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RIP eIreland

Day 1,989, 12:15 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Neil Lewis
RIP eIreland

There you go Ireland, we've united your island for you!!!

To console the Hibernian Hordes now under our jurisdiction I offer:

Irish Tune from County Derry "Londonderry Air" By Percy Grainger:

or, with words:

Danny Boy:

Now we need to completely liberate the entire British Isles, with Poland's permission, as I don't think the eUSA are going through with their threat ... they've had a border with us for a few days now and done nothing. Just my observation.


Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,989, 12:15

First denied 😛

iezavel Day 1,989, 12:32


iezavel Day 1,989, 12:32


Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,989, 13:24


Bardokva Day 1,989, 12:39

Vote and victory! 07

BeeDeeCollecter Day 1,989, 13:19

Number of CUA owned regions : 2 (Both Colombia)
Number of Irish regions owned by us : 6

mick cain
mick cain Day 1,989, 14:46

My opinion
Let poland keep a region for now,even if the usa dont attack,the argies are planning another airstrike,although they dont say where but......

fionn187 Day 1,989, 17:37

With Polands permission , sounds about right

Baldrick1 Day 1,990, 02:43

Welcome to the Union.

fionn187 Day 1,990, 11:32

Have you asked Poland if its ok to use the term union ?

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,990, 13:56

Well hey... the real life Poles steal all of the british jobs* so it is all fair that they return the favour by covering our back sides now and again in eRepublik...

* these being the jobs the locals are too snobbish to apply for

fionn187 Day 1,991, 12:06

Lol if that's e case I must get more to come to ireland 😃

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 1,991, 02:08


Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 1,990, 03:19

Bad idea to liberate those ePolish-occupied regions.

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,990, 04:11

Enjoy your new bonuses eUK (•◡•)7

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,990, 10:16

It's such a pretty colour

helpmeslack Day 1,990, 10:20

now onto norway!

wigibob Day 1,990, 11:29

The eworld is ours : - ) *evil laugh*

alvazna2.0 Day 1,990, 12:36


Deepfryedmarsbar Day 1,990, 12:49

norway? i may be wrong, but poland are having trouble fighting germany (saxony), and norway is now german...

if we hit there we are doomed

helpmeslack Day 1,991, 04:34

BigAnt as CP can manage it

Alphabethis Day 1,990, 14:10

lol, eyreahns

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