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Results of last week kills Armed Forces of Austria / part one

Day 1,693, 01:47 Published in Austria Hungary by Eheslo


vasmegye Day 1,693, 02:31

Alternative title: Results of Eheslo's trolling in Hungary and Austria.

Eheslo Day 1,693, 05:07

Hahaha, ehhez képest itt nyomulsz te szerencsétlen tolvaj, kórusban a magadfajtákkal...

Rangeley Day 1,693, 07:28

Are you arguing people should not fight for Austria?

Eheslo Day 1,693, 08:05

Makes sense, until does not exist the one alliance who are not interested of freedom of Austria?

Alexandross Day 1,693, 08:14

Alternative title: Results of Eheslo's trolling in Hungary and Austria. +1

Rangeley Day 1,693, 08:36

Just because we have not gotten enough international help so far is no reason to stop fighting and stop seeking international help, or the right opportunities. It is not easy for a small nation to succeed in eRepublik, and yet the surest way to fail is to never try.

Vreath Day 1,693, 15:25

As I said in OEBernds article:

''Ehefail, nobody is forcing you to stay in Austria, but oh wait, you guys arent welcome in any other country, even in eHungary.

Nationalism at its best ''

Cant repeat it more often, typical nationalist policy, blame everyone but when it is up to stand up and propose ideas then you run around in a circle and try to bite your own tail. And after you vomited because of the running, you again blame the others for having to throw up.
Hope you understand : )

Rockwell 88
Rockwell 88 Day 1,694, 00:23


Harzakc Day 1,694, 12:51


ZoltanB Day 1,694, 16:47

Vreath: I think any eAustrian citizen have the right to criticize the government.
This is not question of nationalism or ethnicity!

Eheslo Day 1,695, 00:35

These are empty words.
The results are classified, not the lies:
- EAustria has not congress two monts ago.
- EAustria is not on the map.

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