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Return to Austria: Day 1827

Day 1,827, 19:43 Published in Austria USA by Hale Kane
Message to erepublik citizens:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen in eAustria and in erepublik, I’d like to say “hello” from eAustria as i return to the eCountry that i lived in for over a year. I’d like to say hello especially to the older and newer players in eAustria as i hope to either make new friendships or keep old friendships intact.

Those who do not know me, my original name is Patar333. I was a cabinet member several times in eAustria and eSwitzerland along with being a Country President of both countries at some time. Just a month ago i changed my name and several days ago i decided to return my old eCountry and spend a while here.

I intend to come back to Politics in eAustria and help with the economy, military, and foreign affairs. I will try to be online everyday and if you have any questions for me, I will be on IRC at #austria

Message to eSwitzerland citizens:

I’d like to apologize for leaving eSwitzerland without saying my goodbyes and also choosing to leave eSwitzerland in a short time. It was great, but a man needs to continue his journey and the future is hard to see. Hopefully my absence will not hurt anyone in the community and hopefully everything will be fine.

Thank you,

….Hale Kane


Jeanlouis Day 1,827, 20:52

Welcome back! 🙂

Vlado33 Day 1,827, 22:13

Hi, Hale Kane!
Will be interesting here with you:)

OEBernd Day 1,828, 01:36

Welcome back and I hope we can improve our relations to eSwitzerland!

Yhamilitz Day 1,828, 02:18

Welcome back

Schwrzwolf Day 1,828, 04:29

Nice to see you back here sound and hale.

Vreath Day 1,828, 05:35

Welcome back patar!

Tarsolytestver Day 1,829, 09:09

Vreath is bosnian!

Vreath Day 1,829, 09:22

Tarsolytestver is turk!

Tarsolytestver Day 1,829, 10:46

Hun - Turk Brotherhood, i like it!

Better than bosnian.

Vreath Day 1,829, 11:53

LoL your argument is funny xD

bowen199 Day 1,829, 13:15

gl, you may have some company

Tarsolytestver Day 1,829, 14:15

I am a funny person. Son of Attila.

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