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Red Flare TV

Day 1,900, 02:16 Published in Belgium Belgium by RooieLente

Now, for something totally different.

I have been thinking recently on how we can bring much more into the game than it now actually offers. All it needs is a bit of creativity. And while I admit it is totally opposite of what some call 'the game in-game', I'm still convinced there is a future for the game out of the game as well.

From now on, my newspaper The Red Flare is not just a newspaper anymore. It has grown into a mass-media module, also bringing you eTV and eRadio.

Red Flare TV has been born!

For my current subscribers, don't worry: the war-stories will continue exclusively into this newspaper. For those who want more though, the channel will offer you soundtracks or historical footage to go with the stories.

In the future we will bring comedy nights, documentaries, music and much more.

Red Flare TV is all about Information, Interaction and Entertainment.



Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,900, 02:42

v2. I can't wait!!!

RooieLente Day 1,900, 02:43

It's there can already watch The Voice of eBelgium, a music programme with the favourite music of eBelgians.

Give it a go, I'd say!

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Day 1,900, 03:49

Aaa, nice... I like it !

Cotarius Day 1,900, 03:59

You are very busy, nice.

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,900, 04:34

Thinking outside the box? Accomplished.

BrunoCND Day 1,900, 06:12


Cotarius Day 1,900, 06:36

It is really fantastic great work Rooie

RooieLente Day 1,900, 06:49

Just another way to promote out eCountry and its community.
Shout it worldwide, I'd say 😉

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,900, 10:55

good luck

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Day 1,900, 13:24

Rooielente 4 Minister of Fun

Olv007 Day 1,900, 13:36

Very nice ^^

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,901, 05:51


Wektras Day 1,904, 11:59


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