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Rocket prices Day 1826 ==> Q1 94 -- Q2 220 -- Q3 446 -- Q4 875 -- Q5 1305

Day 1,826, 00:41 Published in Italy Poland by zioippo



Ciao a tutti,

VENDO i pachhetti per fare i rocket:
Q1 package set di armi 10x
Q2 package set di armi 25x
Q3 package set di armi 50x
Q4 package set di armi 100x
Q5 package set di armi 150x

Q1 package set di armi 5x
Q2 package set di armi 12x
Q3 package set di armi 25x
Q4 package set di armi 50x
Q5 package set di armi 75x

i prezzi attuali dei pacchetti per i rocket sono:

Q1 94 ITL
Q2 220 ITL
Q3 446 ITL
Q4 875 ITL
Q5 1305 ITL

I rocket sono sempre disponibili.
Verificate che io sia online per averlo in tempi brevi.

Il mio link


Good morning to all,

I SELL the weapon packages to build the rockets:
Q1 package weapon set 10x
Q2 package weapon set 25x
Q3 package weapon set 50x
Q4 package weapon set 100x
Q5 package weapon set 150x

Q1 package weapon set 5x
Q2 package weapon set 12x
Q3 package weapon set 25x
Q4 package weapon set 50x
Q5 package weapon set 75x

The current prices for each packages are:

Q1 94 cc
Q2 220 cc
Q3 446 cc
Q4 875 cc
Q5 1305 cc

I accept also a payment in Q7 weapon (by pm we decide the needed amount) or by Gold.

The rocket packs are always available.
Verify my online status if you need in a short time the package.

My link is



d 23
d 23 Day 1,843, 09:52

Media Mogul Medal Project 5
SUB for SUB...

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