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Rest in Peace Robert Bork

Day 1,856, 15:09 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

A great American, and a man who was for political reasons only, sadly denied a seat on the US Supreme Court that he deserved, died today. Robert Bork was 85 years old. Although I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet him, I had the privilege of seeing him speak once about five years ago, and even then, he had a legal intellect rivaled by only a few men in history. Here he is below pictured with America's greatest President.

Justice Antonin Scalia, another of America's great judicial leaders, referred to Bork upon his death as "one of the most influential legal scholars of the past 50 years" and "a good man and a loyal citizen."


RedPikachu Day 1,856, 15:22


Penguin4512 Day 1,856, 15:33

rest in peace sir, your contribution to the world of the word "borked" will never be forgotten

chickensguys Day 1,856, 15:36

Another Legend bit the dust, to bad he couldn't wait 2 more days.

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,856, 15:37


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,856, 15:40

LOL, Bork was a joke.

LordRahl2 Day 1,856, 15:56

A true loss.

Sadly he would not have approved of Ajay(RGR) in this game. Bork favored freedom and free speech. Ajay does not. Good article though; if only you could live up to it.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,856, 16:28

^^ Showing your class as usual JJ.

Sir Gulden Draak
Sir Gulden Draak Day 1,856, 16:53

A true loss.

Sadly he would not have approved of Ajay(RGR) in this game. Bork favored freedom and free speech. Ajay does not. Good article though; if only you could live up to it. X2

Longbaugh Day 1,856, 17:13

Scalia thinks the 2nd amendment covers personal weapons of mass destruction. Literally. In no way, shape, or form is he anything but a foolish relic.

But, I wouldn't expect Ajay Bruno to have any sort of measurable cognition whatsoever.

Doubleclutch Day 1,856, 20:43

Longbaugh, it appears as though you have a problem with definitions of words. Weapons of mass destruction are either biological, chemical, nuclear, or radiological. Antonin Scalia believes that the 2nd amendment covers guns...

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,856, 21:29

Ajay, you are the last person to speak to me about class. gfy.

TU4EA Day 1,856, 21:48


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,856, 22:25

No. personal< weapons of mass destruction are any rifle or arm semi-automatic or automatic.

Viarizi Day 1,857, 23:28


Doubleclutch Day 1,857, 07:48

There is no such thing as this "personal weapon of mass destruction."

Most guns are semi-automatic. So i guess you think all of our police have weapons of mass destruction on them. Or perhaps you just have no idea what a semi-automatic weapon is.

As far as automatic weapons... No multiple victim shooting as ever taken place in the us where one was used...

You need to get your facts straight. Please see

That was even worse than what happened recently and used 0 guns.
Bad people kill people, not guns.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,858, 12:30

"I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure."

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