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Revolutionary Report Agenda for Day 1523

Day 1,523, 18:56 Published in USA Canada by Cody Caine

Premium Baby!
The Revolutionary Report has gone premium, which means we will now have one hour shows weekly, hoping to have many new guests as we go forward.
Show Agenda
1: Intro and Premium Talk
2: Revolutionary Party President Election Review
3: IRC Talk
4: Congressional Talk
5: Revolutionaries Running
6: 6th Party Power?
7: Thank you to the US M.J. Party
8: Talk about game changes
After-Party: Listen to find out
Listener Information
Show Time: 19:00-20:00 eRep Time
Show Link:
Rizon IRC: #Revolutionary
Guest Call in #: 1-818-668-5408
Suggested Articles to Read
Got some nice articles for you:

Happy Saturday, by Levif92

A Call to Americans, by Aeriala

BM for Congress title tells who said it.

and last but not least Campaign Update by my eBro Portcolumbus.
Molly Jo Picture of the Week

Final Thoughts and Quote of the Article
Tomorrow I begin my campaign to be elected to congress out of the state West Virginia.

Quote: "If it isnt broken why change it" ~Sora Storm~

~Revolutionary Party Founder~
~Revolutionary Army Commander~
~eUSA Deputy Press Secretary Oct 2011~
~eUSA Press Corps Member Dec 2011, Jan 2011~
~eUSA State Department Worker~


Kooguy Day 1,523, 19:39

I will probably tune in.

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