Resource Wars III - Q&A

Day 4,704, 00:22 Published in Israel Israel by danis1982

Day 4,703

1. How many resources can a country with 1, 2 or 3 original regions have?
A country with a single region can get up to 4 resources in its original region.
A country with 2 original regions can get up to 8 resources (4 in each region).
A country with 3 or more regions can get up to 10 resources, but not more than 4 in each region.

2. What happens to the current resources of the regions?
The current resources will disappear at the end of the event and the new resources will be added on the map.

3. What happens to Resource Concessions?
When the new resources are added on the Map all existing Resource Concessions will be removed.

4. Does placing a very rare resource affect the placement of a rare resource of the same industry?
No, placing a very rare resource will only prohibit the placement of a similar very rare resource within its specific radius.
A region can have both rare and very rare resources of the same industry.
Example: Rubber blocks Rubber, Grain blocks Grain etc.

5. Can a country have more resources of the same type (industry and rarity)?
Yes, but they need to be placed in different regions (i.e.: one region cannot have 2 Fish resources)

6. Does the area of the region matter for rare and very rare resources?
No, the size of the region does not matter.

7. Will we be able to upgrade aircraft weapons companies?
Yes, once the new resource distribution will be available.

8. How many relocation tokens do I need to move a company?
You need one relocation token per company quality, no matter the distance. (i.e. a Q7 company will require 7 tokens. Raw production facilities will require 1 token).

9. How does the prioritization affect the picked resource?
If 2 or more of the resources available in the resource pool are selected for a region when a token is won the region will get the resource with the highest priority.

We are now displaying the priority explicitly on the resource assignment screen.
Please review your current selection!
Example: A region has Cattle with priority 1 and Fruits with priority 2.
Case 1: If the resource pool has both Cattle and Fruits available, Cattle will be selected.
Case 2: If the resource pool only has Fruits available, Fruits will be selected.

10. Will the domination points be added live or just after the end of the round?
The domination points are added live