Resource Wars III

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Resource Wars III

In a world of individual might, a time comes when soldiers need to fight together and leave aside personal glory for the greater good of their nation.

In a world of endless squirmishes, a time comes when countries need to rally armies and plan precision strikes and then reap the benefits in more peaceful times.

In a world of patriarch politicians, a time comes when established rulers need to step aside and make room for astute strategists and reliable diplomats for a full presidential term to build their future.

This time has arrived once again, it is the time of Resource Wars.

Resource Wars III will start on October 7th and will run for the entire Presidential term.

Available Resources and Productivity
Each type of resource will retain the same impact on the productivity bonuses, based on their scarcity:

Industry/Rarity Very Common Common Uncommon Rare Very rare
Productivity Bonus +10% +15% +20% +25% +30%
Food Fish 60 Fruits 55 Cattle 50 Grain 40 Deer 30
Weapons Iron 40 Aluminium 30 Oil 25 Saltpeter 20 Rubber 13
Aircraft Magnesium 40 Titanium 30 Wolfram 25 Cobalt 20 Neodymium 13
House Sand 30 Wood 25 Clay 20 Limestone 15 Granite 7
The currently available resources, and the ones that will be made available in the next 12 hours will be shown in the "Resource Pool" tab.

Resource Placement Rules
Rare and very rare resources of the same industry cannot be placed within a specific radius from each other. A Resource War map is available, in order to plan the strategy and see how others' decisions might impact it.

Up to 4 resources can be placed in the same Region.

A Country can not assign more than 10 resources.

Resource Tokens
A token is awarded to a Country for every 30000 Domination Points (the sum of the Domination Points over all the Divisions) gathered by that Country in direct Battles and Resistance Wars (Civil Wars are not counted). Apart from the weekly Country Domination Points leaderboard, a special "Domination Points until the next token" leaderboard will also be available during the event.

Claiming Resources
The President or Dictator in charge can claim a resource for one of his Country's original Regions, using Resource Tokens. Once a Country wins a Resource Token, a resource from the resource pool will be assigned to the eligible Region of that Country.

Using the resource assignment screen available throughout the event, the Presidents/Dictators can pick one or more resources for each of the Country's original Regions. Once a Resource Token is available for each resource available in the pool, the Regions will be processed from top to bottom and the wanted resources from right to left, until an eligible Region is found for that resource. If the resource cannot be placed, the token is lost.

Once a resource is claimed, it will be displayed on the list, in the "Allocated" tab.

By contributing to the war effort citizens will be able to collect tokens that will allow the relocation of companies and other event exclusive items on the weekly challenge.