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Result of the 1st HARAM-L0TT0

Day 1,910, 11:17 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by Dr. Packesel

Selamu alaykum to all griks and a friendly Kalispera to all mongolians.
3 days ago I created HARAM-L0TT0. A Lottery, where you have the chance to win much CC with only 50 cc inset. That's why the rate of Haram here is almost 500% on the HARAM-scale. However, there where 28 People, who donated me 50 CYP, so they joined the participation. 2 people have a Wildcard. Iaberis and Daghdha, because they are both fakir.

I'll do more of these HARAM-L0TT0 in the near future, but I think this time only with 20 participants.

So, let's randomize and look, what the participants won:

1. Place:
Congratulations, you've won the ~*First Prize*~

2. Place:
Otto Mapa
Congratulations, you've won 100 Q7 TANKS

3. Place:
Congratulations, you've won 1 GOLD

Thanks to all, who joined HARAM-L0TT0. I hope next time, you'll win! I don't know If I should be happy for fakir iaberis, that he won or not, because the 3000 CYP doesn't help him at all, I believe.



CooLMasTR Day 1,910, 11:19


CooLMasTR Day 1,910, 11:21

iaberis : /

CooLMasTR Day 1,910, 11:21

pirinç ikinç üçünç (:

RomyGr Day 1,910, 11:21

bence şike var iaberis'e bilerek verdiler hile var hile

nice job panpa congratz o1

Bautista Diego Reyes
Bautista Diego Reyes Day 1,910, 11:23

Congrats guys 😉

yanyali Day 1,910, 11:24

zaaaaa xd

bahtimi skeyim

gamou to feleki mou

fuck my luck


yanyali Day 1,910, 11:29

20 14 11 these are the picks,

14 +11 = 25
25 - 20 = 5

5 = yanyali 🙁

chuki99 Day 1,910, 11:34

V : (

adamjensenn Day 1,910, 11:36

toqat xd

Otto Palavandishvili
Otto Palavandishvili Day 1,910, 12:19

thank you 😁)

Otto Palavandishvili
Otto Palavandishvili Day 1,910, 12:19

ünlü olmuşum edit: gönderdi

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 1,910, 12:55

xaxxaxaxaxa the winner didnt win

haydi iaberis bir daha gotten

ccc inci reiz ccc
ccc inci reiz ccc Day 1,911, 05:13

asdmjaksdjalskdjaslkdjalksdj cok guldum amk

CamiIo Cienfuegos
CamiIo Cienfuegos Day 1,912, 11:02


CooLMasTR Day 1,910, 17:27

Rejep asuhafashuffa xD

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,911, 23:53

iaberis have fun with the money of the prize re

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