Rental agreement between eRomania and eBelarus [confirmation february 2015]

Day 2,649, 01:54 Published in Romania Romania by Ministry of Foreign Affairs RO


The following agreement shall be in force between the Romania and Belarus governments as of the moment of its signing and available for 1 month. New governments will meet on 10th date of each month to renew the agreement or not.


The two sides agree to the following:

1.Five regions of Belarus will be rented by Romania (Homelskaya, Mahilyowskaya, Hrodzienskaya, Vitsebskaya and Brestskaya).
2. eRomania will pay to Belarus a rent at the end of the month, consisting in 30000 cc, which will be paid every third of the month, plus taxes paid every Monday for last week.
3.Belarus will not open RW’s in these regions and will not fight there if a third party opens it.
4. If at some point, determination reset is needed or Romania loses a region, Belarus will set NE on Romania at Romania’s request, in order to return these regions listed above to Romania.
5. If Belarus's NE is blocked on another country, when Romania loses a region or it needs reseting determination, Romania can NE Belarus.

Signed by:

CP of Romania: FreGigi
CP of Belarus: Pan Ales Bu


S-a stabilit o intelegere intre guvernele Romaniei si Belarus, valabila incepand de luna trecuta si confirmata de actualii presedinti ai celor doua tari. Aceasta este valabila pana la data de 1 a lunii urmatoare, cand trebuie reconfirmata. Noile guverne se vor intalni in data de 10 a urmatoarei luni pentru confirmarea tratatului.


Cele doua tari au fost de acord cu urmatoarele:

1.Cinci regiuni ale Belarus vor fi inchiriate Romaniei (Homelskaya, Mahilyowskaya, Hrodzienskaya, Vitsebskaya and Brestskaya).
2. eRomania va plati catre Belarus suma de 30000 cc, in data de 3 a lunii urmatoare, iar taxele vor fi returnate in fiecare luni, pentru saptamana care a trecut.
3.Belarus nu va deschide RW-uri in aceste regiuni si nu va lupta in acestea, daca vor fi deschise de o alta parte.
4. Daca la un moment dat este nevoie sa se faca resetarea determinarii sau Romania pierde o regiune, Belarus va seta NE pe Romania la cererea Romaniei, pentru a fi returnate respectivele regiuni catre Romania.
5. Daca Belarus are NE blocat, cand Romania pierde o regiune sau este necesara resetarea determinarii, Romania poate seta NE pe Belarus.


Presedintele Romaniei: FreGigi
Presedintele Belarus: Pan Ales Bu