Resistance War Started in Jerusalem [Israel]

Day 570, 07:44 Published in Israel Bulgaria by Jewitt
12 June, 2009, Day 570 of the New World, at 7:00 eRepublik Server Time our own Chief Editor, Jewitt, started a resistance war in Jerusalem; controlled by Turkey. Today, we have a exclusive interview with Jewitt that only The Report can bring!

First, asked him why he started the resistance war. "Well, among many other reasons, it is something personal for me. Not only is it a move towards freedom to all nations occupied and oppressed but it is also an attack on an e-nation that I may never forget." Jewitt, seven months old, was e-born in Turkey's Jerusalem District not knowing that it was occupied by a totalitarian regime. Allegedly, he struggled for weeks to afford the money to move elsewhere - which turned out to be his famed "hometown" of Tennessee, eUSA.

A personal grievance aside, we asked him about his relations with eIsrael and its history in gaining independence. "I was one of the few from eAmerica who pushed to make contact with the occupied people and, with Ambassador status, I worked to help institute coordination between them and Benn [Dover] in North." The first resistance war to free Israel, North District, was started by former President Benn Dover and was fought by many freedom fighters. "I was not able to participate because I was in my second term of Congress. Everything I did to help pave the way for Israel and eAmerican support to the nation has been forgotten unfortunately, but I know what I did and that is all that matters I guess. This resistance war is sort of me saying 'I am not done with my first home just yet' kind of thing."

Sentiments in Turkey shows that anger and tension is on high. They have lost multiple regions in the past couple of weeks to freedom movements in Greece and Israel. Early this morning, Macedonia was freed while it seems Attica (Greece) will be as well. This puts eyes on Jerusalem to see if the eJudaic country will continue the trend of successful resistance movements.

When asked about it, Jewitt said "The first resistance was fought and won by international peacekeepers. I can say the same about the other ones after it. Tonight, we will need as many international fighters as possible. Democracy, freedom, and sovereignty is all we will accept and no less."
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"I have never been so excited to press the red button on a resistance war before. If international fighters come, tomorrow morning Haifa will be reunited with Jerusalem."

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This issue of The Report wil not have its usual "To do List" due to the battle.

-Michael Hunt, Senior Correspondent

"This is about the time I cry 'havoc'!" - Jewitt's Shout