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Day 1,824, 10:29 Published in North Korea Nigeria by Bob Wu

Join the Commoner's Revolution by commenting why you wish to be part of the Revolution here:
We need to boost recruitment! Get all your friends to join so we can stand up for what is right to the PTOers. I believe in socialism, I believe in fairness, but that doesn't matter. Capitalistic players can also join, as we just want a better enk. Even the politically inactive. This matters, this effects us, and I don't want to be indirectly controlled by China for the rest of my time on eRepublik.



Nizam l Cedid Day 1,824, 10:32

Comment deleted

SocratesGroucho II
SocratesGroucho II Day 1,824, 11:57

Totally agree friend, you have my support
o /

cinkilinki Day 1,824, 12:17


Shyran Day 1,825, 05:48

voted hard!! we need to create a loyalist party for the elections at the congress for fight against the chinese PTOers!!!
For a independent and socialist eNorth Korea!!

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,825, 08:43

How are you being Politically Taken Over by the party that has been in power since you joined Erepublik? That doesn't make any real logical sense. They are you government whether you like it or not. Not de-legitimizing them because you don't agree with their policies. If you really want to win an election, you have to come together and stop being so split. You guys are absolutely incapable of that so it appears. You post these articles once a month; yet nothing ever changes.

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,825, 12:42

you are misquoting me. I said that people are taking over parties.

Commander Kim
Commander Kim Day 1,825, 22:08

And even so, they weren't ALWAYS the government. They PTO'd before, and as such, some people don't see them as a legitimate government. Every single type of election has multies and two-clickers voting for people in the "old guard". That wouldn't be happening if they weren't scared of the growing movement that threatens to boot them from power.

Regular people don't have access to chat rooms of any kind, and links aren't posted by those in power.

Commander Kim
Commander Kim Day 1,825, 22:09

That makes me think that the powerbrokers are talking about stuff they don't want to see the light of e-day. If there was nothing to hide, invite us. And not Boogie inviting us; someone in the current government.

pyaler Day 1,826, 05:43


RaviMirza Day 1,826, 09:27

voted o7..

MoFA eIndonesia organized a game for International eRep players:

=== Spread the Words !!! ===

Aegug Jeonsa
Aegug Jeonsa Day 2,501, 16:20

If I want to join the revolution, it's because I can not stand this beautiful country of North Korea is controlled
by China and could be independent of its influence!

Socialists, capitalists, North Korean of all politicasl horizons, let us unite for a better future!

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