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Red Squad Bio #4- RS Today

Day 1,806, 05:44 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by naxhi26

The Red Squad today does many things to spread communism around the area. First off even though we have 6 members, we get 2 voices in Congress that allow us to vote on laws that are essential to eNZ. We also if you not have noticed, that the RS is running a CP Candidate for November. Spartac, our parties Premier is trying to achieve the Presidency as a representative for our party. It will be tough though cause the Top parties candidates will provide a challenge, cause we know that they run one every month. Anyway the RS is home to 6 members and we each try our best to support the party and the country in every way! Allow me to explain some facts for you to better understand our situation.

1. We are a Communistic government, so we believe in a government controlled economy, and a laborer/ worker controlled congress.

2. WE ARE NOT MILITARISTIC!!! That means we will not kill you if you disobey us. We respect all other ideas other then communism.

3. We believe that power should fall to one person in this Country, the Premier.

4. We are good fighters, almost all of us are between 20-40.

5. We dont have a pirvate military squad, but we will change that some day

6. Spartac is our Premier, and I am the spokesmen

7. Me and Spartac are also both in congress.

8. Spartac is running for President (vote for him)

9. We respect all ethnics, minorities, and religions, unlike other communist governments.

10. We are just here, yea, we are here fellows, so you should join us.

Thanks for staying in for this series about the Red Squad, vote and sub please!



Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,806, 07:32

Hope this group grows!

Gavra Munja
Gavra Munja Day 1,806, 08:29

U can be a communist in RL, but there's no communism in erep. Admins made sure of that.

naxhi26 Day 1,806, 14:07

Its a role-play thing Gavra.

Don Luchiano
Don Luchiano Day 1,807, 07:58

Good luck

IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,816, 02:09

I'm supporting your good ideas

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