Romanian Lion

Day 558, 07:02 Published in USA Serbia by Dimitrij Ivanov


- 30.05. at 12:05 erep Polish forces succesfully ended military operations and entered Bavaria. From 23.05. and occupation of Saxony, Poland was engaged in low intensity warfare at Saxony Anhalt and Thuringia. In the media their leaders stated that Poland accomplished her goal in this war and right now their keeping training wars in Saxony Anhalt and Thuringia only to make her citizens strong and healthy. Continuous attacks on these two regions and media misleading finally payed off and Germans were totally surprised by attack on Bavaria. It was a great battle which could of ended differently if German allies were more dedicated to the cause. Great ammount of damage to the wall was caused by Croatian special unit Zdrug lead by her member general rocker-ma who became a hero of the battle with more than 10.000 points of damage.

- On 30.05.2009. at 14:00 erep. Romania declared war to Ukraine and her forces crossed the border at Podolia. Romanians are advancing to this regions from two sides. First group is moving from Bukovina and is advancing to Khmeljnitski while second group is advancing from Northern Basarabia towards Vinnitsija. This is very complicated operation and Roamanian strategists made a great effort in planning it. The start of the operation can be traced to Hungarian offensive against Croatia in Vojvodina 26./27.05. when, after initial Hungarian success, Croats backed by her allies pushed Hungaro-Serbian forces back. During that operation Romania started a couple of operations against Hungary in an effort to advert some forces from Croatian front. Romania attacked Bukovina, Northern Basarabia and Chisinau, and started resistance at Podolia.
That Romanian move proved to be smart not only tactically but also strategically. That move saved Vojvodina, conquered Bukovina and Northern Basarabia and liberated Podolia which was then returned to Ukraine. Bukovina and N.Basarabia gave Romanians good solid point to invade high iron Podolia. Another factor gave Romanians upper hand. Ukraine didn’t have any allies because by orders of Hungary, Ukraine declared war to Russia and Hungary and allowed Hungary to take Urals and North Caucasus. When leaders of PEACE realized what kind of threath they are facing it was already too late. In a race against the time Ukraine signs peace treaties with Hungary, Brazi, Russia and Turkey and signs MPP with most of the PEACE countries. Bt it was too late. MPP with Hungary was signed just half an hour after Romanian attack on Podolia. Podolia is the price Ukraine will pay for Hungarian imperialistic policy.

- Italian army is inviting private companies to make an offer of weapons to Ministry of Defense. Army need 250 Q1 weapons and 200 Q2 weapons. All interested parties must give their offer in a written form. Offer must have information about company bidder (link), ammount of weapons they want to sell and the price of weapon. The best bidder will be contacted and Army reserves the right to negotiate with companies which gave an offer

- eBiH Armed Forces have a big problem with logistics and procurement. Because of that, Bosnian Ministry of Defense is calling all citizens and soldiers to get a job in army companies for manufacturing of tickets and weapon, eBiH Air i Armijski AK47 i M16A1. Products of Army companies will be kept in reserve and only small ammount will be sold in the market to cover the expenses of production. Citizens are asked to work in these companies for at least day or two and they will be payed 2.7 BAM.


Organization of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

All members of Israeli military are expected to live up to the highest of morality, accountability, and honor. Military members do not only represent themselves, they also represent the country of Israel, and Israeli citizens as a whole. As such, all military members are expected to conduct themselves in a stately and honorable manner at all times when in view of the general public or when dealing with any type of foreign official, soldier, or citizen.

Chain of command of IDF:
- President
- Minister of Defense
- General
- Colonel
- Squad leader
- Soldier
- General has command over all men in his corps and at the same time is advisor to MoD. His asignment is to stay in contact with colonels and help them in command and solving problems within corps.
- Colonel is superior officer to men under his command and his mission is to take care of numbers and needs of his men. He helps leaders of teams in solving problems and represents a link between general and soldier.
- Squad leader answers to division commander (colonel) and his mission is building team spirit within his team by frequent communication with his soldiers. He solves the problems of his men on the spot and if the problem is too big to handle he contacts colonel.

Once enlisted in the Israel Defense Force, service length is unending. If a soldier or officer wishes to leave the military a written request of leave must be sent in duplicate to the Minister of Defense and to the General of the said soldiers Corps. Failure to request leave before moving to a foreign country, unless on official military or government business, will be subject to a court martial hearing and subsequent black listing from the military.

Organizational structure:
- Corps: Consists of two or more divisions. Commander of corps is called general.
- Division: Consists of 6 - 10 squads. Division can’t have less than 60 and more than 100 men grouped in squads. If it has less then 60 men than division is not operational. Division commander is called colonel.
- Squad: Consists of 10 - 15 soldiers. Squad with less than 10 soldiers is considered not operational. Commander of the squad is called squad leader.

IDF uses so called Military Echo System (MES). This system will eliminate the low turnout to battle by ensuring the Colonel, General, and the MoD know exactly what the troop turnout will be for the battle. The system will work just like the chain of command except once the orders reach the individual soldiers, the orders will be echoed back up the chain to the MoD.
Once orders have been passed all the way down the chain of command, individual soldiers will then send an “order received” message back to the squad leader. The squad leader will then compile troop response from their unit and echo it to the Colonel of the division. The Colonel will then echo his division turn out to the General. The general will then echo total troop numbers from his division back to the MoD who will then decide if a reinforcement squad/division needs to be sent to a region.

*By looking on IDF organization we can conclude that it’s very large organization and there is a need to reform. Israel is relatively small country with about 600 citizens and to fill just one corps it has to provide at least 120 men and that’s 20% of population. There is no doubt that the army would flourish with that ammount of soldiers in it’s companies but individual would be disadvantaged and he could not turn his skill and knowledge into money. Very soon, soldiers would start to leave the army and look for better jobs and because of the court martial they would never return. MES is an old system and is not compatible with present day warfare which relies on mobility and rapid reaction. The bottom line is that IDF is ripe for reform especially if we have in mind that it regained control over many of his occupied provinces.


Jammu and Kashmir started by Snayke vs China završava 31.05. oko 12:00 erep
- Bolnica: Q5 = Beijing
- Oružje: Q1 = 0.15G, Q2 = 0.33G, Q3 = 0.70G

Polisia started by maruseav vs Hungary završava 31.05. oko 12:45 erep
- Bolnica: Q5 = Southern Great Plain, Northern Hungary
- Oružje: Q1 = 0.15G, Q2 = 0.30G, Q3 = 0.49G

Chisinau started by alex201 vs Hungary završava 31.05. oko 23:00 erep
- Bolnica: Q5 = Southern Great Plain, Northern Hungary
- Oružje: Q1 = 0.15G, Q2 = 0.30G, Q3 = 0.49G

Romania vs Ukraine😛odolia završava 31.05. oko 14:00 erep

Poland vs Germany😒axony Anhalt završava 31.05. oko 12:00 erep

Romania vs Hungary:Chisinau završava 31.05. oko 23:30 erep


- In a last few days we were witnesses of Serbian baby boom. Serbia now has about 3.500 citizens and at least 1000 eSerbs are abroad. That fact puts Serbia among countries with big population and gives her a possibility to achieve her goal through smart politics and hard work. That goal is liberation of occupied teritories and peace with the neighbours. Serbia can achieve this goal in two ways, by war and by negotiations. War would be easier way but the question is would it be safer. For the first time from her existence eSerbia is now in position to repay eCroatia for all what she’s done and with the help of PEACE make a TO of Croatian president. By taking over position of the president Serbia would, not only liberate her own provinces but would be in position to conquer all of Croatia. Although it would be rightfull revenge for Croatian acts in Serbia, it would not bring peace to Balcans and it would bring even more hate between citizens of these countries.
The second way is starting negotiations and Croatian withdrawal from Serbia. It’s a longer process but I believe it’s safer because Croatia would show her will for stabilization of this region and will to repair severely damaged relations between these two countries. eSerbia will be liberated sooner or later but only Croatia can choose in which way is that going to be. In peacefull and friendly way whish will give hand of reconciliation to Serbs, or in a way that will throw Croats and Serbs back in the fire of conflict and hatred. Only you Croatia, can decide.