overhaul of who runs our government if we are going to turn this country around. The cabinet will be revealed at some point during the campaign for your review and consideration.


1. Party President of the single most influential American party, and responsible for overseeing the most significant non-governmental organization in the eUSA.
2. Former Congressman with experience in legislative policy.
3. Has been a citizen of ten nations on five different continents, held leadership positions in those countries, and has one of the largest networks of international diplomatic contacts.
4. Commanding Officer and co-founder of American Eagle Division, one of the top ten military units in the eUSA.
5. Prolific author and publisher of The Reagan Revolution.
6. Has held numerous Ambassadorial and other diplomatic posts, and responsible for creating the original Department of Homeland Security in the GoalieBCSC Administration(before it turned into Orwell on steroids)

Economic Policy

The current economic policies are absolutely atrocious. I will push for an income tax reduction from the current 25% level to the prior 15% level. Further, VAT and Import taxes will be set at 1%. This will alleviate a lot of the problems that many players, particularly newer ones have in being able to survive without massive assistance from others. We will make up for this in two main ways.

1. I will establish a Patriot Defense Fund, where players may voluntarily donate money to be used towards American military operations. This will allow those who can afford to do so to give more to the country, while not asking more of those who cannot.
2. I will restore 100/100 resource bonuses, which will bring tremendous economic benefits back to our country and allow money to literally be flowing in.

Foreign Policy

I will form a New Roman Empire Alliance. Any nation who wishes to join us and shares our values will be welcome to be a part of it. The current alliances are quite boring to role-play, so I will try something new and interesting.

In the short-term, I would propose a region swap with Canada and Mexico. This will allow us to permanently secure 100/100 bonuses. It is crucial that we maintain good relations with our neighbors. While it may have been lulzy to engage in wars with both countries in the past, in order to build an American superpower, this is the best course of action for the future.

Military Policy

The American military requires a complete overhaul. I will immediately end the government policy of political segregation that has wrongfully denied our nation valuable soldiers for petty and unjust reasons. Units with Commanders who refuse to follow orders will be asked to resign. If they refuse to resign their post, those units will be stripped of funding and their soldiers offered an opportunity to transfer to another unit with a new Commander in place. Due to threats made by some individuals in positions of power, these actions are needed in order to preserve the core of our fighting force.

Other rising units will also be incorporated into the American military and put to their full use on the battlefield. I will also seek to sign reliable mercenary units to exclusive contracts defending the USA. I am in contact with numerous well respected and powerful units who will be able to provide a tremendous boost to our military efforts. In terms of where we will look to use the military on the world stage, I would tie this with my foreign policy. Our combined friends will be far stronger than our foes. This will allow us to identify a target we are interested in attacking, and engaging in essentially a one front war. Minimize our enemies. Maximize our potential expansion as a nation.

Domestic Policy

The Department of Homeland Security will be retooled to target the true threats to our country, Pfeifferist loyalists who will go to ANY and ALL measures to cling to power and continue to run our nation through the ground. For those Americans who wish to work for a better nation, a Reagan Presidency would welcome them. For the extremists and the hardliners, there is no compromise in their mind, and there is only one way they can be dealt with. Immigration will be decentralized and left to the judgment of the individual Congressman, as game mechanics intend.

Vote Reagan for President on May 5th!


kaplarMomciloGavric Day 1,985, 01:25

go ahead

Castro7 Day 1,985, 01:25

Vote......... and shout...

Castro7 Day 1,985, 01:25


rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,985, 01:30

Condolences for your loss.

Viarizi Day 1,985, 02:06


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,985, 02:27

Thank you letting us win this month RGR!

MadDealer Day 1,985, 03:31

In Ronald We TRUST

lamtsak Day 1,985, 03:53

v 29 from me RGR

eKomarac Day 1,985, 04:17


MIR U SVIJETU Day 1,985, 04:34


Faruk Hujkic
Faruk Hujkic Day 1,985, 04:34

v for reagan for CP

Luka Rahowa Kroat
Luka Rahowa Kroat Day 1,985, 04:43

hahahahaha bote for opanak \o

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,985, 04:46

Another unity win assured, thanks a bunch.

NOTLD Day 1,985, 04:49

Murrica wont have basement dweller for CP

Josper23 Day 1,985, 05:13

lol are you for real

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,985, 05:19

Expected publication: 2019

In eEnglish: expected earliest day of RGR to become ePotUS shall not be before 2019

K1tho Day 1,985, 05:36


Cubby Day 1,985, 06:43

It's time to let Ajay win. Let's make him the Unity candidate!

HeroFly Day 1,985, 08:40


EnterAwesome Day 1,985, 09:20

You forgot to put..

AND I will fail in your campaign

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 1,985, 09:22

and the losing streak continues... xD

Derphoof Day 1,985, 09:24

Sigh.... This again?

You can't be serious, right?

We all know OP is awful and cannot stop sucking at this game.

I guess America should celebrate though, as he has sealed another Unity victory!

Hertop Day 1,985, 09:24

Comment deleted

The Society Builder
The Society Builder Day 1,985, 10:05

voted, very good policy, successes!

B.D.JOE Day 1,985, 10:10


Tenshou Day 1,985, 10:14


Chirrinchi Day 1,985, 10:27

ronald for CP

Batyar Day 1,985, 10:59


Jotuns Tyr
Jotuns Tyr Day 1,985, 11:18


MUFC992 Day 1,985, 11:24

Comment deleted

Pight Tussy
Pight Tussy Day 1,985, 14:11

so this means that


Jon873 Day 1,986, 01:51

Still using Game of Thrones to support your campaign, eh? Doesn't change the fact that there is no similarity of them and you.

LordRahl2 Day 1,986, 04:16

"Party President of the single most influential American party"

Actually, because of you RGR, the AFA is the LEAST influential American party.

Best thing you could do for the party would be to leave it.

AlexJ1890 Day 1,986, 13:09

If by influence he means influencing the other parties to actually work together to stop him, then yes, that'd be right. But actually influencing policy and taxes and such? No, try again.

LordRahl2 Day 1,986, 13:16

True enough. Ajay is the cause of the AFA's failings.

Cagibb Day 1,986, 09:39

Gray wolf population has reached sustainable levels...though I guess it is scientists saying that. They are also saying global warming is a major issue so I guess you don't believe scientists.

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Day 1,986, 13:20

Cagibb, I like you. You seem like a solid fellow with good taste in political parties. I'm sorry RGR didn't explain himself better about the wolves. He's talking about a real DoI proposal.

Whatever you think of RGR as CP-- my thoughts are in Catri's posts on the Fed forums if you want to know my stance-- I have no idea why he started talking about wolves. But he's apparently quoting this article:

Wolves in the tri-state NYC/NJ/CT region are still in such danger that coyotes have taken over the wolf niche in Central Park.

I have friends in the DoI, and believe me, they're just flawed bureaucrats. Some may be right. Some may be in the pocket of big business. Some just punch a clock and push papers around a desk every day. None of them-- far as I know-- play eRepublik so this is all a tangent.

M A X I M U S Il
M A X I M U S Il Day 1,986, 22:34


Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 1,987, 16:27

Are u trying to follow the failed policy's of the RL reagan when dealing with the eworld?

Otto Von Max
Otto Von Max Day 1,987, 18:28


Syz2 Day 1,987, 20:40

Anything new in your campaign yet? How do you plan on being more successful with the same presentation?

At least you are using propaganda of "saving the wildlife" instead of using religion.

osobatallador Day 1,988, 04:53

Voted!!!, gogogogogogogog!!!!!!

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