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Day 683, 14:03 Published in Serbia Greece by Balambani Brothers Inc

Hi everyone

As many of you have noticed Emerick recently posted this article:

Now Although I like Emerick and see him as a sort of revolutionary for the people of the US I have to say that although we are allies in the game what he did was out of order and shameful to the people of Serbia. In my opinion he has damaged the allies reputation greatly.

He is basically supporting the Albanian seperatists who not only want Kosovo (which they have sadly taken) they also claim Epirus in Greece and the Western part of FYROM.

I doubt however Emerick had any historical Knoweledge of the region and he is probably just calling Kosovo an independent region for reasons related to the game. I think he is probably doing all this to provoke Serbia and get a few Serbs temp banned. He may also be doing this as a sort of revenge for the Serbs helping Peace GC invade allied territory.

I kindly ask Emerick on behalf of the whole issue to sincerly apologise to the Serbian people and only attack them (if he has to) on erepublik issues and not real life issues.

Thanks Balambani Bros

I would also like to add that although Greece and Serbia are on opposing alliances in the game (As Peace GC betrayed Greece in the past and the allies liberated us) in RL we are orthodox brothers and just as Kosovo is Serbian, Macedonia is Greek.


Thanks once more Balambani Bros

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Quick warning to spammers and trollers and misunderstand peopl.

Dear citizens of FYROM this article has nothing to do with you it has to do with Serbia. Stop telling me that you are Macedonians in an article that talks about Serbia. No one cares what you are and I personally among with many people believe that you are slavs in denile. I doubt any real Macedonian had the name ski or ov at the end of his name like many other slavic countries.

Also I would like to add that FYROM in RL recongises Kosovo as an independent stae. Greece does not. Thats enought evidence to know why they want to be "freindly" towards you in the game (even though some nationalistic groups in skopje claim parts on southern Serbia).

Anyway anyone caught trolling or trying to create a flame war like Martin Davitovski will be reported for trolling and believe it is a bannable offense. People I know have got temp ban for it.

Kind Regards Balambani Bros