Rican's Recipe for improving the Game

Day 2,447, 12:04 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Rican



This is an entry for a contest for 60 gold sponsored by Sisk. Please read this about the contest here:

My recipe for improvement is simple and it involves the eRep employees that respond (or do not respond) to the tickets we write to them.

It is a simple recipe... just a matter of linguistics and vocabulary skills.

Evidently the eRep employees only know 2 phrases (in every language) !

1. Thank you in advance
2. NO

The one exception seems to be Romanian, which they all speak fluently.

Any other message you may receive is one of the "push the colored button" responses that they have in their monkey cages. If they push the right button they get a yummy treat.

So it's simple. Right?
Admin just needs to learn some vocabulary skills and everyone would be happier and this game would be much better.

Good Luck in this contest. Monday is the deadline to enter.

Regards and thank you in advance,