Report Exclusive: Impeachment Proposed by Congress

Day 478, 13:42 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt
The Exclusive

12 March, 2009 (Day 478 of the New World, The Report has found evidence of a growing population of the eUSA asking for a formal declaration of impeachment on the President, Mr. Uncle Sam.

Congressman Dobo (IA - AAP) formally submitted a request for approval for the Impeachment of Uncle Sam. Congressional precedent calls for five approvals via the forums before passing into an in-game proposal. The proposal by Congressman Dobo failed into a "flamewar." Speaker of the House Kyle321n (ID - NP) commented, saying that it also almost caused, "many tempbans."

Soon after, Citizen Dru, not affiliated with any public office, posted a thread on the eUS forums titled "On a No-Confidence Vote for Uncle Sam" in which he calls for a formal public discussion. The poll, being extremely unreliable in that anyone registered could vote, currently holds a recording of 33-31-4 (For, Against, Undecided) as of 13:00 eRepublik Standard Time.

UPDATE: Congress Calls for Impeachment

A proposal by Frmr. Speaker of the House ProggyPop (DC - USWP) has formally called for the impeachment of Uncle Sam. Due to the seriousness of the issue, ProggyPop has asked the thread be made public to allow for public opinion.

It appears that nothing stands in the way of an impeachment bill to be given to Congress now, but the question remains: eAmerica, will your Congress impeach this man and disrupt the union further or shoot it down and wait for another day?

The bill has been proposed in-game, and can be found here.

Communication Break-down

Many congressmen have accused President Sam of allowing a "communication" break-down where, based on "secrecy," little information is given to Congressional leadership. This can be understandable, and even our very own and well opinionated Chief Editor Jewitt does not have an issue with this. What is troublesome is some disgruntled feelings amongst the Armed Forces.

A commanding officer, whom wished to remain anonymous, spoke with The Report. "His army is in shambles and hes worried about tanking. To be honest, the reason why we lost [the war in Mexico] is because of lack of army support." He was asked more thoroughly about the communication issue and said that "you'll notice that for the first half of the war, we did well. I can not say the same for the second half." Our interviewer asked if this was due to a communication problem and the officer said, "sometimes he listens - lately, not so much."

Negotiations with PEACE, Failure?

According to IRC conversations, Uncle Sam and company was speaking with Mexico and PEACE GC members in general about a peace-fire agreement. During this conversation, Mexico attacked Baja. Soon afterward, Uncle Sam was caught saying, "they're going completely against the [explicit] peace treaty we're negotiating." *

Obviously, PEACE is not in a negotiating mood now that it sees the eUS is not up to par militarily.

Atlantis - To Leave or not to Leave

Tactically, figuring in the security of our borders, the eUSA should not leave Atlantis. We have Portugal and Mexico reclaiming southern territory and France still holds an open war with us, loaded with their Alliances and has two eastern borders. Portugal and Mexico also have loaded Alliances and are moving on Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Quite frankly, eAmerica, our hour may be coming to prove ourselves. For the first time since the release of V1, our home states are being threatened. Why, then, is Congress motioning to disrupt our very stable government by issuing an impeachment of our President?

At this time, we must remain united and supportive of our government. Our homeland is at stake, eAmerica, and yet you sit there and say "leave Atlantis!" and ask for the impeachment of our President who knows exactly what is going on and has more than a month's experience. His actions are supported by every legitimate former President since the release of V1, so he must be doing something right.

"With all of his mistakes, Sam is doing the best job he can. Most of the time, he only has only five or so minutes to make his decision or be accused of being too late to act or be decisive. I may say he sucks at talking to his generals, but at least he is doing the best damn job in the country."

Jewitt could say no better, except, "No offense to Mr. Scrabman, [whom would become president if President Sam is to be impeached], but I can think of no other candidate that can handle this tricky situation better than Sam himself."

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To Do List

Write your congressman and ask them about their views on impeach and the war. Do not accept "I support it." Ask for details. If they fail to reply to your message, they are not doing their job. They should be the ones ousted from office.

Get involved on the IRC. For more information, see this thread.

Get more involved on the eUS Forums, it is where a lot of the country's action and politics happen. Click here for a direct link.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor

*Since Mr. Sam speaks in bold on IRC, we figured it would not be an appropriate quotation without it.