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Report on How to Make your Country Communist in nine easy Steps!

Day 805, 17:37 Published in USA India by W.Morris

дравствуйте my fellow comrades, and welcome to my report on how to turn your country from backward capitalist into strong robust communist! (read the article in a very strong Russian accent for best results)

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Step один (one) Create a New Party.

Ok comrades the first step is the most important, you must create a new party with your ideals in mind. But don't call it communist party ohhh nooo that would be bad .... call it something liberal/progressive Party of the People. You see if you chose a less communist name you can get more dumb headed capitalist головы дерьма ( not translating that) to join and vote with out knowing what they are doing.

Step два (two) Create a Communist Newspaper.

The point of making a newspaper is to help you spread the evil truths of capitalist. With a power full propaganda device you can start winning the heart of your fellow country men, and convince you to join your party. Say things like those company owners a keeping money and good jobs from us the hard working serfs. Trust old daddy communist a lot of ... how do you say it in American slang... I believe the term is noob will believe you and then follow your party.

Step три (you should know the pattern by now) Build up you Political Power.

This my friends is where Patience comes into play. You must wait for many players to join your glorious party. You must be well spoken and build up your allies and strengthen your will to rule these pitiful capitalist pigs without mercy. Once your party is big enough , and you control majority of congress you can spring your traps on these pigs!

Step четыре Store Food

You will need to store food to save your health during the coming transition!

Step пять Wipe them OUT!

This is the most important step because it is the start of the revolution. You must at the start of the revolution make several laws that will raise the value after taxes above 80% and raise the income tax to 70% with your congress majority. Why would you do that you ask? Good question IT IS TO DRIVE THOSE CAPITALIST PIGS OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!

Step шесть Build Government Run Organizations.

You will need to start building government organizations so you can use them for them for the coming transition.

Step семь Print money and transfer into organizations accounts.

Use the government power to print large amounts of cash and transfer to your government run organizations for the next step. To find out why read on!

Step восемь Buy the cheap companies!

With no company owner making cash the companies will be cheaper than a soviet hooker. All you have to do is buy the cheap companies with the printed cash that you converted into gold.

Step девять Threaten to raise taxes if ....

People will not join leave there parties or sell there company punish everyone until they step in line! Raise food taxes and income tax until they step in line. And if they don't get rid of them any means necessary. And remember it is all tough love!

If they wont stop MAKE THEM !

There that was easy as ... well I believe you capitalist say easy as pie. With those nine steps you have achieved a communist takeover ! So Pat your selfs on your backs !

But wait your are wondering what about the future how will you maintain order in your communist utopian society..... well thats for you to find out comrades. So what are you waiting for START A COMMUNIST REVOLUTION TODAY!

WARNING: This may back fire on you and leave you politically ruined and your economy in the crapper. But what the hell there is a chance you can become the dictator ... and well that is always worth it!

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rui lin
rui lin Day 805, 17:46

communism for the win!

W.Morris Day 805, 17:48

Thank you comrade rui lin

JeepAmerica Day 805, 18:06


CivilAnarchy Day 805, 18:07

Yea, because that'll work.

420 Industries
420 Industries Day 805, 22:24

lolz .. i voted it cus its .. funneh

Bruce Anderson
Bruce Anderson Day 805, 23:58

I hope this is sarcasm...
it has to be...


Geraj org
Geraj org Day 806, 05:16


CelticKraut Day 806, 05:41

also hope it's sarcasm.

Timo Grube
Timo Grube Day 806, 05:41


The United Coalition
The United Coalition Day 806, 07:14

Well the warning=sarcasm
WARNING: This may back fire on you and leave you politically ruined and your economy in the crapper. But what the hell there is a chance you can become the dictator ... and well that is always worth it!

West Coast Chaos
West Coast Chaos Day 806, 09:48


Awesome article. Voted.

hunterinmck Day 806, 15:56

......i hope to god that this hole thing was in good humor

Fernando Sanz Torres
Fernando Sanz Torres Day 807, 10:31

головы дерьма = Shithead

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