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Rewards for March 15 missions [UPDATE 4]

Day 1,577, 03:47 Published in Poland Hungary by Swoosh.

Loyalty is rewarded

Be loyal and help your country more! Your efforts will be recognized!

[Work in 7 different days. Train in 7 different days. Defeat 25 opponents per day in 7 different days]

3 gold
15 strength [Note: it doesn't count for the "Get two times stronger!" mission!!!]

Help a new citizen!

Choose one fellow citizen below level 20 and help him with cash!

[Donate 100 currency to a citizen below level 20.]

10 xp (LOL 😃, no thanks)

Get two times stronger!

Strength means more damage! Train every day!

[Increase your strength with 150 points.]

150 Strength

Let's do some damage!

Fight for your countrymen! Fight for you! Fight for... more rank points!

[Fight to inflict more than 918,050 damage!] (this is based on strength and rank - I say it's the same for everybody ...)

hit_damage_rank :91805 (not sure yet what is this, maybe rank points?, but i guess it's different for every player)
25 strength [Note: it doesn't count for the "Get two times stronger!" mission!!!]

Freedom is a must! [this becomes active after you complete "Let's do some damage!"]

Some RW - kills

Kill 300 enemies in RW-s
Fight in 5 different RW-s.

30 Strength
3 bazooka


spyder222 Day 1,577, 03:57

150 Strength : O

Rottler Day 1,577, 03:58

LOL, Swooshy! Te mindig hamar megtudod mit adnak a küldetések. : )

Gabor Balazs
Gabor Balazs Day 1,577, 04:00

ezt a damagét egyszerre kell leütni, vagy az x nap során?

lgabor72 Day 1,577, 04:08

Jó nektek...
Fight to inflict more than 3,055,850 damage!
szopjanak csigát...

Swoosh. Day 1,577, 04:15

szerintem te 3x annyit sebzel mint én, szoval ugy erzem hogy a misszio egyforma neked is es nekem is ...

Maximio Day 1,577, 04:16

Fight to inflict more than 2,857,050 damage! 🙁

Szempy Day 1,577, 04:22

Van még egy mission valami olyasmi, hogy különböző rwkbe bizonyos mennyiségű ellenséget kell leszúrni 😃

stLhee Day 1,577, 04:58

Voted & sünned.

"Get two times stronger!" -> 300 strength point 35,08 goldért a 30 strength helyett? rotfl...

"Let's do some damage!" -> szerintem azt a sebzést összesen kell megszerezni, nem egy nap alatt

Kureja Day 1,577, 10:52

Freedom is a must! [this becomes active after you complete WHICH ONE ? ]
it unlocks after Let's do some damage!

Enenra Day 1,577, 14:50

Where do you get this info? :3

ManiaFrania Day 1,578, 06:09

dacie chlepka?

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