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Richard Feist for CP [Manifesto part 2] Military and Cabinet Release!

Day 1,903, 11:51 Published in United Kingdom Germany by Rfeist

Hello everyone!

This is my last manifesto article before the elections tomorrow and I have had a great time being part of the race! This last part will contain my Military section and my cabinet list.

Just before I get stuck in I would like to thank again the following parties for their continued support:


This month I have already stated that I will not be starting any unprovoked and costly wars that the eUK cannot maintain supplies and support for. I would look instead to us supporting our allies in TWO, ACT and CoT. My MoD would concentrate on making sure our forces are up to date on orders and able to react quickly to threats to our allies. This is not to say that I will be forgetting to protect ourselves if the case arises and will maintain an MoD ready to react to any attacks on the eUK quickly and effectively.

I would also look at our control of the 2 regions that we control that belong to Norway. I am quite happy for us to keep these and use them for RWs to keep TP medals ticking over this next term. Of course if the political scene changes and the best option would be to return these regions I will not hesitate to do so. I would like to note that if we were to return them or lose these regions I would not actively look to start initiating a new war other than possible to reclaim these regions.

On the home front there has been a large amount of noise in the past about the MU official label. I believe that the same as in a Kingdom of Heaven film, where making someone a knight makes them a better fighter so can a official label do the same. I have been in talks with a number of people and have had some great input into the idea of developing this official title to be available to more MUs should they agree to meet the criteria/operate in the correct way. I will not release any more information about this until it is nearer a finished state. The worst thing is when something is not done properly and fails because of poor planning.

I would also like to have the MoD running an MU league system. This would be based around the system that was tried this past month but never really got off the ground. As there will be fewer wars this term I would like to see some internal method to keep our MUs active and engaged in the game.


As always one of the most important parts of the Presidential campaign and an important part of bringing together like minded people to run the country for the best for you! I have chosen people that I believe can do the best job for the eUK and have a wonderful array of experience and raw talent in my cabinet.

vCP x2:
Talon Karrde- What needs to be said about this man, hes been CP before and held every other role that you could have. An experienced and active member of the eUK who has given me great advice over my time in the game. It is for this reason I have chosen him as my vice president for this next month.
Butjam- Butjam is a rising star in UK politics. Heavily involved in foreign affairs for several months now, Butjam has proven time and again that he has class, talent and diplomacy; three characteristics that are crucial for any top political leader. It then gives me great pleasure to announce him as my vice president for the month.

MoFA x2:
Waynekerr- What to say about Wayne.... Always an active and vocal member of the eUK, he has become well known in the eUK for his ability to get his point across the best way possible. He has experience as a vCP in the past and I hope he can carry this over to represent the eUK abroad.
Jimbojoy- The current serving MoFA will return for another term. I have worked with him this month and have nothing but good things to say about him (except how he pronounces my surname on his podcast 😛 ). I hope to see him continue what he has started and look to maintain his links to our allies and other countries.
dMoFA x2:
FightandProduce- A good young player to the game. Newly elected to Congress he is active, has a keen interest in politics both foreign and domestic and is willing to learn. That is why I have chosen him as a deputy in the Foreign Affairs ministry.
N W G- An older member of the community who has yet to be a member of cabinet. His lack of experience at this position is made up for with his activness and general game knowledge. It is for these reasons that I have chosen him as a deputy in the Foreign Affairs ministry.

MoD x2:
Garth L- Garth L has made up one part of one of the best MoD teams in most recent times. He has been an active member of the eUK and has much experience in the military side of the game. He has been a long term friend and is there when it matters!
Blue and Evil- Blue is a long serving member of many cabinets now, and has earned his position time after time. This month we’re expanding the MoD and improving the way that orders are given to our MUs, and Blue is exactly the player needed to take us forward with this. A great bloke to have around, he really knows his stuff.
dMoD x2:
Daniel Quayle
- A name change has revealed Angela Williams. A member of the eUK that has returned after traveling. Looking to make an impact on the MoD and specifically looking at reaction times of MUs.
Saiwun- A member of the eUk that has been around for some time at a party level. He is looking to take the next step and help the eUK out in the process.

MoHA x2:
- The current seving MoH Jimbobfrey has had a good first month in this position. I will be looking for him to take the next step and really make this Ministry role his own! It is for this reason I have chosen his as one of my MoHA.
Betafoxtrot- Beta has been MoHA more than any other player. While he is rather like marmite in that he divides opinion, one thing we can all agree on is that the quality of his work, his effort and his work ethic are second to none. He absolutely knows what he is doing and will do no end of good for our new players in his role this month.
Mr katze
- Another young and active member of the eUK. He has written some great articles most recently one on the history of the battles surrounding London. it is for this reason I believe he can be a great asset the the MoHA.

Zaphod has been around the block a few times and always has a clever quip for us. This hearty attitude makes him the perfect choice to look after our new players in the MoH, and his commitment to the role will see many more new players being given the opportunity to succeed in the month ahead.
Anahi harrison
- A keen and active young member of the eUk. Anahi took her own initiative on supporting other younger players within the game. It is time for her to become part of cabinet and put these good skills and drive towards helping a wider audience in the eUK.
Cygnus- Is another member of the eUK that has helped out with the NHS in the past. He was willing to return and again use his skills to help our newer members of the eUK.

- This will be an important month for the MoLA, with a lot of effort needed on the coat-tails of Goku Jones, who despite being another marmite character had a good month and a bit in the hot seat. With that in mind, I am appointing former vCP Madacaion to the role. An even tempered and diplomatic player, Mada will bring experience, savvy and panache to the role and build on the successful foundation laid during Goku’s term. Lessons have been learned and Mada stands ready to put them into practice!
- A relatively new player to the eUK but one that was willing to get stuck in right away. I have chosen to give him more of a support role this term with the hope he will show himself to be a great asset for the eUK in the future.

- Carlini is a long standing member of the eUKs cabinet and has really made the position of MoF his own. It is for this reason I use the phrase ‘if its not broken dont fix it’! Carlini will help me to grow our coffers in the eUK this month as well as helping to develop others to have his fantastic finance skills.
- A long time friend who has shown a keen interest and skill with numbers. It is for this reason that he has decided to see if he can expand his talents and learn from Carlini how the MoF works with the hope of one day being able to give Carlini a break! 😛

Cabinet Ministers: These ministers will have the role of being all round ministers. They will be prepared to step in and cover positions if someone has to step back for some reason.
John Maverick- Nice young player with a keen interest in finance and the economic side of the game.
Game Changer- A current minister who has shown himself to be worthy of a cabinet position.
Count Drakula- Has experience in many roles in the past and I hope for him to be a calming influence should he have to step into another role at short notice.

Poet:Prof Moriarty- He writes the poems so we dont have too!

PR/Welfare officer: Capt Chazbeard- If you havent heard of his newspaper then you’re missing out! I hope he can use his paper to bring a smile to those of you that dont already have one!

Cabinet Secretary: Appleby- A vastly experienced member of the eUK who will be providing a recording role this term. He will hold the information form cabinet meeting that we can use to show you the eUK what is going on in your nation.

CP: Me- My role would be to co-ordinate all of these ministries and make sure that they operate as best as possible for the eUK.

As promised it is a very diverse cabinet that offers something for everyone. I have tried to include as many citizens with little or no experience in cabinet in understudy roles to enable them to develop into a new generation of cabinet ministers.

Here are the links to my two previous articles about my campaign.

Regards Richard Feist

P.S. Please remember to vote tomorrow!!


Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,903, 11:56

certainly a huge cabinet = P

Rfeist Day 1,903, 11:57

there's a few in there 😛

Saiwun Day 1,903, 11:57

Yay, TY Feist!

Sambo112 Day 1,903, 11:58

pfft... giving yourself the role of CP!!!

how dare you

Rfeist Day 1,903, 11:59

😛 well its only conditional Sambo o7

On Guard!

FightAndProduce Day 1,903, 12:09

Thanks mate o7.

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,903, 12:21

Nice description of me.

/me flutters eyelids

WayneKerr Day 1,903, 12:22

Seeing as its you Rich, I'll let you choose... Heads or tails bro?

FightAndProduce Day 1,903, 12:23

Cygnus either get's MoH or dMoH,looks good for Cygnus.

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,903, 12:43

@FightAndProduce Ikr, I feel so lucky 😛

Cyg I wouldn't wish MoH to even Shakira, that heartless shrew. Good Luck with it 🙂

BigAnt Day 1,903, 13:06

Great cabinet, but wayne as MoFA? risky

Garth Lidlington M.D.
Garth Lidlington M.D. Day 1,903, 14:17

@Wayne im going with the coin landing on its side

Mr. Katze
Mr. Katze Day 1,903, 14:57

"Another young and active player."
Good to know I'm not an oldfag yet.

Good luck tomorrow!

Rfeist Day 1,903, 20:32

@Mr Katze, not yet fella 😉

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